What do you need to do to open a hot pot franchise

is now investing in hot pot shops, need to do a good job shop preparation, only to do a good job of preparation, to be able to shop in an orderly manner. Open pot shop in the preparation stage need to do what work? If you are a novice, want to learn this knowledge, then quickly to learn about it.

development situation of the local market, especially the investors must keep their eyes open in before joining, repeated visits to join the business, do not be afraid of tired, afraid of trouble, to as many as possible to observe several currently has joined stores, understand the real operating conditions.

again is the location, people gathering places are ideal sites, such as near the theatre, cinema, parks and other places of entertainment, on the one hand, can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, to the customer to people, will be easier to guide people to patronize.

franchisee must grasp the cost of doing business, planning a good business strategy, many managers want to cost reduction to a minimum, but Xiaobian that food choice should pay attention to, but not too low, the impact of brand development, reduce operating costs is to start from the daily operation in detail, so as to effect!


is the staff of this link, from recruitment to training, the operator must have a set of solutions, the franchisee must learn to manage the staff, although after joining, the headquarters will provide a series of training in staff management, will provide support to the franchisee, the franchisee but need to find the problem from the source. Real mastery, to learn how to manage employees.

need to open a hot pot franchise in the opening stage of the preparation of what matters? Above is the analysis of today. In fact, the choice of investment Hot pot industry, businesses still need to do the preparatory work, after all, the fierce competition in the industry, if you want to create wealth, not lack of consideration. Learn quickly.

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Wuhan property investment and independent customers active

prices have been the subject of constant ancient, it seems that prices have been in a rising trend, one day to buy a house means that earned! So, what is the reason for the growth of the above market prices in Wuhan? Let us look at the following.

5 first week of the month, the transaction is still hot. According to Ke Rui data show that the city is located in the Gutian area to reproduce the sun. Unlike the previous, the launch of the 88-137 two or three square meters of housing, the average transaction price of about 14000 yuan / square meters, the average transaction price compared to two months ago when the first rose nearly 2000 yuan / square meter.

on Saturday evening at 6, Zhou Hong and his parents rushed to the Millennium city. The opening of the project for the first time, they came to see, then hesitated not to buy. "Less than 2 months, the price of the house here, if the early shot like." Zhou Hong said with regret, the child is also big, before looking at the more than and 110 level of the small, this time there are more than and 130 flat house, have to change a big house."

reporter visited found that the millennium city currently no shape of life support. Is highly favored by customers, analysis Pujiang Zhucheng market analyst Guo Rui said that the future of super large commercial facilities, close to Metro Line 1 light rail station is a positive factor, the key factors in Wuhan (real estate), to improve the housing inventory in an emergency, and lots of good apartment layout third room sold very well.

in addition to improving the type of housing sales continued, the last weekend of the large flat residential also has a clear "rise" trend. According to Ke Rui data show that the city is located in East Lake scenic area, launched 350 square meters of large flat residential. Opening day turnover of 70%, the average transaction price of about 22000-23000 yuan / square meter, compared with the previous rise of 2000 yuan / square meter.

previously, according to the statistics of large Chu real estate market statistics, this year there are 6 large flat sales projects. Among them, the Hankou international financial exchange is located in the inner ring of Yuexiu will launch the two phase of the flat floor and other luxury products, the price is expected to be about $30 thousand per square meter. Guo Rui believes that the volume of large flat residential has been based on continuous accumulation, rarely to the day volume statistics.

overseas Chinese town of hot and scarce natural resources in East Lake are not unrelated. Currently, the Wuhan market is active investment and independent customers, the core of the product will be more and more popular.

housing prices in Wuhan, due to the shortage of housing supply! So, in the future, Wuhan will introduce relevant policies to adjust it? In addition, Wuhan property investment and independent customers are also very active.

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Sia has joined the international clean laundry business – what advantage

With the continuous improvement of our economy, our life pressure is increasing gradually.

. With the continuous development of science and technology, we have a great change in the consumption of laundry. How about Sia International Laundry? Quality laundry items, is the best choice for our business worries. So, what are you hesitating about?

