A hamburger shop how to location Le AIDS

Xiaobian I introduced to you a lot of franchise location problem, what fast food shop location, hot pot shop location, snack shop location. Today, we have a specific franchise to introduce more detailed site selection. A music store of wealth from Hamburg, the location, in order to enhance the turnover, will have to choose a good place to set up shop, now global network Xiaobian for you to pump a little knowledge of the location, I hope the first time to help entrepreneurs to join the shop in Hamburg master card Le AIDS wealth


in the same area, a chain store may have several open alternative locations, but some places for a chain store, is a good place to open one hundred percent, and on another kind of chain stores, it is not necessarily the most satisfactory place to open. Competition around the store has a huge impact on the success or failure of the retail business, so the choice of the location of the opening of the Hamburg Hamburg franchise must be analyzed competitors.

card burger franchise store address selection good business worry, store structure needs to be assessed from two aspects: geographical location and competitive perspective. Evaluation of a site from the geographical location, it should look at from the perspective of geographical location, belonging to the business center, business center, quasi suburban and residential type 1 of four categories. According to the properties of chain store itself to evaluate the pros and cons of Dianzhi card Le AIDS Hamburg franchise shop address to the attention of the customer flow, storefront cost includes many aspects, specifically, the main need to consider the following aspects: the new process of building and renovation costs, real estate prices and the period of use, compensation for relocation. There is no fee, hydropower capacity, urban planning restrictions. Evaluation of the site is actually to analyze the development trend of city planning. The location of the store is chosen to analyze the planning of urban construction, including both short-term planning and long-term planning.


Le AIDS Hamburg stores, long-term operation and lay a solid foundation for the shop, the store choice appears particularly important. Hope that the above content, all of your business start-up help.

Ceramic industry needs to increase the development of environmentally friendly consumer groups high

consumer groups continue to rise, and everyone’s awareness of consumption is gradually improved, their needs continue to change, which is also the current tile industry to bring more opportunities. Now is the development of environmental protection, green and healthy products must be more popular, ceramic enterprises must increase the production and development of this type of products.

The change of

tile enterprises

based on the purchase of green tile become the consensus of consumers, so that the development of green tile industry on China’s ceramic tile industry, really tremendous opportunity, there are many favorable conditions and positive factors, there are many difficulties and challenges. Therefore, to adhere to the China theory of socialist system in Scientific Outlook on Development ceramic tile enterprises, under the guidance of the traditional mode of "crisis" to see the scientific development of the "machine", the ability to lay the foundation for the development of industry and theory, for the ceramic tile industry overall innovation stage.


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Business is not too small

may just buy a line of customers, customers may just need a bag of salt, such a small business, many shopkeepers can not earn money not because what is willing to make service, naturally not good, in the long run, naturally it is easy to leave a bad impression to the customer, thus affect the business of the shop the development of. In fact, as a retail business, in the operation, smiling service genuine, is an important pillar of our good smoke hotel. As the saying goes, "do not hit your smiling face," is the truth.

in the daily operation, as long as the customer into our smoke Hotel, they buy packs of cigarettes can also buy a needle can also be…… Whether customers buy items are big or small, we have to smile with the same view is not, because customers purchase goods is too small to affect your mood. That is, regardless of the size of our business owners to their services are thoughtful, can not face. If this goes on, the time is long, the customer will be because of our shop owner "despise" them and away from our shop, go to other retail store shopping. Here to listen to the following retail real voice of the family! Facilitate our progress in business.

smooth smoke Hotel Guo boss

remember when just opened the shop, due to lack of experience, some customers come to the store to buy some small things, I do not want to stand up for them to take, because these little things little profit, the feeling can not sell can sell. Until one time, through one thing I completely changed the business strategy.

it was the winter of 2015 a night, a worker near a site to my shop to buy 2.5 yuan a pack of red smoke, he entered the shop when, I just give a big customer busy. The worker asked: "boss, you have 2.5 Hongqiqu smoke shop?" Because I was busy, you lied, just should be a "feel shy, sold out" customer first around another store, after a while, buy a few packets carrying out.

