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  • Analysis of Shanghai dragon outside the chain of the importance of the construction under the new si

    had many webmaster as long as forum to mix a account, the chain name sign a website, and then in each big forum reply to your post, you can get the number of the chain good, or to someone else’s blog on the release of the chain, the free meal now although also can eat, but for love Shanghai, so the construction of the chain is not equal to, or even to the site have side effects, so many owners can only choose the second Links and put a small amount of money to the other sites to send a soft Wen what, but the effect is not obvious.

    since the construction of the chain site is so important, the difficulty is so high, so how to better improve the chain site? The author thinks that still can get such a chance as long as think of ways, such as we can go to A5 or Chinaz and iResearch, Donews website submission, if you write the manuscript quality good, the content of the writing have their own point of view, can also attract other readers, generally able to get through, and these contributions can also end department on the name of your website, although these sites through the text outside the chain, but the reprint volume of these sites are very high, and the chain will be transformed into hypertext or reproduced after the anchor text, which is very helpful to the construction site.

    of course there are some need to invest a little money for the construction of the chain, this way has two kinds, one kind of choice of the construction of the chain company, their resources are very rich, the chain construction company must choose if the industry have a certain degree of authority, A5 is the chain service like this. It also has some advantages in price, the key resource quality is very high, this is the key, if some of the construction of the chain company of your choice, you have been put to the website K, or "

    this is not to say that the construction of Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization is not important? You know love now Shanghai foreign chain requirements not only become higher, but also the external chain in the site weight distribution has also been weakened, now more and more attention to the site stickiness, bounce rate and conversion rate and content the quality of other elements, and the structure of the site, the site within the chain is smooth, the weight distribution of the chain basically is weakened by more than 20%, but even so, the optimization of the chain on the site still occupy a large place, because even been weakened by 20%. So the website chain weight overall is quite high.

    love since Shanghai in 2013 for Shanghai dragon optimization frequently upgraded, so that more and more owners feel now engage in the optimization of the chain cost greatly reduced, but the content of high quality as auxiliary, but also a lot of money into the high weight website, and the website also and their websites have certain the delivery channel correlation, also have certain relevance, and the role of the chain has been weakened, but also must have a chain of the anchor text or hypertext chain, these optimization rules change, really make a lot of long foreign chain construction gets a headache.

    A5 marketing the main reason of low rank classification platform B2B

    sites have made a common mistake? An on-line millions or even tens of millions of data, the amount of data. This is the result: directly to scare the spider, also talk about what

    often have some B2B platform for people to consult with my Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, first I asked the first sentence is: "your website is an individual, or a team doing?" if it is a personal site in here, I can only choose to refuse. Why? Team station is human, and the individual stations are using tools, a simple reason, what is most concerned about the search engine.

    don’t say no time to monitor, as by your membership to send, the final result is: love Shanghai also has no time for your site. The ranking of limited resources, love Shanghai limited server resources, why waste time in a no time management site

    channels have several months not update, even one or two years out of date, so the channel value where? Similar sites, we encounter very much.


    two: quantitative information update

    is because the team did the original? Not so, this station no one is out of the original. What is the reason? People can choose to release some things, while the machine is no choice, uneven in quality replication, this is the most care about things for love in Shanghai.

    four: information stale

    How many ?

    B2B classification ranking low? I believe that this type of Web site, see this title should be to stop. So, why the low ranking today? This article is to do an inventory.

    : a team with the tool of PK

    three: information filtering

    as the B2B platform, we at ten sites, will find 9 do bad, important factors here: screening information, related information is not even the industry will be posted Chen gong. And repeat the same information released, no one released monitoring, product introduction, company introduction, product is completely different names, but the same information……

    if you can’t meet all the channels of the update, then don’t do it because the range of channel: stop updating channel, will reduce the overall trust in the web search engine and evaluation standard. The search engine.

    website ranking is never you how this site has a huge amount of information, have included the amount it is not a IP as the acme of perfection, is the waste station.


    the correct approach should be: as to full website different channels of information may be in the front of the line, can involve several classification. If not complete, so these channels are hidden. So on the back with the updated sound, gradually open to different channels, it is a new growth process should be.