Jie Sia International Laundry what advantage? Vicky Sia International Laundry only for your health cleaning clothes, cleaning laundry washing equipment with special international Sia Jie Sia independent research and development, national patent technology certification (Patent No.: ZL 201520864499); more care to save cost, save funds last directly into net income to join taking the. Jie Sia international washing disinfection equipment R & D dual ultraviolet ozone sterilization, two pronged approach, not to any harmful bacteria living space, but also dustproof, mothproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, washing clothes and health, transparent operation, customers with more confidence. Clean Sia earn money tips please enter > >

Jie Sia international laundry fee is how much?

Jie Sia International Laundry what advantage? Jie Sia international advanced plant extraction technology to add washing supplies, skin care products R & D production standards, environmental standards are better than the industry, raw materials non-toxic, no pollution, no residue, not only ensure the consumer’s health and environmental protection clean clothes, and ensure that the operation of the health of employees. Jie Sia International Laundry also times launched O2O online and offline marketing, online orders after the 6 step will be able to return your clothes in the hands of the way to take clothes send clothing by Jie Sia International Laundry stores sent to collect, save you time, reduce your car Laughton.

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose entrepreneurship Jie Sia international washing project, is very has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

How to win the store in the competition with the shop

for the current number of entities, the various problems faced by the industry is not the same shop competition, but the impact of the shop. After all, the current number of young people are more willing to choose to shop online shopping, it is natural to require the owner of the store can take a better strategy, so as to be able to compete with the store to win.

Zou yuan scarf business for many years, he was a good lot in Zhengzhou opened a fairly large entity shop, but the business has become more and more recent. He is also an online shopping daren. In this year to see Suning and Jingdong after the war, he has his own perception: the so-called e-commerce boom or there will be a lot of deception, even if there is also a brand online business. If the store can make an honest gesture in a special period, many customers are likely to go out of the house, came to the store to rest assured consumption.

so, he in this period of time, in the online advertising to yourself: XX scarf shop, don’t learn Su Ning, don’t learn Jingdong, only sell honest, not so cheap, not so expensive, is your ideal price. Just need you out of the house, take a walk, you can find my shop, buy your favorite scarf.

frequent campaign was to play a significant effect, many young people come here, and Zou Yuan also gave them the most preferential price. Consumers feel that they have enjoyed the most favorable consumption, but also to enjoy the owner of the opposite side of the enthusiasm of the service, so they are very happy to come to this shop. As time went by, his shop became more and more prosperous.

Zou yuan took advantage of the electricity supplier’s soft underbelly moves to find their own advantages of the store, and moderate advertising, so that the habit of online shopping to understand his shop. This is his cleverness, also seems to be some store to learn things. To know that the electricity supplier is not a "poor Joseph, its strength is obvious to people, if not a smart store. It is difficult to get high in the market game.

is now a lot of physical shop owners who know the impact of the shop is relatively large, but can not put down the shelf, resulting in poor business. In fact, the store should lay down the original shelf, to know that online shopping is a modern young people’s habits, the choice of young people is the choice of the market, is the choice of wealth. The store can not continue to be confused, to seriously fight this battle. The store has its own traditional advantage, but only by the traditional advantage is not enough, also need to create new advantages, but also with pain at these advantages to attack the electricity supplier, to a large interest in the business in a wave of soup!

What are the fruit shop to note

has a certain scale of the fruit shop is very common in people’s lives, many people are gradually upgrading to more upscale shops, a fruit shop, if you want to invest in you should shop after what steps? Come and get in touch with us.

1: site selection, the answer to the answer to the fruit shop opened in the downtown area, first of all, the price is too expensive, more suitable for a single product high profit margins, such as clothing, restaurants, etc.. Secondly, the downtown area is usually used for people to go shopping. When you go shopping, you will buy a pair of clothes and shoes, and you will have a meal to buy a water. The fruit is the daily consumer goods, consumer groups is the main cook uncle aunt, so the shop location should be near the residential area, or a relatively large bus station, if it is first-tier cities, a parking lot near the best. Of course, it is best to avoid competition, if there is a butcher, near the fish shop, is better, the convenience of customers one-stop shopping for food.