After this

thing, I found the workers not only do not come to my shop to buy cigarettes, and work with them the workers also didn’t come to my shop to buy cigarettes, daily necessities, these workers usually need are purchased from the store near the inside. Every time I see, I will not regret too late for regrets because the business is small, but can not see the eyes, causing their store culture for so long the loss of customers, but the world did not sell the medicine, only their own review, operate in the future must be treated equally, not to look too high. While ignoring the potential small business.

integrity smoke hotel boss Liu

After the fall of

2016, a more than and 60 year old woman in my neighborhood

Bad habits in business need to be corrected in time

in the course of the development of store management, there are a lot of people because of their lack of awareness, resulting in a lot of bad habits, the store has a very big negative impact on the operation. So, if you want to make the business of the shop can be hot, by the trust of more customers, some of the bad habits of the business process we need to correct in a timely manner.

Hello, I have to buy the goods customers away, and tell me, haven’t seen such a useless person, summer, water everywhere, wearing sports shoes for a day, not to clean up and cool to own, barefoot wearing slippers, stinking, to the shop, let alone buy things, the pungent smell, the way will be able to run. Shop to do business, how can there be such a self?

the customer buy finished goods to go after, I mused: shop business, in addition to genuine goods at a fair price, outside quality and cheap, the image really is a big problem that can not be ignored, just like the shopkeeper, shoes, cool yourself smoked away customers. It seems that we need to take a good look at what they can not be accepted by the bad habits of customers, and timely correction, nip in the bud.

today, please wash your face to look at themselves in the mirror, talk about their own business in what is convenient to correct their bad habits, but also to remind everyone, let’s change in the management of those bad habits, and strive to do better business!

Liu Guangshun Township in Wancheng District


in Nanyang City

this topic more timely, although a little feel shy you expose your weaknesses, but to look at themselves in the mirror and wash your face really is necessary. Then I’ll say it first.

said that their business in a bad habit, it is a bald head lice – obvious!

I shop in the rural village, customers are acquaintances, when started to set up shop, always think of the goods is not poor, we are familiar with the customer to the store to buy things, as long as their old, there is no need for genuine goods at a fair price, smile and politeness, that there is not a bit hypocritical? Plus your body is not good, the mood is good and bad, a lot of time your bad mood to greet customers in addition to, the guests will be encountered and the cold, very unpleasant. To this end, but also unwittingly offended a lot of customers.

there is oneself a bit lazy, goods into the store, just put on the shelf, to store the goods out of order, not that the customer, when a lot of worry even oneself also can not find some goods in what place, so their customers no less trouble, at the same time because of lazy, some of the goods above dusty is >

Do business should be good at Dun yaozhang shop

shop business is greatly is a very normal thing, but debts easily, when it comes to shop in the main account, they all declined, and some of the main stores face, more reluctant to open account. However, Xiao Bian here to emphasize that the shop to do business, it should be good at "debt collection account", or afraid of hard work just for the debtor to do the wedding dress.

shop is not afraid of light business, most afraid of debts are not ", this is the common feeling and experience of many retailers. Daily inspection, found that some owners in the business premises prominently posted or hang "no debts, You had better shut up. small brand, to remind customers not to default. But even if there is a "shield", inevitably someone arrears phenomenon. For example, acquaintances when shopping, no money or money is not enough, need loans.

general, the owner had debts due to the human. Some departments and units for the purchase of office items, reimbursement procedures, long period, need loans. For these "God" out of business, the owner can only use the way of management, accounting, debts and some social Xianzarenyuan, no money to buy alcohol, with the promise, IOUs even deception, require the owner to credit. Most owners can not afford to offend, also against their debts.

these factors lead to some shop hard business for a year, it earned a lot of money, but the year-end inventory, accounts receivable amount, bombarded arrears difficult, not only affect the normal operation, also let yourself suffer no good mood. As the saying goes: "easy to account debts". I think, as the cigarette retail business is not easy, the debt problem, we should uphold the principle should be flexible, so that prevention, combining prevention with control, ensure the popularity diminished, normal operation, stable business, happy people.

