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  • How to increase the weight of their own website

    is not equal to the weight of the rankings but had a large effect on the very top. The home of the largest weight function. So the home page keyword density, frequency control, do not stack keywords, anchor settings are carefully layout.

    must say that love Shanghai search algorithm has changed the previous home page weight to drive within the page weight, now website optimization is not only to provide the first page of the weight on the line, the optimization of the inside pages slowly began to go beyond the home, because the weight of the contents provided >

    The weight of

    3.2 page keyword

    3.3 page keyword set

    2. target keywords own index to determine the site of their weight can reach a maximum number of. Because many people is to search some words, some words search less. The general public platform website, the weight above 4, is very good. Similar to the site as our business type electric heating the main keywords, the highest weight I do it to 2, when the site of many words are ranked in the home page. There was no weight of a website can do 3, is also very difficult. So we must do keyword analysis, set your goals.

    two. To keep a few select core Keywords:

    In addition,

    3.1 home key set

    1. we must refer to love Shanghai index options keywords, the keywords should also exist in the lexicon of the webmaster tools. Because the weight of this argument does not love the official release of Shanghai, it just launched webmaster tools for web site keywords ranking index is obtained, according to the expected flow grade. This is an important step to obtain high weight.

    three. A few keywords set to remember:

    site is high, can increase the search engine component, improve ZhengZhan flow, which directly affects the entire search rankings. How to increase the weight of their own website? This is a long and arduous process, because there is no shortcut to website optimization. Indeed, wood also said there is no quick promotion optimization method to rank to earth, follow the prescribed order. We need to start from many aspects.

    . Web page title can not stack keywords, and is not suitable for long string. The core keywords or index of high word, placed in the first position to optimize. General set 3,4 can be, much easy to share the weight of

    The reasonable layout of the

    conditions can establish its own independent server, ensure that visitors can quickly open the web site search spiders. Today, Shanghai has put love algorithm loading speed as the influence of the factors. Load faster, higher ranking, slow speed, will lose more than 50% of the traffic flow, directly affect the weight. At the same time, the server is not stable, not normal visit, it will definitely be search engine drop right or be k

    has a stable server

    The page with the same anchor text link can refer to multiple keywords

    solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


    website right down topics:

    user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

    secondsWebsite optimization !

    first, the same page under the same keywords do not appear different links. Second, the same page under the same links do not appear different keywords. Third, the same page do not appear in different links of the same keywords. Fourth, the same page keywords links page text according to the demand and quality ratio. Fifth, the same page keywords links do not exceed 5, while including the core keywords and absolute information content, the title of the article link. Key words sixth, take home a website link in 80%, the absolute information index page can occupy 20%. Keywords multiple core seventh, web site optimization internal links to time. In section eighth, the main keywords for the topics under the keyword link. Ninth, page home page for links to the core keywords choice, column column address keywords to link to the high correlation of long tail keywords absolute path link. Tenth, web page links and internal links number and proportion of the overall need according to the web site in the search engine weights in the actual situation. This is more difficult to grasp, if not grasp what the website is very easy to fall right.

    internal anchor text link

    : high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

    special chain optimization:

    industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

    Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

    keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

    Love Shanghai cattle station optimization guide 50 days into the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home

    love Shanghai himself launched their own optimization guide, look at the title of the description, highlight the key natural concise, but not the slightest accumulation of keywords, it is like to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, everyone can be free to see the optimization about love under the Shanghai encyclopedia written by Wang Tong, the article is also very good characteristic. Of course, the description is the same. The layout of the page is a bit like Shanghai dragon why, this webmaster friends can be a lot of learning. In addition, keyword density, keywords layout is very reasonable appear naturally, this is we should pay attention to details.

    is the first appeal.

    keyword optimization in the most competitive, only rely on the established himself in Shanghai Longfeng community, Shanghai dragon training industry leader, Wang Tong Zac, through the optimization of keywords to the home page and set up their own master’s reputation, but also favorable for the exchange is Shanghai dragon training circles in Shanghai dragon love the bright younger generation Shanghai home has its own position, look at these sites. The Shanghai dragon home, all is a great reputation, the difficulty is high, is the road to Shu almost inaccessible ah, why love Shanghai optimization guide in a short period of 50 days in Shanghai love home. We have to carefully analyze:

    Of course, as

    finally, we can go to the site to look at, do not put a strong chain attached to this reason is the only factor in the website ranking in the home page, 3 questions as proposed by Robin is worth us to think, 1, how to continue to increase the site outside the chain? 2, how to continue to create web content? 3, how to continue to attract visitors attention? We look at the last 3 questions, it will make us thoughtful! Well not much to say, do Shanghai dragon is to uphold and be good at summing up, of course, the accumulation of contacts may be a good shortcut, the weight-loss drug >

    second, outside the chain of strong support.

    site from the beginning has been Xianshengduoren because he is, sponsored by the Shanghai dragon China Dean Robin, launched in April 30th 2011 China Robin called the Shanghai Longfeng national collaborative activities, we advocate scientific and correct Shanghai dragon means to achieve the keywords ranking, but the ultimate objective is to enter the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home. It has been many activities launched a website support website, the first day of on-line love Shanghai income, but on the first day there have been several blog one-way links 30, correlation and weight is very high. The appeal was like mouchangqing established 28 push, the fierce ah.


    Robin in the Shanghai dragon circles contacts and the chain resources are awesome, we domin you know, if you use the YAHOO chain check now several one-way links break 400, I think outside the chain of this site is really awesome.

    This is the Shanghai dragon

    third, optimize the scientific and correct.

    On the analysis of several web site keywords ranking

    love love Shanghai billboard Billboard Hot news are keywords, so to put this kind of keywords ranking to the front, then the flow can be tens of thousands, the general is the use of micro-blog marketing and.

    analysis mainly focuses on the needs of key words, "



    mining tool keyword mining tools very much, user-friendly tools but few, here I recommend the use of two mining tools: first, love Shanghai client, second words: Chase assistant, love Shanghai Shanghai sex client is bidding for the user are eligible to use, and after word keywords according to the assistant is love Shanghai search volume extracted, the two software is free software and relatively humanization.

    Key words: Shanghai

    competition: from competitors’websites mining the same keywords is a shortcut for us in the optimization process to go, but not because of the competition website optimization into misunderstanding, and also enter the errors into our website, here proposed to do better than their site site as a rival.

    Keywords analysis of key wordsKeywords

    , a keyword mining

    we set up in the keyword density or keywords within the chain or keyword need to dig an article, like the keyword "keyword density" is the key, I’m ready the first point in writing this paper, the general situation, I explore the keywords are through the following method to mining.

    80% Shanghai dragon ER when writing articles are not position themselves in the article, I do not know how to write the article mining long tail keywords whether someone really looked at, so far, every one of my articles are the key words mining, there is an article with keywords, keyword density the details of their own position, so today I and we carefully analyze the keyword density related knowledge.

    summary: because of the time words, I only introduce mining tools, do not introduce more keyword mining method, the method and the operation is very simple.


    free imagination: general our website do industry are familiar with the industry, if you are doing a very model of the industry, so I suggest first familiarize yourself with the industry, the industry think what keywords are the needs of users, which keywords high conversion rate and other issues, if you are familiar with the industry of their own, at least you can rely on their own imagination to think out of their own long tail keywords.

    traffic statistics: traffic statistics system keywords is the source of each user keyword will come to your site through search engines, this kind of keywords is sure to have the needs of users, at least the user has gone through these words come to your site, and you can also use the QQ cloud marketing statistics users search keywords Lailu the.

    Keywords for outdoor furniture made optimization analysis

    1. collect more related articles, are of high quality, high readability and help the user.


    for outdoor furniture made optimization strategy

    A review of the

    3. long articles divided into articles to publish.

    2. to give the paper to the pseudo original again.

    was originally going to abandon the station, because of paying too much time and effort is likely to eventually or The loss outweighs the gain. But recent customers chase too tight, at any time may request a refund, or I was unhappy with the final follow up this website. A website but was K drop right after, to restore is the need for a lengthy process, it may never regained weight. Site optimization process, ranking with too much uncertainty, we can only hope to insist on doing.

    a website of outdoor furniture has been optimized for almost four months, has also failed to accomplish the desired effect of the ranking. Shanghai love about outdoor furniture, search volume was about four million, ten, no doubt very high commercial value. Look at the Shanghai love the first five pages, the website and the majority of industry enterprise website, by viewing the domain name registration of the domain name of the old time as early as many websites. These sites are rich in content, there are a few on the chain forced up station. Thus, the keywords outdoor furniture competition is very big, want to do on the first page is not a job, need to pay a lot of time and energy.