2: Purchase: each city’s fruit wholesale market has its own characteristics, it is difficult to generalize. What do you want to pay attention to in the fruit store?. First, the purchase of people’s choice is very important, fruit perishable, good and bad sometimes very poor. Recruit an honest fly in the wholesale market has done a good choice. Two: the relationship with the supplier, do not be too clear, they want to help you want to get you is very simple thing. Three: if possible, as far as possible to contact the local garden or orchard, wholesale market suppliers to make money, skip this step you can save a lot of money. You can communicate with the garden, to help you do not fertilize the vegetables, you get these dishes, in the organic gimmicks, it is likely that this is your point of competition.

3: the store display of fruit, title Lord know, so speculation is a young man. Abroad is a special fruit store shelf company, according to the size of the fruit, the degree of easy to rot, whether it can put pressure and color collocation, and many other issues tailored to the shelf. Here is a method, you can try to buy some second-hand foam box, many seafood wholesale markets are not expensive, then according to the different fruit size, shape and color of their cutting, zaipu soft sponge or plastic fake green grass. These are sold on the X treasure. One point is very critical, is the angle of the ladder shelf, not good, then the guests a touch all fall down. Suggest that you can go to the wholesale market to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to try to put a pendulum, more adjustments, the final determination.

4: inventory, this to a large extent determine your success or failure. To say too much, pick a few important to talk about. Fruit shop to pay attention to what? First, the amount of purchase, to see the freshness of fruit, sales, as well as the season. If you want to have the ability to be sure to build two cold storage, a minimum temperature of about 3 degrees, one can be higher. I don’t know where your city is, so I can’t give you any advice. You can ask the man who built the cold storage. Second, there are many fruits can recommend

Silver shop how to get better returns

for some of the characteristics of small silver, it is love, not only affordable, but also has a certain increase in space, rare more attention, investment silver shop open a market, the development prospects are very good, to introduce below, silver shop how to obtain better returns?

believes that in the daily operation of a good habit of warehouse management, inventory management for the great help. Ensure there is no direct sunlight in the warehouse. Good ventilation. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy.

do inventory is to service sales, so the first principle of inventory management is convenience, must be in the shop can use the most time can take place of goods. According to the different classification of goods, the division of the various categories of inventory area. Can be classified according to the type of product inventory. Or according to the different regions of the brand.

there is a place where it is necessary to focus on the management of the place, this is a good management is bound to achieve good results in the operation of silver. This is the inventory, any industry is afraid of inventory squeeze, so for the silver industry, inventory management is even more important.

however, in order to shorten the salesperson’s service time, Xiao Bian is still recommended in accordance with the best-selling goods, flat goods to make the inventory of goods classified display. Through the monthly inventory of operators can be found in a timely manner inventory structure and proportion is reasonable, so as to lay the foundation for good inventory management.

investment to open a silver shop, want to get a good income, there are many problems that need attention. I hope we get better for details of how to return the silver shop, can give you some help, so that more people can easily shop wealth.

What are the major customer service needs

different customers, the service requirements for the store will be different. If the store wants to attract more customers, it is also necessary to understand the needs of large customer service. The retail business is to serve the society, we want to do business, it must provide excellent service for consumers, only through quality service, to win the heart of the customer, make customer satisfaction, and can better absorb resources management.

and for big clients, service is one of the most important ways for us to win their favor. Now in the fierce market competition, many retail customers are trying to develop large customers, absorb consortia in the idea, and at the same price of goods today, businesses want to win customers especially at large customers, we must think of ways in the service, how to take measures.

there are six big clients I own. From my contact with the six major clients in the past few years, they are in addition to the goods on the basis of satisfaction, psychological respect, the most important service needs are mainly in three aspects.