    A very classic Shanghai dragon website optimization scheme

    1. team division

    Optimization of site

    7. station optimization

    (3) chain. A website weight is the content of the website, the other is the chain, the outer chain is the most direct means to improve the value of the site, the chain high weight, the site will be isolated, wine is also afraid of deep alley! Every day in the search engine spiders crawling content on the Internet, the chain high weight can bring a lot of traffic to the site, improve the site’s activity and weight.

    I think you want to be successful optimizing a website must start from the following aspects:

    how to do? After


    Must be done before the how to do?What are the 8. common cheating means

    friends want to some websites in Shanghai Longfeng, here always want to sum up from the construction site to the detailed process of Shanghai dragon network optimization, five dragon website optimization Shanghai, included, rankings, traffic, conversion, repeat the above action. This is the Shanghai dragon process, direct Q have different views of I (ant rush 1614558876).

    4. keywordsHow to analyze the website


    (2) writer. We all know that the quality is very important, love Shanghai launch of the spark plan is more and more importance to support the original, so a good writer is self-evident;

    on the "domain name >

    (1) web programmer. This program should have the ability of designers to adjust the site layout of the overall structure of the web page. A website for the visitor’s first impression is very important, the design is reasonable, when the user opened whether can obtain needed information, he will stop and watch for a while, it can reduce the rate of jump out of the site, to provide the user experience, low bounce rate website is to gain the trust of the search engine the main work; web designers mainly from four aspects to do a good station optimization

    (4) Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive analysis ability. This person needs to master all aspects of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, familiar with the search engine’s working process, to quickly make coping strategies.

    first I share on team division problems. A some of the Shanghai dragon group should have such talent

    6. station optimization

    3. Shanghai dragon operation process should be what kind of

    with this team, Shanghai dragon website optimization is absolutely no problem.

    ?Study on

    2. to do what is the work of Shanghai dragon

    to determine the Shanghai dragon team, what are the factors should be considered before deciding on Shanghai Longfeng? I summarize mainly consider three aspects: website domain name, server, web application.

    Do not use the website optimization keywords accumulation

    keyword stuffingKeywords Can do

    has just started to do site optimization Xiaofeng lottery I also spent a lot of this method, I most often is the first and third, with the Shanghai dragon knew more and more deep, it was soon I decisively removed. I’m glad I did because I website lottery software, such practice problems, because time is short, has not been found in the search engine, can be said to be escaped ah, if a long time, the lottery website drop right or directly by the sea love K station is possible.

    Keywords The

    keywords, but to do the smart, reasonable, is natural to appear on the website content, otherwise it will backfire. Here I use this keyword to practice my lottery software, give some suggestions:

    Links do keywords, the basic approach is to put the Links keywords to your site;

    just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line, many places still ignorant, in order to improve their website optimization ability, I started a website analysis of people. Later in my own independent optimization of a Xiaofeng lottery website, I first analyze the people’s website, its essence, to its dregs. In the analysis process, found that many sites appear keywords to stack phenomenon. One of the key words in the page is repeated keywords, improve search engine keyword attention.

