Building a huge opportunity to combine environmental protection detonated


social development, whether living or working, people are in more and more high buildings, for living and working places, times and market also put forward new requirements for it, which is to cater to the theme of green and environmental protection!

with the popularity of green building, housing reform has also embarked on the road of environmental protection. The key is to help homeowners improve energy efficiency, but people also want the house looks more beautiful and can avoid the negative impact of many building materials on the environment. Visual effect, cost, time and reliability are the important factors of housing renovation. The transformation of green houses also need to consider the various building decoration materials production process, the source and the impact on the health of the occupants.

the banner of environmental protection will make you immediately become an independent school in the enterprise, a competitive difficult economic environment. Start with small projects, gradually demonstrate your ability to explain the benefits of environmental improvement. Of course, word of mouth is the key.

either in interior design or construction of buildings, entered the green era really is a livelihood project, good environmental protection material selection not only let people live more comfortable can bring people healthy!


From the glass to the net worth tens of millions of experience

look at this topic is not very surprised, the glass can become a millionaire? Do not do not believe that this is a true story, let Xiaobian I take you to see what is going on.

he came alone from the countryside to the city, only junior high school graduation, the body is very thin, only to find some light physical work. He went to a cleaning company, the main work is to clean the glass, the company management board and lodging, 300 yuan monthly salary.

he was satisfied, and he worked very hard. Someone asked him: "you are so small, why not go to school at home, come out to make money?" He said: "my family is poor, my father paralyzed, mother farming, the family did not have money for me to go to school, my culture is too low, can have this job has been very satisfied, but also to send home a little money every month."

he has been cleaning the company in the cleaning company, his colleagues for a batch after batch, and some even just do three or four days because of too little salary, dirty work, he has been holding this position. For five years, he is already the size of the age of the group of children, the city’s office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, almost all of them have to serve many times in the past more than and 20 years. He works as hard as ever, meticulous, many customers also called the company sent him over, he has become the company’s image spokesperson.

people know him, he and his service to become acquaintances and friends. One day, a new girl asked him: "I heard that you have wiped the glass for five years, earning only $300 a month, why not change a job?" He smiled and said: "will change."

one day, the familiar glass cleaner suddenly disappeared. A few days later, a fast food restaurant opened, the boss is to wipe the glass for five years. Fast food is adapted to the fast-paced city, the competition is extremely intense, and his fast food restaurant is quickly opened up the situation.

reason is very simple, he wiped the glass in five years, went through every office, hotels, shopping malls, to get to know the people inside, the performance of the glass cleaning for five years has left a deep impression on people. When his fast food restaurant developed to the corner of the city, the assets of more than 10 million, the people who know him with emotion, said: "the boss had to wipe the glass for five years."

interviewed him and asked him how to open a fast food restaurant with a glass cleaner, and stand out from a number of strong competitors. He said, "because I’ve been cleaning the glass for five years, and it’s very good."!"

have heard similar stories, said a young man killed the fish in the supermarket when, later became a millionaire, is not to say that as long as the clean glass or kill the fish can be successful, is that no matter what are trying to work hard to do, it is recommended

Anhui home entrepreneurs can get up to 2 million yuan secured loans

in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the state launched a venture guarantee loans to support this policy, in terms of capital to solve the problem of lack of economic strength entrepreneurs. Anhui province this year specifically for the return of entrepreneurs to provide a more powerful loan assistance, the highest offer 2 million yuan of venture capital loans.

"opinions" put forward, to further increase the migrant workers and other personnel returning entrepreneurship policy support, reduce the threshold of the home business, deepen the reform of commercial system, relaxed premises registration requirements, allow according to a multi site, a photo multiple access and cluster registration. The implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policy, holding the "employment and entrepreneurship certificate," the return of the staff to set up individual industrial and commercial households, individual owned enterprises, according to the provisions of the tax relief policy. Increase financial support, the conditions can be set up special funds to support the return of entrepreneurship, mainly for the implementation of rent subsidies for water and electricity, the purchase of entrepreneurial projects, organizations, such as entrepreneurship lecture hall.

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E bag wash daily order breakthrough 100 thousand single is how to do

now, want to let an old brand regain Lai is not only the need of new, innovative. A 85 after the product manager to let an old brand of traditional laundry company, from the old bacon into small meat, why? This is the story of e bag wash. April 25, 2015, 1 and a half years on the line e bag wash daily orders to break through the single 100 thousand, equivalent to 1000-2000 laundry orders throughout the day.

10 million, not only on behalf of the Rongchang mobile Internet transformation in its effectiveness, but also indicates the future e wash bags may become a platform level products, CEO Lu Wenyong even for the planning and development goals: to reach 200 thousand years, next year and strive to exceed 1 million single.

The predecessor of

e wash bags is Rongchang laundry, which has a long history of 25 years of traditional enterprises, has experienced two transformations, e bags wash is the most thorough exploration of business transformation, not only to change the form of products, business model, and change the distribution of equity, organizational structure, remodeling the washing process and service price system. Efforts to build a new laundry service experience.

