67G site more than a year of experience sharing

today in Webmaster nets ADMIN5.com start a, oneself for more than a year to do personal Adsense some experience share.

do a webmaster is not an easy thing, just starting to think that as long as the total station to release to the space program that, after more than a year’s time I found the network knowledge is really unfathomable, I remember this www.67g.cn domain name just registered to hang a month before Baidu, Google. Less than 10 pages, and some stations do only a few days have included many pages, after several months of time study found themselves in many places do not, there is a big mistake. Summed up probably is the following points, we can refer to, so as not to make a similar mistake.

1, website name is not carefully chosen, think of change will change;

2, search keyword settings inappropriate or wrong keywords, did not pay attention to the keyword density in the page, etc.;

3, lack of perseverance, think of adding content to add points, and sometimes a few days without updating an article, this is a fatal problem;

4, the content of resources is not enough new, are some very old things, a little original content is not, all plagiarism or batch acquisition;

5, chaos do links, no matter what garbage stations are chain, and even a Baidu, Google, K website is also in the chain.

well, I have limited literary talent, so I wrote so many, and can add QQ 866081 (source: six or seven sentences 67g.cn)

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