does not adhere to the principle of debts

"one hand, one hand delivery", this is the basic knowledge of doing business, but also to prevent "Laolai" debts do not have effective way. Therefore, shop management, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, must adhere to the principle of no credit, no debts, if, due to the human face, or in order to win over customers, will lead to debts, money can not be timely return, and even customers shamelessly admit problems, this will cause unnecessary economic losses to themselves.

account first general excuse

in general, supermarket, cigarette and liquor vendor and township Wholesale Department, foreign debts are more common, and the amount is not small, a few thousand, more than tens of thousands. Some shopkeepers in order to account, a waste of time and energy, with little success. The main reason is to make loans are often the perfect excuse to delay the payback time. So, for these "Laolai", the other is to find excuses once clear do not have debts will be divided close, they cope.

Enthusiastic help to retain customers

now do business need to consider the contacts, after all, in the current purchase of whatever choice is very much under the circumstances, a wider network of business will undoubtedly be better. Do business is based on the interpersonal relationship, a wide network of business automatics. The main business of my shop is to look after the old customers. These old customers are not neighbors or relatives and friends, it is their strong support, my shop has to survive. Therefore, it is very important to improve interpersonal relationship.

business people sweet mouth, met to take the initiative to greet warmly, find some common topics to communicate, or help them solve some practical difficulties, in order to get close the distance between each other, let the friendship boat sailing.

one of my old customers, son to buy him a good smoke, he too expensive, reluctant to smoke, so I bought on behalf of the. I said, uncle, you are such a big age, the son of your cigarettes, expressed his filial piety, should be given to learn to enjoy, your son will be happy. Moreover, tobacco companies does not allow me to buy cigarettes on behalf of the shop, check, is to be punished by the tobacco monopoly law. Uncle listened to my words, my heart is not happy, quietly left my shop.

for a long time, uncle did not come to my shop to buy goods, and I realized that he was offended. Although the uncle did not come to my shop to buy goods, there are several times, I walked in the street met uncle, I always take the initiative to greet. Until one time, I give the vegetable wholesale market of a grocery store delivery, met a large bag of potatoes to buy uncle, there are at least 100 pounds, pushing the bike with potatoes uncle very hard to walk.

I saw, quickly stopped the car, the uncle’s bike and potatoes moved to my truck. It is not on the way, I said delivery Shun incidentally, around 3 kilometres to uncle home. A few days later, my uncle went to the shop to buy goods, honest, to restore their old customers, how indescribably happy heart.

if the business is always under every rhythm, now the competition is so fierce, I am afraid it is difficult to get more consumers want to have more customers will be very difficult. In short, business people will come to the business work, can be a long time to maintain a friendly relationship between me.

Small details – business in the process of the whole

said that although the business needs however, if we do not pay attention not to stick at trifles, in a little detail, often lead to customer dissatisfaction, resulting in the loss of customers, so that loss of business. Therefore, the business process, we must pay more attention to detail, so as to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more popular.

that day, the family came to the guests, I went to a nearby restaurant to buy bread, take the opportunity to buy some ready-made dishes. This restaurant looks very clean, I want 5 buns, the waiter directly with his hands up. I think this is very unhealthy, the waiter told me she just washed. I did not see her hands, she complained to other customers also like to take, not willing to face.

then buy vegetables, this hotel to my surprise, the waiter bag sold cooked fried goods, I use a mouth to blow up the bag and put dishes, making me uncomfortable. I told the waiter that it was not good, and asked her to give me another one. She murmured, "it’s always been that way, people don’t say anything." She said the side of the dishes poured out, the face is very ugly, if there is no other restaurant nearby, I would not have.

in fact, such a business is actually reflected in the details of any corner of our lives, managers need to be cautious. Thus we expect, as the retailer, not only to pay attention to hygiene, personal hygiene in the shop, selling food must not be directly with the hand, need to use special tools; the bag to throw, or by hand twist, do not mouth blown…… These seemingly insignificant details, a direct impact on the customer’s mood and desire to buy, thereby affecting the store’s business.