    , in addition to the keyword, to do as a keyword sentence form reasonable, natural appearance. Then I do Xiaofeng lottery website as an example I share, I usually in the reasonable adding keywords lottery software. In the title of some appropriate keywords can also, here I said is reasonable, is a natural and appropriate degree of certainty, I am doing this lottery software keyword optimization experience is, how nature is how to do, do not do in order to do keywords. Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/

    content is not reasonable words, meaning to do keyword and write do content, readability regardless of the content, a large number of keyword stuffing.

    keyword stuffing some malicious operation, there may be we inadvertently violated. But I do Xiaofeng lottery web page optimization, I still have some reasonable keyword, it is reasonable to say that is not to do a keyword and write articles, but the content of construction, the key words. Many novice Shanghai Longfeng know that to increase keyword density, but do not know how to reasonably contain some errors which is made by many of the old owners.

    accumulation of main manifestation has the following points:

    In 2,

    In 3,

    1, in the title tag, description tags and Keywords tag stack behavior;

    How can fast write a satisfactory optimization scheme

    second to have the station optimization experience.

    specifically written, use webmaster tools and webmaster tools love station, Chinaz is enough, the site of the site to do the good place, and the insufficient place, have a list, then the solution is to write out. And the reason and purpose of the writing, thus using the concept of meaning, so now many people will do SEO, asked him why he did this, but there are still a lot of people don’t know, I was one of them, so, since the optimization scheme of the list, I started learning the meaning of the concept, the concept of each get particularly well, do every step of work to find meaning in practice from.

    write optimization scheme, we must focus on the concept, reason analysis to solve the problem, do some of the more comprehensive, so the optimization plan you will do very successful. Here, I as a Shanghai wedding photography studio staff thank my friend introduced me to this list, let me learn to optimize more comprehensive knowledge, let me further insight into the meaning of website optimization.


    third have stood outside the optimization experience.


    another one is Links and high quality of the chain is indispensable, this is the accumulation of experience. Don’t forget to do for the best of the chain is soft, reproduced, this can greatly improve the quality of the chain and the power.

    friends to pick up a single, write optimization scheme, and an electronic commerce station, for a month to write, had never written so I have no idea, do website optimization, keyword ranking make up no problem, for the company to do the promotion is not a problem. But for a big company to write optimization, really do not know how to start, I went through to listen to some free courses, know some more powerful counterparts from also need some related schemes to see, summed up some experience from it, want to write a good optimization scheme, do the following.

    Shanghai wedding photography studio:

    analysis of a competitor’s site is from several aspects, when you will analyze their station are analyzed when the competitor’s site, no matter what station do analysis when the weight is around, the rank of the website, and Google’s PR to do all this, not the most after going back to the key.

    first to clear website optimize every concept.

    From December 24th to December 30th the Commission has nine wins the complete paymentSenior people W

    Commission has been paid from December 24th to December 30th.

    ! !

    2 is the free online money making program. What to click, make money, investigate, make money, promote money, etc.. I think everyone has more or less in contact with this Wangzhuan project. I think a lot of people see I mentioned that this project will sniff at, for not earn money and intend to give up this Wangzhuan industry? I can only say that you have completely mistaken! Not because of a traffic accident and give up the car the vehicle, not unworthy! Here, the studio will all contribute to better and more efficient and profits the Wangzhuan

    1, in fact, we have all been exposed to what online big market, in the creation of waiting for some. It is a pull head money, I think we immediately the first reaction is mlm. The definition of pyramid selling is that there is no material to cheat a relative to cheat a friend to make money, and the end is deeper and deeper. I am also opposed to this way of making money. But as the Internet market of this kind, it is able to earn money, if you really have a good tolerance to let people pay worn-out mouth!!!

    ! !

    customer 16% stable

    excellence in 8-12% stability

    first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

    CPS, according to the sales results before payment, the influence is small, the effect is poor, but with the impact of the financial crisis, many enterprises to tighten the belts, compression of the advertising expenses and petty, could not withdraw eagle. CPS, by the financial crisis to hot up, domestic and foreign CJ, DHC, with the success of CPS popular on both sides of the Changjiang River also makes a number of senior webmaster, it is made a fortune, I heard an expert to do CJ, earned a 8 digit Commission, I think almost envy the halo, halo now, however, do not too late, hard, now we can earn GG yuan, the website, after the selection, the following CPS Commission recommended:

    everyone is doing the same website making money. To say who really make money? I don’t think much of it. I want to tell you how to do Wangzhuan it? To do Wangzhuan and are doing a place to make friends and Enlightenment of

    financial crisis has now been threatening China Wangzhuan all walks of life, has also been some impact, the impact of bad or bad, more people joined this Wangzhuan industry, competition also have more talent, more ways.