one is the demand for goods to choose the service, that is, large customers in the decision to make the purchase of goods, the specific need to purchase what kind of goods, which requires Market Research and market research. For the procurement of enterprises and institutions, the procurement of what kind of product will lead to satisfaction, which is a difficult task. If we can do this work in front, then we can certainly win the satisfaction of the procurement staff.

for example, we are currently on the market of new products as well as their shop commodity statistics, made the sample table and the difference in price, subdivision level, or take some samples to the unit on-site demonstration, since this can make them worry and effort, but also can make them feel our the service in place. It can be said that if this step is good, business is equal to half the success.

two is a delivery service demand. In the current major customers in the procurement of goods, many large customers are carrying their own transport, such as vehicles. However, due to the different conditions of their own customers, some customers did not carry transport in the procurement, this time they would like us to do a good job delivery.

I have a large shopping mall although many customers, but one of most of the customers are not transport in the procurement of goods, in order to maintain customer relationship, I bought a second-hand van last summer, dedicated to the delivery to customers. Since the delivery of the car, my relationship with big customers not only closer and closer, but also the rapid development of a number of new customers.

three is the demand for after-sales service. For the after-sales service of goods, many large customers are also very sought after. This type of demand is mainly concentrated in office

What is a good business or work

countless people have been trapped in such a problem, I venture or work? In fact, the first thing you need to think about is that your heart is not really have a vision for the cause of entrepreneurship, or just not to work and entrepreneurship?


entrepreneurs also need a strong leader.

is not able to will be the cause of the grand blueprint and feasible; is not able to have a bunch of chikangyancai can share the joys and sorrows of brothers; whether can discover the strengths of each person to play; whether there is a strong appeal to a word to buddies of infinite power.

must remind you to venture partner buddy at this point, in the start before all the relevant business things clear, quasi contract signing, according to the fingerprints, and don’t be afraid to lose face, bad feelings, will avoid many problems may emerge later.

The second Sliced noodles join details

Sliced noodles in the well-known brand is the second project of Shanxi Sliced noodles. The second Sliced noodles heritage Shanxi Sliced noodles authentic taste, small business, only for consumers to consider. Strong investment support, production is simple, affordable. Suitable for the majority of entrepreneurs.

join conditions:

1, with sufficient working capital,

2, agree with the development of the brand and obey the headquarters arrangement,

3, with certain experience or contacts,

4, and enterprises to establish long-term cooperation.

how to join the two Jin Sliced noodles

join support:

1, brand support – you can use the name and trademark of the second small Jin, issued a franchisee certificate.

2, operational support – a full set of store operations information and at any time to enjoy the latest halogen products, food products update information, and guide the operation.

3, human resources support, assist the franchisee recruitment staff, staff and teachers face according to need by the headquarters sent field guide.

join process

1, investment to the store site visits

2, the two sides signed: single store join way, regional franchise purchase

3, financial procedures

4, Jin two small promotion center, the opening of the central department to the site of the proposed investigation and design

5, design decoration

6, training staff, guide the operation of

7, opening (start material distribution, etc.)

8, continuous guidance and business quality monitoring, free training

9, continued licensing

10, to long-term success

Jewelry store so you can easily attract customers

for the jewelry store owner, the customer is God, so good service and quality products to cater to customers, to be able to attract more customers for jewelry store. Now a lot of shop owners want to know how to ensure the stability of the source, and can develop new customers? Today Xiaobian for you on a few strokes.

is jewelry stores operators need to upgrade the quality of services, improve employee’s management level and professional quality and occupation skills, from the details continue to provide consumers with better quality and distinguished service,   your jewelry stores in the local market fame louder is inevitable.

as operators must use their own network, but this point we think from the shop owner to the clerk to master, everyone has their own personal relationships, the people you know for the customer, do not forget to allow customers to introduce their friends to patronize the shop.

Accessories franchisee for practical method is a lot of tourists? In the face of consumers for the quality of products, quality, price and so on and use different needs, truly meet their demands is the key, but this would require franchisees to upgrade their products influence, from their service quality on consumer satisfaction, and good to enhance brand awareness so as to use all of the relationship. Get more attention.


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