    The author

    6. reasonably segmented branch to improve the readability of the article.

    , content is king

    5. properly link anchor text.


    4. the following paragraphs natural words.

    to write the original after optimization. The station has two key words, the title change: outdoor furniture – Outdoor Furniture Factory – Foshan city Shunde District futa furniture factory official website; description of change: the futa outdoor furniture factory is a large enterprise specializing in the production and sales of outdoor furniture enterprises, the outdoor furniture products were rated as "class a" the factory to first-class products, first-class service to the principle of dedicated outdoor furniture brand and create a market. In a period of time to maintain website content and update the chain, ranking began to improve after a month. Outdoor furniture factory in the first page, outdoor furniture being ranked three pages. Later, because the site space line was due to attack the site open for a week long, love Shanghai very fast to the station K included only a few news page. In the end the space problem, Shanghai has not included the love again website home page, ranking nature also lackluster. About two weeks later, love Shanghai again included your home page, then the result is site 8, pitiful. The website does not open, is love sea K then again included after the snapshot has not updated, otherwise the next day included news is now a week not included a low weight too horrible to look at.

    On site operation — discuss the chain

    I believe that no matter how the change of the search engine for the blog frequently, the attention is still there, then, can choose the current seven famous blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Tianya Tianya, and Hexun, before a management website, tried in the seven blog every day. An original, including Sina, Tianya, NetEase, and are included, will not see the Tencent, this also remind the webmaster, you can try to focus on several other opportunities will be relatively high, included.

    library platform is relatively high, with commercial advertising through the Encyclopedia of Library rate we are there for blocking, so you may wish to choose other platforms, such as: Douding road passenger Baba, which included two is relatively good.

    B to B platform is also a part of the webmaster to pay attention to the webmaster can belong to their own website industry to select the corresponding business platform and release of information on their website operation stabilized, can also choose to gradually improve the business platform shop information. For example, my management is the screen industry, then I will be against the screen used in agriculture, industry, protection industry and some business platform outside the chain of their own website, of course, most of the platforms are on their web site can be added.

    2.BtoB platform

    3. classification information platform

    LibraryThe quality of the chain

    recently fell in love with the sea algorithm, the webmaster discussion forum said, the chain will not be seriously or bring down the right effect; in fact this is not necessarily the only place you love, you don’t have the right to K Shanghai. Of course, this part of the forum can also be divided into industry forum and forum, publish different information for different forums, plus the signature is replies to obtain a way of chain. Here, also said that raising a forum will bring unexpected harvest, such as Alibaba merchants forum, wealth value can buy advertising; therefore, the forum is also a good publicity place, because of the interaction of such a strong place makes more.

    this part of the information released to the screen website I manage is purely a chain means, purely in order to send the chain, of course, as the 58 city market, these platforms included effect is very good, the 58 city also can say is the second. So, the webmaster may choose.


    1. blog


    is engaged in the work of the station, I believe we all know the importance of the chain, the chain is also a form of advertising, a good deal would bring fantastic marketing purposes, the treatment is not good, like psoriasis, everywhere makes people abandon, feel bad. So when the webmaster in the operation of a website, how to handle your chain? Below for example, said in the chain management Hengfeng mesh factory.