    from December 24th to December 30th the Commission has begun to pay, pay period beginning on Wednesday, the latest Siri payment is completed within, to a slightly different time according to different bank location please wait.

    if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

    Wangzhuan industry has not a few years ago free Wangzhuan era. Before independence from the trend of the pull the head, SP, click Wangzhuan hook has declined, because more people try to refuse these Wangzhuan way of suffering, often spend a thankless. The final is the upper obtained benefit, and no new projects and Wangzhuan rush is not really a huge benefit, there are a lot of people leave Wangzhuan in this industry, the network lost confidence, feel confused to wangzhuan.

    Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

    if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: 9v.cn

    wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

    , everybody:

    Dangdang 8-12% stability

    Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

    asked the school education mall 25%>

    more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

    Do not want to fall into the stake in the chips in the trap Give a clever you a reportShare the init

    is the lack of symmetry of traditional equity investment information.

    factors have led to the lack of support for a large number of SMEs, especially small and micro enterprises in the current equity financing system. In the current equity financing system, PE investment mainly for partial mature enterprises is expected to enter the market channel, far away from the market start-ups, small and micro enterprises are difficult to obtain the support of VC and PE; the angel investment mainly focus on innovative enterprises and areas for the traditional areas and ordinary entrepreneurs support is not enough.

    secondly, choose the right keywords to help you get twice the result with half the effort. If you go to choose a good words, so it would be a lot easier, especially those small words competition when possible one month can be routed to the search engine home, of course, the premise is that we need to update the site.



    traditional equity financing system, such as asymmetric information and other issues, many non star projects, entrepreneurs lack visibility of the project, it is difficult to obtain equity financing. As a new entrant in the field of equity investment, equity investors will need to solve the industry pain point to reflect their own value and develop.

    1.2 stake in the public to raise the value of business models

    Note: This article from the tiger sniffing

    tiger sniffing research group "to raise public equity industry research report" the origin and development status of selected three section analysis of the public to raise the equity of a new concept of development, problems. A share to the public equity raised from the boom, and you want to bypass the coveted principal trap? How to raise awareness of the public platform positioning and position? You need such a report! Of course, a tiger sniffing member, there are more reports of your dry cargo flop here.

    in fact, compared with the star project, the VC project is not without the discernment of the ordinary investment value.

    first of all, beginners do not blindly follow the trend of the original site, I found that many novice contact with me when I was a few months ago Taobao customers, there is a common problem, that is, like to follow the trend. As a novice, may in many basic things are not very understand, see people make money also joined them, but when you really do stand to do the promotion, you will find things are not as simple as you think, some people do a website only 32 days, a API the program, then every day in that said, my website how not included haven’t ranking how. Doing everything is a process, let alone doing the same thing. This is not the most important thing. But the biggest problem is that many people have to follow suit in the new selection operation, such as the sh419 website master saw a daily flow of 10W or more, he will copy others, what taobao shopping TBW, Taobao and so on super competitive large words, do a month or more results did not make money, start lost heart. Plus the search engine friendly to the API program, the novice website, even if you add the chain and the article, but there is no ranking, no ranking no flow no income has been in the cycle of death. Because the novice lack of experience, no one guidance, so it is recommended that novices do not follow the trend of operation, those big competition words, change ideas, you will reap a lot. Small selection of competition, such as scarves, sweaters, pajamas and so on more than more than 100 competition index is not so big, so you put the small words do go up, ranking income when you learn a lot at that time, come back to do some competition, I believe your income will increase slowly, so you we have more confidence.

