Chen’s signings already pay him: – 10.07 million

first_imgRubén Duarte0.4 Beautiful12.5 Total102.7 Raúl de Tomástwenty-one NamePrice Álvaro Vázquez3 Borja Iglesias10 Marc Navarrotwo Vargas10.5 Oier1.5 Darder8 Jury1.5 NamePrice Didac0.25 Mamadou2.3 Cabrera9 Javi Fire0.75 Embarba10 Oscar Duarte1.15 Jordanone Roberto Jimenez3 Borja Iglesias28 Jordan (c. Future sale)2.4center_img PURCHASES SALES David Lopez4 In just three weeks, since the signing of Raúl de Tomás became official on January 9 until Oier Olazabal arrived, on the 31st, Chen has invested more in signings than ever, concentrating on just one market and just four players (the two mentioned, plus Adrián Embarba and Leandro Cabrera) almost 40 percent of the money that, since its landing in January 2016, had been used in reinforcements. And the most striking: four years later, Chen gets paid. The difference between your investment in incorporations, that now increases to 102, millions of euros, and Revenue from transfers, amounting to 92.63 million since last summer, it’s from 10.07 ‘kilos’.This is an exceptional behavior for an emergency situation (“Chen prefers to spend the money to stay than to go up,” Vice President Carlos García Pont explained on a couple of occasions). And this is how Espanyol has become the LaLiga team that has most invested in signings in this winter market, and surpassing the following one in more than ten million, Real Madrid and its 30 by Reinier Jesus. Anyway, surely this huge expense even enters the plans of the Chinese tycoon. Álvaro González4 Javi Fireone Baptistao7 Gerard Morenotwenty Aaron Martin9 Buying and selling in the Chen era As unperturbed as his pose, which hardly knocks down with a smile in his few public appearances (and null press conferences), he had been the policy of signings of Chen Yansheng in Espanyol. Fully fulfilled his already famous 50-40-10, consisting of reinvesting each sale half in a signing, 40 percent in repairing debt and one tenth in improving the club. Until, en the winter market that ended last Friday, the owner of Espanyol decided to throw the house out the window. Caicedo2.5 Pau (future sale clause)1.08 Baptistao6 Calero8 Naldo2.5 Piatti1.3 Chest0.7 Total92.63 Balance-10.07 It is no coincidence that, before the winter market, the Espanyol had a budget of 20.64 million (before taxes) for this year, a record higher than the sum of all the benefits of the last decade. This course is also exceptional in television, commercial income and, in general, all the derivatives of participating in the Europa League and of having Wu Lei on the roster. A mattress with which to face those signings unthinkable in any other season.Even so, Chen would not even get the accounts out after disbursing 41.5 million in three weeks, in a year in which he will also convert 50 million of the club’s debt with his company into shares. His unwavering policy of 50-40-10, once the sports situation is resolved, suggests that a sale will be made before the end of the exercise, on June 30. It has been and it will be.last_img read more

Can’t They See What’s Happening to Our People?

first_imgIt is becoming too frequent now that young mothers, most likely in deep distress, are leaving their newly born on dumpsites or at hospital doors. We do not think it is necessarily a sign of maternal evil, even though one could call it that; but looking beyond what seems like the obvious, we should carefully think about what would drive a mother to dump or abandon her own infant. Teenage pregnancy is rampant today.   Just last week a 16 year-old in the Daily Observer’s immediate neighborhood gave birth to her first child, a son.  When we asked the young father what his intentions were, he talked of marriage, but said he had no job.  We told him we observed that he had a business which his girlfriend was helping him with— up to the day she delivered—so he could develop his business to be able to support a wife and child.Perhaps it was the small business, the teenager’s involvement in it and the seeming commitment of the father that caused her to keep her baby.  Otherwise poverty and an irresponsible mate could have driven this 16 year-old mom to desperation.Why?  It is because there are too many poor people in this rich country of ours.  And why do our people continue to live in poverty?  One reason is because so many of the people in power or near power are so mean-spirited and selfish, with no compassion for their own people.  They prefer to reach out to foreigners and give them EVERYTHING, including even allowing those who commit the ultimate abuse against our women—rape— to be released from prison and allowed to return to Lebanon even when these foreigners are convicted!Denying them justice is the horrendous (horrific, dreadful) extent to which some of our leaders go to demean, frustrate and harm their own people.  In which country, we ask, will Liberians receive such unconscionably corrupt benevolence?  There is none.As one drives to work daily, one sees our children, some as young as six, as well as our teenagers and healthy, able-bodied young men and women on the street wasting their precious energies selling chewing gum, candy and other totally insignificant imported items, when those of the appropriate ages should be on the farm producing food and other cash crops, or in school learning a trade, or productively employed in stores that instead prefer to hire foreign young people. Who says our own young people cannot be trained to do that same work these foreigners are doing in the stores?  But if our officials and powerful people in and around government have a heart and mindset that favors foreigners against their own people, then our people will continue to live in abject poverty and we will continue to WASTE our human resources; driving our people to live desperate lives that compel them to leave their infants on people’s porches, at hospital entrances and at dumpsites.No one, of course, can accuse us of defending the criminal act of throwing away an innocent child.  What we are trying to get our government, our leaders, the privileged and powerful in society—whether in government or on the fringes—to realize is that the Liberian people continue to live in abject poverty; and that they are, therefore, desperate.One of the comments from the crowd at the dumpsite where the infant was discovered last week said it happened probably because in this Ebola season in Liberia, it is difficult to get anyone into a hospital.  We see what happened a week ago to a prominent Liberian academician and politician, who after suffering a stroke could hardly find a hospital to accept him.  He died in his car!  How much more a penniless mother, who was most probably a teenager. Our leaders inside and outside government, and Liberians in general need to develop not just the intellect and acumen to perform their work successfully, but LOVE and COMPASSION in their hearts for people, especially their own people.Remember compassion was the distinctive mark of the most powerful man who ever walked this earth—Jesus:  He had COMPASSION for people.  He went about healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, making the lame walk.  And when He saw the 5000 who had been following him all day hungry, He had compassion on them and ordered His disciples to make them sit down.  The willingness and determination in His heart to do something to help them prompted the Heavenly Father to respond positively.  When all had been fed, there were 13 baskets of leftovers!When our people start loving and caring for their own people, the desperation will stop, and there will be plenty to go around and we all will be a well-to-do, safe, healthy,   grateful and happy people.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more