6 27 – 28, explosive goods will combat class, Internet innovation coach, new minimally invasive Institute founder wrong knife to powerful explosive case tutor men’s team, cobio · BOLONI chairman Cai Ming, China Science and technology founder Huang Wang, founder, carved sirloin God carved e bags wash CEO Lu Wenyong, composed of 300 a founder of the explosive goods association held a down to earth, it is inside the explosive open class.

this is Lu Wenyong speaking on a large class combat section in the detonation products:

e bag wash predecessor is Rongchang laundry, typically from traditional enterprise transformation to the mobile Internet products. In 2013, we believe that the mobile Internet outlet comes, then decided to venture out, found that family service can become the future of public product and platform, and washing industry gross profit is very high, the price system and service system for decades has not changed, and then chairman of Rongchang Zhang glory do e wash bags.

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Disabled Yang Fangling hard work to increase family income

if only a slight disability, choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, which may not be surprising. However, the hero is a multiple disabilities, years of hard work, bear the burden of the family, in order to increase the family income and the continuous efforts, this is Yang Fangling.

Yang Fangling, male, born in 1963, illiterate, who lives in the town of Xinhuang, the village of the slope of the village. He was born with mental retardation, language barriers, unable to communicate with people, unable to express their emotions, can not integrate into the life of a large family.

There are 7 people in the

Yang Fangling family, there are elderly parents, brother and sister, two young nieces. He lives under the care of his parents and his younger brother, doing the simple physical labor in the countryside. There are old, under a small, family life constraints, the whole family thinking about how to increase family income, improve family living conditions.

him, and his family developed a Mountain Orchard

five the year before last, Yang Fangling family think, in our mountain development what project is good? His old father and brother to the nearby towns were investigated, and went to the town of Agricultural Technology Department, in the technical advice and guidance of the station technician decided to dig in the mountains on their own responsibility to open the ladder, planting fruit trees seedlings.

so Yang Fangling in his brother’s lead in years in their own responsibility mountain (the place to dig mountain maple bank) (soil) about 45 acres (business license registered as Xinhuang Fu Luo Hengpo Maple plantations, planted fruit trees dogwood) citrus, peaches, plums and chestnut trees, including citrus (Citrus.) nearly 20 acres of peach and plum, about 8 acres, about 17 acres of chestnut.

2012 is now beginning to bear fruit, the full fruit period, the annual total income of nearly 100 thousand yuan, Yang Fangling’s family living conditions can be improved. However, with the growing up of the two little niece, the cost of learning is increasing, and the family expenses are increasing. In order to ease the economic pressure on the family, his brother took his wife to work in the south, home affairs, orchard management and other burdens fell on Yang Fangling and his elderly parents.

he became the support of family labor

Yang Fangling parents nearly eight years later, his father suffering from a serious heart disease, the mother suffering from rheumatism walking difficulties, the old man can only do a little housework two. Orchard management, home Zaiyang threshing and other heavy labor fall on Yang Fangling. Mental retardation of his hard work under the command of his father’s shoulder silently carrying, no regrets.

spring fruit in the old father under the command of pruning before germination, to pick a load of bear manure along the trail to walk up the hill (from the orchard house about 1500 meters), to the fruit orchard soil fertilization; summer weeds, to recommend

Join the patina of Hong – what are the advantages of fast food jar

fast food to join the project, as always fiery. Small business to choose from ancient incense pots of fast food? Their own to open a fast-food franchise patina of Hong crock, the shop is made! Business is hot, the market is hot!

ancient Hong joined what are the advantages of fast food jar?

according to join the patina of Hong crock fast food can make money this problem, Xiaobian can clearly tell you, join the patina of Hong crock make money fast food purpose is very simple, because the patina of Hong joined with a few big crock fast food security advantage.

advantage: take the traditional fast food of Hong old crock simmer this way, ensure the unique sense of taste, rich nutrition, by consumers; which is a feature of Wagang barbecue grill, join the patina of Hong crock snack more competitive in the market.

two: the market price of Hong crock fast-food patina is not high, flat with other fast food prices, but whether it is from the taste and the brand awareness are more competitive, is the high cost of choice.

three: ancient incense fast food franchise headquarters to pass crock franchisee support is very large, there is a shop guide support, advertising support, management support, marketing support and other activities twelve support policy support, greatly reduced the risk of franchising, enhance the profit space.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the patina of Hong crock project is very fast, echocardiography. High quality entrepreneurial projects, joining the choice is a very wise choice. So, join the patina of Hong crock of fast food, what are you waiting for?

What a small business – do the whole skills

small business because of the cost advantage, is now very popular with investors. The mention of the small business, we will easily think of the roadside stalls selling breakfast, open shop agent. In fact, the small business covers a wide range of. Some of the small business can also be flexible and decent, very relaxed. So how can we do a small business, bigger and stronger? Summed up is four words: "change", "Qiao", "more", "profit"".