    One of the existing problems of More than

    investment is actually based on the radius of the investor’s connections, where investors include both VC, angel and other institutional investors, including individual investors. There is a limit to the amount of investment available to everyone, while the project pays attention to the limited number of people who come into contact with it. This makes the docking of investment and financing resources have limitations, and there are blind spots in the allocation of resources, affecting the efficiency of investment and financing. This situation in star enterprises, star project is not obvious, because these projects are no lack of attention. But in ordinary projects, smaller enterprises on the more obvious.

    combing the current standard, VC and other investment institutions to raise equity has two big market opportunities: one is the financing problem by eliminating information asymmetry of market to solve the VC and other investment institutions can not pay attention to the project; the two is for VC and other institutional investors pay close attention to the project, to raise public equity through its own resources provide media, marketing channels and other value-added services, to enhance the value of the platform, to enhance the attraction.

    The investment and financing of ecological

    on the one hand, the value of some projects has not yet been truly understood by the market and investment institutions

    1.2.1 traditional equity investment exists asymmetric information, high threshold and other issues

    Taobao customers can also be said to be relatively popular online ways to make money, I believe there are many newcomers to see those who earn money in the sun after the station, more and more Taobao customers to join. Many people see because it is high profit Taobao customers, can be said to be pregnant with the blood to join them, but the couple because of lack of experience, consider not so comprehensive, often make a few mistakes in the early, will always come in the wrong turn inside, probably a few months will not earn money, lead to a waste of time and energy, and finally feel not to earn money and beat a retreat from. Share some personal experience I let us in the process of site summary for new friends, I hope you can see new sum of previous experience, learn more thinking, let yourself take some detours in the process of construction, through learning so that they can have enough money in Taobao, also let oneself the owners of the road more firmly down.

    Analysis of website bounce rate impact on the entire site in general

    Since falling in love with the sea

    statistical tools, we have to own website jump out rate is more clear, in the statistical background can more accurately know the overall situation of the website, today I to my station as an example and we talk about the website of the website of the bounce rate roughly

    can we see from the above graph website bounce rate in about seventy percent, the average access time in 14 minutes, we can think of the site is indeed visitors find useful information will be so long as the movie station must jump out rate is much lower, time will grow a lot! From the side of the bounce rate is that provides the content of the web site, to bring the number of useful value. Of course, each of the different types of Web site reflects the data are different.

    to do a site of good and bad, see from the rankings, income can be, if we can really reduce the bounce rate not only makes the website ranking traffic increases, but also make the site overall revenue has been a qualitative leap! Love Shanghai is constantly changing as for the user, if our website is of no value to the same the contents of the user, the user can stay on the site for a long time. We want to do a good job of the content of the site itself, make useful content to attract visitors to become high-quality station valuable site! I wish you all the best work smoothly, greatly increased traffic. (this by the breeze, the horse brother original episode, copyright, conceited, please indicate the source of the first 贵族宝贝wz3321.cn with the form of links).



    high bounce rate influence website income: source of power is to do the webmaster site can make money, a site when the real high flow of a lot of people will say that the flow will make money, you think? How much money, if a user on your site for long time, ads on your site PV shows more, then click website advertising, display, etc., with the increase of income. So to control the site experience, ways to reduce website jump out rate, we also increase the income of the website the most effective.

    (pictured love Shanghai home add high quality site screenshot case)


    a high bounce rate affect the ranking: many people may deny my point of view, we can look at changes in the sea for nearly 2 years, Shanghai love their products or products occupy most of cooperation in front of the rankings, what is he doing for? There is no doubt that for the user, make the user experience more high! Now high weight, large volume, high quality site access is added to the home page, website ICO icon and so on! This series of changes in the experience of the highest recommended sites for the user, so can be said from the side of your jump out rate affect the ranking.

