Xining City East District 10 specially invited supervisors official posts

Recently, Xining east district government hired 10 special supervisors, through thorough investigation, visits to the masses, the field view of the form of division of labor within the scope of their respective units to carry out supervision and inspection, to strengthen and improve the style of work.The

employs the specially invited is Chengdong district to carry out strict discipline, improve the style of special activities, give full play to the role of the community in the construction of a clean government, to further promote another important measure for the construction of the official style. For the problems found in the inspection, the special inspector will be submitted to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the form of written materials, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the relevant departments to confirm the verification, the units or individuals will make the appropriate treatment. (author: Su Jianping Ning Ji) read more

Xining power supply company to troubleshoot equipment to ensure that the green power supply will be

green contact will be approaching, Xining power supply company to strengthen the line inspections, careful investigation of equipment hazards to ensure reliable power supply during the green fair.

Xining power company attaches great importance to the Green Fair during the opening ceremony and exhibition venues of electrical work, specially organized forces of substation, power lines and equipment for special training, find defects in time, ensure that the power supply line, equipment of "zero defect" operation; and increase the remediation efforts of external environment of the substation line channel which, to strengthen security measures around the construction site, cranes and other large equipment to avoid the blackout, ensure that the power transmission channel smoothly; at the same time, Xining power supply company of exhibition center with the power lines and equipment carried out a dragnet inspection, found hidden to the user to carry out rectification, to nip in the bud". read more

Seager tier years electrified wire

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Qinghai Tibet railway to Golmud to build the second line of the second section of the tunnel project has entered the final stage of. Xining to Golmud section of the Qinghai Tibet railway will be formed during the year and the ability to achieve double line electrification.Deputy general manager of

"sigma second-line project has a total investment of 13 billion 100 million yuan, Guanjiao tunnel project has been completed in April 15, 2014 across the board, is currently stepping up construction of track circuits and other related facilities, accompanied by the end of 2014 will be completed and opened to use, then, Qinghai Tibet Railway will be opened to realize electrified wire operation." Jiang Zehai said.Section Golmud of Qinghai Tibet Railway read more

The fifth session of the national stone exhibition opened in Heyuan yesterday

The morning of August 11th, Lu Jia Zhai Cun, Xining City District Qinghai province antique square luoguxuantian, colorful flags, the fifth session of the Heyuan River National Stone Exhibition opened here.

"Jiang Heyuan national stone exhibition has been successfully held four sessions, it not only promoted the development of the cause of stone culture in our province, but also greatly enhance our province stone cultural influence in the country. Compared with previous years, this year’s stone exhibition, in addition to an increase in the number, the scale has been expanded, the quality of rocks also have a large degree of improvement.
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To build democratic management platform to create a harmonious development situation the first regi

the morning of September 14, 2012, the north area of the first area Mafang Regional Congress the first meeting held in Mafang office six floor conference room, city, District Federation of trade unions and Mafang Street Party committee were invited to participate in leadership. The meeting was chaired by the deputy director of the party and government office, comrade Wei Dong, 42 representatives and representatives of the participants attended the meeting on behalf of 7.
the agenda of a total of five. One is the Union City public management department Comrade Dan Shuxia made an important speech; the two is to listen to the deputy director of Mafang Street Office Wang Min comrades of the 2012 work report; three is to consider the "regional function area will Mafang implementing rules (Draft)", "Mafang area factory affairs implementation rules (draft)", "Ma Fang regional collective contract (Draft)", "Mafang area regional collective wage contract (Draft)", "Mafang area catering industry collective wage contract (Draft)" and "Mafang area regional female workers special collective contract (Draft)", delegates vote on these issues; four is the signature of the chief on behalf of the staff and enterprises on both sides; five is the election of vice president candidate Mafang area.
single Minister for Regional Congress to fulfill a good responsibility, good service made three points: first, understanding should be in place. The convening of Congress, is to strengthen the practice of grassroots democracy, is an important way to build harmonious labor relations, is the inherent requirement to strengthen the management of the enterprise. Two, measures should be in place. To implement the equal consultation and collective contract system, strengthen regional Congress standardized construction, play to Regional Congress democratic management role. Three, the responsibility should be in place. She pointed out that the Congress held success is the responsibility of employee representatives, the party is the responsibility of the government, it is the responsibility of the trade union organizations at all levels. The
Congress is north of the city area belongs to the first meeting of the Union held the first Township, street area, has very important historical significance in the development of democratic management in North area. In a democratic and harmonious atmosphere, the delegates were warmly discussed on four contracts and two rules, has made two major achievements: one is to consider the "regional function area will Mafang implementing rules (Draft)", "Mafang area public facility implementation rules (Draft)", "Ma Fang regional collective contract (Draft)", "Mafang area regional collective wage contract (Draft)", "Mafang area catering industry collective wage contract (Draft)" and "Mafang area regional female workers special collective contract (Draft)". The two is Xining Xin Haifeng Construction Co. Ltd., North Western Qinghai, Xinning chop shop Ferroalloy Company Limited 3 companies and the chief representative of the trade union chairman, Ma Fang area of female staff appointed director of the formal contract, the wage growth in the range of 5% – 10%, to Dianxingyinlu, won warm applause from the audience. The topic of the meeting is clear, rigorous procedures, compact rhythm, full of democratic deliberation, the harmonious atmosphere of equal consultation. The meeting also elected vice chairman of the union Mafang area. read more