College students to choose what kind of business is relatively small

university is a passionate period of time, four years of University, memories unlimited. Some people choose to come to the university to a vigorous love, some people learn to do tyrants, but also for the dream of entrepreneurship for the first. Under the encouragement of the Chinese government, the number of college students to start more and more, at the beginning of the beginning of the ignorant college students will have a question: there is no money to choose what project investment more insurance?

college students do poineering work what good

company product diversity. Selection of fresh tea lemon milk tea drink with a variety of different fruits with fresh milk tea drink, more able to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The company has three different business models, while franchisees can choose the right way according to the actual situation of their own stores, more flexible and free choice, better meet market demand.

brand reputation good. The company always adhere to the "customer first, service first" purpose, and continuously forge ahead, the market after years of accumulation, the formation of a large number of loyal fans, variety of high quality products formed a good reputation in the consumer brand effect, the influence of increasing.

low fee. College students are just entering society, not what money, baby fresh tea tea drinks to join the cost is very low in the same industry, the company can provide free technical support, help the franchisee to easily shop, there will also be some support in operation, this project is very suitable for the entrepreneurship of College students.

as a college student, this project has a huge market, is a small college students start a good project!

Do not Xianpinaifu shop

in our daily life often encounter such a person, really is "snobbish", with a very obvious. However, a man like this, the big side of the rest are relatively wealthy friends. To do business or so, is justified. So, the shop to do business really can not xianpinaifu.

not long ago, and friends go shopping, see the street corner there is a bright and spacious tea cigarette and liquor vendor of goods neatly, friends to enter buying two cigarettes. Initiative to inform the cigarette to buy, the boss casually responded to a sentence, "Oh, there are". Then, slowly to the shelves to smoke. Probably and the boss is in a mood, he whispered in the middle of the counter packed the boss, while the smoke on the container, waiting for the money. Seeing this, my friend shrugged his shoulders and made me a helpless expression.

smoke has been taken, and it is not to say not to buy, took the smoke is ready to pay, the friend’s phone rang. Because it is a businessman, she let the other side of the phone in the past two days a small sum of money remitted, the use of working capital. Friends after hanging up the phone, the shop owner suddenly like a new man, warmly invited us to sit down for a cup of tea, and deft hands down the cup of tea blister. Left a "boss", the right one "care".

at this time, some time ago a group of hot news footage in my mind: in a shabby old picking up old station at the jewelry counter selection of diamond ring, the salesperson to give him one by one carefully selected, finally, he spent many years of savings to buy a gold ring to give old with italy. The contrast makes me feeling heart: do business can not Xianpinaifu ah!

into the store customers, whether poor or rich, are potential consumers, the owner should not be the customer’s identity, status, money and so on the attitude of hospitality. Rich people, nothing more than the demand for a higher level of goods, the purchase of a little more; poor even poor, the same thing is to buy things from the store, but also to bring revenue to the store. Just imagine, if at the time of picking up old businesses that can not afford to buy a diamond ring and indifference, perhaps do not deal.

since it is to open the door to do business, no matter how the identity of customers, economic strength, as long as they can afford to buy the products they need, which is the customer. If the owner of a one or two Xianpinaifu, loss of customers or "no big deal", if things go on like this if, would be a big loss. The department store in the guest ", different grades of goods require different types of consumers to buy, only" who are off, equally warm greeting customers into the store, patience for them, in order to retain customers, do business, do not let too poor love rich customer and stop.

Dark horse – spicy spicy snacks do not think Shu circle

in our life, there is always a choice of food. Food, in our lives, has always occupied a relatively large position. No doubt, for those who want to join the business venture, is a very rare opportunity. Spicy don’t think Shu spicy hot? Is the dark horse of the snack industry, is the leader in snacks.

in the catering market present delicacy in the large, many investors are looking for their entrepreneurial dreams of wealth for the hope that they can realize their dreams of wealth earlier. Spicy do not think Shu spicy hot as the current market popularity of food and beverage brands, I believe there will be a number of venture capitalists who are highly concerned about joining a good choice, will not let people disappointed.

for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project well, is our best choice of entrepreneurial success. Spicy do not think Shu spicy hot joined the project, is the best choice for the project can not be met. So, what are you hesitating about?