    A case analysis by K tourism website

    The program

    travel more, resulting in most of the tourism websites home looks a bit bloated, for this website I want to begin to think of ways to fine.

    two: Links not timely clean up

    problem: website program error, a column page can not open

    detection of this station Links, found that many were already deleted this link station station, when the station of its own problems (such as: K, for a long time, waiting for the snapshot stagnation) must Links situation check this time, there will be a lot of the station to delete you, usually friendship links can be checked once a week, now many webmaster delete Links will inform you, so we only check it, especially in the last few months K station frequent period, because if Links hurt their own website, leading to their website is also love Shanghai ruthless K off, then too wronged. Furthermore this station for other free chain, but also very suffer.

    Hello, I am the stone, early this morning to see someone with my QQ, it is actually more embarrassing, if I can walk to politely refuse, because he is very busy, no time, no way to communicate with so many things, in fact, after all is said and done it so much knowledge of what a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Original ah, what the high quality of the chain, but with potential customers or clients, we can not refuse, so sometimes we engage in the Shanghai dragon gradually evolved into a free service. So anyway, the friend to your site some past all said more clearly, is roughly this: before the tourism site is a business site, after the revision to use before the old domain name, because of the lack of management personnel in a timely manner, the website was hacked by the end of time, there were a lot of black the chain, and there are many links, they found the situation, cleaned up the chain, the stone also checked, basically there is no death. However, careful analysis, found the following problems:


    table code too much, resulting in too much redundant code page

    Question three: Figure two:

    the site itself is certainly fatal, operating a good website is very difficult, if there is no time or effort, it was suggested not to do a website, because no matter from the optimization or operation, the need to have a professional team to operate, such as the tourism website is very competitive, the first step is the establishment of the to choose a stable server, this is the premise, then is the website program, do not covet cheap, cheap goods is not good. The money is not the province, or web application server problem will bring no small loss to your website.

    page code redundancy is serious, the need to streamline the

    : Links

    The content of the website


    Case analysis of different key words need different page optimization

    Title: find a job in Loudi – Loudi talent network


    level channel layout page

    is a reasonable layout to ZhengZhan keywords in a tree like structure, and optimize the key requirement of layout on the home page, and the page layout keywords not more than 3. Such as home talent website can be the layout of the key words: * * * (regional) talent network, * * * (regional) recruitment network, * * * (regional) recruitment, the competitiveness of these popular keywords, placed in the home can improve the keywords in the web site overall weight. Each page of the layout of the key words not too much, so when writing on the page in the page, highlight the theme.

    keyword layout page

    talent network home page for the keywords ranking record, page ranking is more the main keywords, keywords layout is only three, the other can get ranked is through the segmentation technique.

    Talent network portal


    different level keywords in the main keywords may be a dozen, according to the key attributes, can layout in different channel classification page, placed on the first page of channel, channel title, description page and the anchor text keywords should layout for key words, many new Adsense mistakes, channel page meta tags or call home, easily lead to all your pages are the same title, the spider grabbed easily mistaken for duplicate pages, is not conducive to the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization. As the talent website "looking for work" channel page:

    the operation, is currently being Shanghai love right down, A5 team for Shanghai dragon after diagnosis in the detection of keywords engineers gave me some good advice, a reasonable layout of the keywords and long tail keywords.

    The following is a

    classification keywords "looking for work" in the page layout in the channel, channel element labels do not directly call home, did not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon, the reasonable layout of the main keywords, each channel distribution page two to three words, words will not be repeated in more than one page, do not cause. Unnecessary page

    Description: Loudi talent network for more information, in 2013 Loudi to find a job information, recruitment, employment, job, Loudi talent network preferred.

    site planning and is determined to optimize the keywords, the keywords analysis needs to be optimized, the need for these keywords in Web site layout, reasonable layout can increase the page utilization rate, improve conversion of site traffic. Novice webmaster easy mistake the keywords are placed in the home, not knowing that the optimization will only cause the weight scattered, below we talk about different keywords need in different page layout.