Xining chamber of Commerce in Chengdu to support the remote blue sky

Here, there is a home of Xining people"!

here as long as living in different places, Xining people no longer feel lonely!

in the livable city, Xining also began operating a variety of business;

here brings together to engage in various business areas of the merchant of Xining;


the first Xining chamber of Commerce was established

help Xining people realize the dream home in Chengdu

to make in Chengdu Qinghai people enjoy the most;

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Xining will build 311 renewable resources recycling point

In his own home, some people take the initiative to collect waste, but the price is good, people will not be home in the accumulation of waste and no place to worry. By the end of this year, the city will build 311 renewable resource recycling network, the city’s renewable resources will be used and processed by 90%.

it is understood that in 2009 the city was listed as a renewable resource recycling system construction pilot city construction system of the Ministry of Commerce, the project plans a total investment of 123 million 330 thousand yuan, of which the state financial support funds 33 million yuan.  
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S management ability of our city to the seven years

for the realization of the Xining education system, strengthen the basic work of grassroots organizations, to enhance the overall progress of the basic ability, efforts to promote sustained and healthy development of education in Xining, in November 19th, the city held a strengthening the base construction to enhance the management ability of the mobilization of the general assembly, to enhance the ability to run a college work carried out comprehensive arrangements.
according to my city promulgated "to strengthen the" three basic "construction to enhance the governance capacity of the implementation plan" arrangement, I will start from now, according to the results, two years four years on the stage, seven years three steps. Two years to see the results of that by July 2016, two years to improve and strengthen the "three bases" promulgated a series of policies and measures, enact legislation to change the effect of a number of issues of base construction, the initial establishment of "strengthen security work system and mechanism of basic construction. Four years on the stage, to July 2018, with four years of time, the core leading role of small and medium school party organization to further play the basic work of Party Construction in Ideological and political education, and teaching as the center to further strengthen and promote the students’ basic ability of moral education of all-round development to further enhance the modern school management system initially built. Every seven years, to 2020, with seven years of time, in order to achieve the party organization as the core of the primary school organization strong, school management to achieve fine, scientific and standardized, the education system of governance and governance capacity modernization level is significantly enhanced. read more

Xining East District the first implementation of the integration of urban and rural subsistence all

  Xining City East District as the province’s first pilot integration of urban and rural areas, from July 1st onwards in the province to implement the integration of urban and rural subsistence allowances policy.

this year, the East District of Xining city was identified as the province’s first pilot integration of urban and rural areas. In accordance with the relevant policies introduced in the province, the East District research and development of the integration of urban and rural areas east of the implementation of the program, the overall development of urban and rural residents guaranteeing the integration of the application, review, approval, management, payment. From July 1st onwards, adjust the amount of subsidies to achieve the subsidy standards, payment time consistent. Where the East District of family income per capita is not up to the standard of rural residents of Xining city minimum living guarantee (333 yuan per person per month), both by households in the household name to the jurisdiction of the town, community to apply, the relevant departments will strictly carried out in accordance with the provisions of acceptance, review, publicity, examination and approval procedures. read more

Supervision of the detachment of the mass line ground gas cohesion of the hearts of the people

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, Xining City Public Security Bureau Supervision Detachment through grass-roots level to listen to public opinion, touch the truth, do solid work, timely adjustment and improvement of working methods, truly find problems in check the truth, find the gap "in action, the people unite the mind of the police, received praise and affirmation of society from all walks of life and the grass-roots supervision of police.

exists for the four winds seriously find problems, Supervision Detachment solicit opinions and suggestions, through visits handling units, court, procuratorate, prisons and other business units and the hospitality of the community visitors and other forms, issuing polls more than 200 copies, to solicit opinions and suggestions of nearly 100 more than three levels; by the Municipal Public Security Bureau leadership and Leadership Forum, the police detachment and the detachment of the party and the supervision of the Party branch meeting, Party members and police discussion forum, listen to the police detachment of public security activities and supervision of opinions and suggestions and opinions; to "go out", to the relevant units, and the linking point helping rural communities the police and regulators, families and other places for advice; take "please come in, has invited the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, hospitals, institutions and other social Representatives of more than 200 people to carry out the door to comment on the police for comments and suggestions for all kinds of opinions and suggestions, combing summary for the next step to solve the problem set the direction, clear goals. read more