Depth analysis of the use of soft web site produced by the specific effect

Advertising is everywhere

people in the society, the traditional media advertising is for people to hate, the information explosion of the Internet era seems to have changed the fate of people by marketing, but who knows just out of the frying pan into the fire, in the information asymmetry and the imbalance between supply and demand in the 1980s, people will never change is the fate of marketing. From the traditional hard advertising media to soft advertising in the network (i.e. soft soft Wen) seems likely to be accepted, and the soft bearing low cost, high efficiency, high cost of marketing has been features favor, so in the end, specific for marketers to bring what effect? Is the author of the current: read more

SEO’s understanding serves others better than serves oneself

yesterday Saturday xianlaiwushi, specially two network friends together in contact. Man, still need to go out more, in order to long experience. Every day in the nest, do indeed full-time SEO wear off many of their morale, or even what new ideas, I am afraid that for a long time, I finally became a SEO machine, no direction, no more no fortune, lofty ideals and high aspirations, and eventually go.


conversation is my first teacher network super brother, 09 years from the Alibaba do when he started with me, then he turned to do, and I was doing well because of Ali, so stay to Ali, but after a half year, I also decided to start the real transformation, go on SEO road. read more

Weibo free shop system officially released

Weibo network September 6th launch of free online system. Launched a free version of the online store system marks a new stage of development of the network the arrival of weibo. At the same time also shows that Weibo network have the ability to have the strength to do the best shop! Free shop system without any restrictions on merchandise management, order management, but on Weibo commercial version of the custom tag template, promotions and other functions to do some restrictions. Use the free version of the online shop system, you can own your own online store! Download the address: read more

Mou Changqing talk about the value of writing personal blogs

has been writing promotional experiences for more than 3 years, and has been using independent domain names for about half a year to write personal blogs. Blogging is important. I’m basically updating about 2 posts a week. One of the main reasons why I keep writing consistently is that interest is one of the main reasons, and the other reason is the value of writing personal blogs.

1: blogging promotes progress in your studies.

08 years ago, I worked for 3 months at SEO in my former company, and in those three months I learned a lot about SEO. After leaving the company, I didn’t have the chance to continue studying SEO. But since I have my own independent blog, I have the opportunity to keep learning SEO. I have been doing a lot of experiments on SEO with my blog so that I have gained more experience in SEO. read more

Wang Jian webmaster how to improve the quality of the site

I recently saw a lot of stations have adopted pseudo original method, and even use pseudo original auxiliary tools to improve work efficiency. Good use of tools is important, but relying solely on tools, it loses the significance of the update. In addition, there are some of the site structure confusion, there are many scripting language errors, which is very detrimental to the search engine. The author today and webmaster discuss how to improve the quality of the site.

, the overall layout of the site. Simply speaking, the layout of the page. At present, div+css structure is the mainstream, and it is more friendly to search engine. Site structure to clear, reasonable content classification, link switch is convenient, will not let the user come in, such as into the maze, can not touch the direction. Try to avoid invalid links at the same time. Website style should be more harmonious and unified, for example, literature website should make people realize the poetic and romantic flavor. read more

The future of confusion or bright future talent to where the website

decreased from decline to the industry leader job performance, we are not difficult to see that the traditional recruitment industry is facing the throes of reform. The loss of user resources and the stagnation of their own businesses, the traditional network recruitment lost the momentum of the original development, not only the cold of the capital market, and even its profit model is widely criticized. In fact, as a special industry, talent recruitment website is not only a kind of information communication, is a mixture of many factors, network communication and intersection area, a lot of friends simply thought that as long as their business scope is smaller, the service level is more fine, so you can eliminate a lot of development limited in fact, this is only an ideal idea. Talent website industry has emerged in the development of retrogression, in addition to the demand for talent is not in alignment, there are many man-made reasons. read more

SEO has no bitter lesson to adhere to

"SEO insisted I believe we are very familiar with this sentence! Familiar is because a lot of people to say, but we have no experience of this sentence? In SEO for a long time, I recently considered a deep understanding of this sentence, is a painful the lesson for me today, my experience to share with everyone, hope you all!


first contact with the industry, just listen to the elder said: "the SEO is a kind of thought, SEO’s victory is to adhere to this idea, execute" at that time, although do not know much about SEO, but highly motivated, keep learning every day, the content of the chain to do, although very tired. But because the work is full of passion, it has always insisted made achievements: several key words on the website home page, the page also has many rankings, of course web traffic has improved greatly. read more

Personally Facebook won’t be successful in China

Facebook in the United States and other countries the success does not mean his model applies to countries all over the world or nation, Chinese have too many differences with the west, thinking habits, historical and cultural, economic development level etc.. So I don’t think the Facebook model will be successful in China, at least not as successful as in the United states. For our domestic SNS, has been in a very confused stage. Because at first we are copy abroad, and now the typical successful case is on campus. Some time ago, I read a book written by an engineer of Facebook. It probably means "there is a website called campus in China, and even the design of page CSS is the same as that of Facebook". read more

Students had become a billionaire

within five years, Jiangsu Bunning Technology Co. Ltd has become one of the most important areas of the East China IDC service provider, 2007 sales revenue reached 110 million yuan. Xu Yizheng also completed the transformation from poor students to billionaires. And that’s just the beginning. The young college student has started to enter the B2B, B2C and service outsourcing industries, and is preparing to build two 10 floor headquarters buildings in Nanjing, waiting for the company to be listed. read more

The innovation of online collection sites puts good articles into the box

social bookmarking (Social Bookmark) is a web site that provides online bookmarking services. Also known as the "network" and "network favorites," said simply is the network version of the ordinary IE favorites, it provides convenient, efficient and easy to use online web site collection, management and sharing. So users can own love page to establish the corresponding classification stored in the site registered account, so that from the local computer limit at any time and any place through any computer terminal storage, access and manage their own web site, and realize the sharing between different users and RSS subscriptions, and based on the label (Tag Web search). To provide users with a convenient, efficient and easy to use online web site collection, management, sharing function. read more