    Pulse Jingdong CPS advertising online mallOnline education you can learn new technology and new medi

    in such a situation, also told us a message: who has been struggling to complain about the lack of business model, grasp the user pain points online education practitioners, in fact, is the existence of a large number of user pain points on their side, they are mature enough to maintain online education before the arrival of survival business model. But they are in the impact of the trend of the environment, I do not know who can not grasp the user pain point, which is their product most suitable?.


    but in fact, begin to subvert the traditional education, to seize the resources under the line of education, such a subversion of the logic of online education started to become a general person, can only hold their hands and feet and other body part of the open diffuse diffuse subversion journey.

    details please pay attention to the station announcement.

    wind came, at the outlet of online education are but not with the wave of Internet Education boom fly, Gong Haiyan from the 91 teacher network education platform, to focus on the non vertical platform of education online education website maintenance, many online education practitioners who can not grasp the direction. At present, online education has been like a boat with the hope of land residents in general, in the vast Internet ocean floating in confusion, the road hard to find.

    and a lot of industry commentators point of view is similar to, Xiao Qian believes that the current online education is not online education. Selling offline products to the Internet can not be a wrong idea in online education, but it can not be the central idea of online education. Online education breakthrough development, the need to change the development of thinking, this thinking, I think we can learn science and technology new media.

    wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

    but it’s not the time yet. The market space of offline education has been very mature in several years’ accumulation. The circumstances of such a situation may lead us to a wrong way of thinking. Whether education online education or line, anyway, are education, under the line so unconvincing market has been opened, make full use of online education viral network marketing should be more powerful, not easy to develop

    Jingdong mall CPS advertising on-line, sales commission, see the product details.


    Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

    take root niche areas to learn the logic behind I’s dark horse ecosystem construction

    if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

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    online education is not without pain points can be caught, but more than

    first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

    online education, entrepreneurship, whether to do the platform, online education and how to do these two issues in the country, I think so far there is no successful case, can be very convincing to answer our questions. As one of the most closely related fields of education and social development, after the infiltration of the Internet, the online education industry in the mature stage has emerged as an online educational platform capable of forming monopolistic competition.

    more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

    Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

    welcome members to the sales area to get the code.

    compared to online education this piece of "only emperor short allocation" generals, science and technology, new media from the beginning can touch the traditional network media to open wide

    Mao Xinhong how about the love out of the sandbox Shanghai Chutian Webmaster Station


    ‘s early, Chutian Webmaster Station PR 0, and to some of the same industry station do Links is relatively difficult, but Chutian Webmaster Station updated every day, stick to the text outside the chain growth, after three months Chutian Webmaster Station with rich contents, with good user experience and some owners began to exchange the Links Chutian webmaster station. Mao Xinhong have a lot of network consulting predecessors, they agreed that we Chutian Webmaster Station growth potential is very great! Later, they are given some suggestions and opinions on this, thank you! And Chutian Webmaster Station will also release the latest information as in the past, writing original article, can help to the new owners, to improve the operation level and the webmaster! Chutian Webmaster Station after a period of time, effort and persistence, finally noble baby PR upgrade to 3! Love the sea included thousands, outside the chain of powerful. Google now Chutian Webmaster Station weight is more and more high, the new red hair loss in the webmaster has to operate in the best state of mind

    binding domain, love Shanghai relentless sideline

    Chutian Webmaster Station was founded in November 2009, development has experienced 1 years and 7 months. Chutian Webmaster Station since its inception, has been a good way to grow and Shun Meng! Learned: Chutian Webmaster Station to station for the first person, do stand as the starting point, so a lot of support from the grassroots webmaster, new Adsense, also won the search engine love Shanghai, the support of the new red nobility baby! Chutian Webmaster Station Station long said: "we should pay attention to the user experience of the website, and strive to achieve perfect, for the pursuit of the beauty of the web site, only more perfect, not perfect. Because of this, in order to many new new webmaster website, to become a premier rookie

    !Because many

    in May last year, because I have some personal affairs to deal with, nor how to update the website, and I do a few more binding domain, and the domain name, such as: webmaster forum, webmaster home, webmaster tools, especially webmaster tools put up a Alexa program, if there is a website in the world rankings above, every day I love Shanghai in the chain to find their own a lot of chain. I love Shanghai that the cheating, so he started K station, my collection of money from a few to hundreds of fall, then only included the home page, my previous snapshot is updated every day, the website weight is high, then published articles, love Shanghai immediately included. But then the weight is not, even love Shanghai: Chutian Webmaster Station, I was standing in the eleventh row, which is love Shanghai 11 phenomenon. These are very terrible, I always easy to receive ads, then advertisers have to leave my station, I think the station can bring people the benefits. From that moment, my station has become a worthy of the name death station, this station only included the home page, do not pull hair, sometimes the snapshot is not updated, ranked 11, the drip, which is usually the webmaster said, the site into the sandbox > love Shanghai