"change" is a change in the business process of the small business environment is often changing rapidly, the market this time for a while. Who’s reaction speed, can adapt to changes in the market, who can win the time, win the initiative.

business with a small capital has an obvious advantage is the "small boat U-turn fast". As long as the operator always keep a clear head, in a timely manner to respond to changes in the market to make a quick response, the first to seize the opportunity, will be able to achieve a small profit. For example, Transformers to enter the Chinese market, the first to learn the information is a small number of businessmen, they quickly established a solid relationship with the production of the distribution business, not much investment but are profitable.


"Qiao" refers to the market share accounted for the shortcomings of the poor, do not do, do not want people.

the operator if the passive drift, may never the light of day. In fact, the more developed the economy, the progress of society, people’s needs more refined. In fact, there exists a gap between the big market market of large enterprises to attend to, it is very suitable for business with a small capital. Therefore, small investors should jump out of the inherent, narrow, enhanced thinking mode. Grasp the market operation rules from time and space more long-term, in-depth study of consumer demand, a dedicated operator without me some commodity and service, take the market gaps.


"more" refers to the fear of loss, service, customer satisfaction.

sometimes businesses for sale, some price war go puerile way, some customers to borrow some gifts fanquan, media advertising is the trend, and the way they bend over backwards, It is quite common for promotions are not too good. Such as the opening of the gift store Zhao boss, came up with a custom gift to send wedding photo way, a time to attract a lot of prospective couples and lovers home customization, business hot. This test is the operator of the small business philosophy, can not be too short term interests, to consider from a long-term perspective, in order to continue operating.


this "profit" refers to

Business can bring more high popularity and

to operate the market of conventional goods, although the risk is small, but the competition is very fierce, it is difficult to make a quick profit. On the contrary, to meet the needs of the market, the addition and subtraction operations tend to be better results. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce two cases, so that we can know the charm of addition and subtraction operations.

read a report in the magazine: in January 1, 1999, the European countries officially opened a unified currency – euro. Zhejiang Changhong leather company’s R & D personnel found to be larger than the euro, European countries and the size of the original currency, the company immediately in accordance with the size of the euro is designed more than 40 kinds of special purse on the market, the company sold by national distributors, easily earn millions.

The United States

Mini Hamburger company after careful market research, launched a hamburger products, the Hamburg size smaller than other stores, the price is low, immediately by the small appetite in old customers, and soon demand, not long, this burger has 10 chain stores.

the two companies, an increase in size, a size reduction, in addition to the simple addition and subtraction rules to create wealth.

open shop to do business, the most important thing is poly popularity. In the same area, small and medium sized supermarket retail stores have several, from business to business varieties of goods, styles are not much difference between to their own shops, to attract more customers, in addition to enhance the image of the store, grade, may wish to do subtraction, let us create new styles characteristic service the win customer loyalty.

for example, the customer to buy a few pounds of fruit, said 3.6 yuan on the electronic display, then we have to do a minus method, I would say: "$3.6, you give $3.5!" A little money, but it is the customer’s trust, is to win more repeat customers. Customers to buy a few items, I will take the initiative to "cut" a few cents of the money.

customers to buy goods, I’d recommend "plus" on a new customer; with children, I will add a sincere compliment to the children; the holidays, I will for old customers "plus" a beautiful little gift…… Adds, we are closer to the customer and the distance increases and the feelings of the customer.

different times, different business environment, the need for people to master different business skills, so that they will increase their income. In the increasingly fierce competition today, only those who pay attention to customer psychology, try holding the customer heart, in order to win business opportunities, create more wealth.

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Fashion jewelry shop how to operate better

fine jewelry can make people more attractive, but also a kind of popular small business industry, fashion jewelry loved by a lot of people in life, people would love the pursuit of fashion things, especially the living conditions are good, also can choose some small ornaments myself. Many entrepreneurs, saw the huge demand for jewelry industry, the idea of opening a jewelry shop opened. So, how to operate fashion jewelry store.

fashion jewelry stores is rapidly growing popularity has gradually increased business opportunities, current development situation is very prominent, but when it comes to specific how to operate if you have a more detailed understanding of it, the premise of fashion jewelry stores is to do good business management, fashion jewelry stores success is important to see if you know how to operate only, master the basic state of development can be a long time operation!

due to the lack of understanding of the majority of customers on fashion jewelry knowledge, therefore, the closure of fashion jewelry jewelry is very important. Many of the staff when the closure of the customer put forward to take a piece of jewelry, the machine turned over the counter, took out and then submitted to the customer, individual style. In fact, when you start to take out diamond jewelry, should first describe the diamond cutting, but also with the hand kept swinging diamond, hand may also move, the word is depicted in just to the customer, so that customers are likely to see your action simulation diamond, and will ask what is " Belgium cut, what is " " "…… Staff can stop answering.

now you know the details of the knowledge is able to bring fashion accessories to join key stores, worth to explore how to make fashion jewelry stores continued to grow, now you see skills can bring direct help for you, these mature enough to help you master the skills successful, fashion accessories to join the success of the business shop here.

business can choose many projects, this industry is still very good, entrepreneurs to open a jewelry store, you must choose fashion accessories to join, so that it can bring more revenue, there are a lot of jewelry brands on the market today, the competitiveness is still quite large, only the operating characteristics of fashion, can increase the competitiveness of their own.

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