    Love Shanghai clean up the Internet garbage confidence determination never wavered

    two, the website should be novel. This is a very important point, if the page design to the user is different from before take on an altogether new aspect, he saw the site, then he will make a high score on this website.

    for the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment. Good wine merchants Xiaobian that love Shanghai needs of the original article is to further enhance. But this is not absolute, we still can find a relatively high weight of the portal, they reproduced the original content, ranking is still very good included, but also the highest ranked. This would involve, want to love Shanghai in the search results page for the user to improve the quality of search results. After all, the weight of the high site, accumulation of users has reached a certain amount, they have a fixed group of users. But the user experience is a site to reach the height.


    The structure of

    according to the recent widespread online "6· 22, 6· 28" event, much raise a Babel of criticism of. Many webmaster friends said in the group or forum in Shanghai, love must be in the new update algorithm. In fact, experience love Shanghai algorithm big changes in the webmaster will know the same. Because of this, we can sum up the love of Shanghai clean up the Internet garbage confidence determination never wavered.

    from the beginning of contact with the Shanghai dragon, I believe that many owners have heard the first famous saying that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". On the content aspect, we all know the importance of the original, but in the actual process of updating the website. We are for a variety of reasons, such as no time to complain, such as map. To carry out a variety of pseudo original, or simply direct acquisition. In a short period of time, because the accumulation of the credibility of the website and search engine algorithm slow etc.. We will achieve the same effect and original. But in the long run, each time the algorithm adjusted in the search engines, most complaints are always these for a moment, and the content on the site has not been updated the detailed work of the webmaster.

    Design of

    set up a new sites, we believe that every webmaster’s purpose is to let our website into a high quality site. So how can we do to achieve this purpose? That the individual has the following three points:

    , the theme of the site must be clear. This is the core content, must be the theme information can be sent to the first user of the web site is the feeling. Otherwise, the user does not know exactly what the site was made, is not their own needs. Then it will not leave what impressed.


    three, the website should be reasonable. First of all, to let visitors in the website, can get the information they want in the shortest time. At the same time, we all know that the site is not only to the user, also must make the search engine to love.

    Wang Tong the 6 major factors influencing the search engine ranking

    six factors affect the search engine ranking

    search engines crawl web content, mainly on the site of the internal links to crawl, the design of internal web link structure more reasonable, the search engines will update conveniently, which helps to enhance the ranking.

    search engine to determine your level in web pages based on URL, and give the different weights, so the website pages are designed to URL weight high URL.

    on the search engine algorithm can not move, because the technology is only to implement people’s thinking, so I want to quickly understand the search engine algorithm, the first thing you need is the 100% station to the search engine perspective and analysis.

    4, internal link optimization

    Optimization of

    1, the search engine to love what web sites and

    5, the construction of the external links


    2, what is the web site and the best

    in the front row?

    search engine algorithm research,

    is a keyword as long as the 7 place in the "repeat outstanding, search engine will think you are on this page for this keyword is very professional.

    search engines love original content outstanding website, it is best able to maintain a fixed update frequency, the more original content so that your site around the keywords, can bring more traffic through search engine.

    ? Although

    have a place are: title, mete, H1, B, alt, links, url

    2, the content of the original

    3, URLThe

    content is user love, at the same time the website with search engine rules, change the search engine ranking rules, most of them is to deal with cheating.

    The thinking of


    is certainly no doubt, excellent web sites and

    and other search engines love Shanghai announced the chain is not important for ranking, but I think the rankings chain always have an impact, because the more you external links, search engine through external links to your website crawling frequency is higher, the natural ranking to help.

    1, keywords layout

    tonight at the school said "the consultation to build a personal brand model" curriculum, the following part of the contents of the curriculum content from less.

    we really do Shanghai dragon does not need to cheat, the key is in accordance with the basic rules of the website into a search engine, users love also love the site on it.


    so, the search engine rankings influence the basic rules of little change, I summed up the six aspects.