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micro blog, professional field, personal webmaster opportunities,

in the field of popular micro blog, personal Adsense, no matter how fierce, but Sina and other chiefs, can be no exaggeration to say that individual Adsense is no chance, but in the professional field, it is different. These professional areas, this big brother has no time to attend to, and now the various fields of professional or blank, micro blog, professional field, personal webmaster opportunities.

what micro blog


although it was called "the year of micro-blog" in 2009, it is still necessary to introduce the micro blog.

micro blog (Micro-blogging, Microlog, micro blog, micro blog, micro blog) is a form that allows users to update short text (usually less than 200 words) and can be published publicly. It allows anyone to read or read only in groups selected by the user. Along with development, these messages can be transmitted in many ways, including short messages, instant messaging software, e-mail, MP3 or web pages. Some micro blogs can also publish multimedia, such as pictures or video clips and publications. The representative website of micro blog is Twitter.

micro blog is actually a real-time broadcast tool, each user has its own separate channels, and have their own audience; they can listen to others to become someone else’s audience, the audience can also listen to their own information, and forwarding. Twitter limits the number of text to send each time to 140, and can be real-time messaging in the web page and mobile phones and other clients.

Chinese saying "the enemy, know yourself, first I analysis, micro blog micro blog about the development status quo and development status, in the Chinese micro blog development problems, finally we discuss the micro blog segments of personal webmaster opportunities, please look down a patient.

micro blog location analysis

I’m analyzing witter, a representative site for blogs.

from the domestic and foreign research on Twitter, it seems that Twitter positioning is generally divided into two major schools, namely, media and communications. Most researchers believe that Twitter is a new media, based on the Internet and the dissemination of information, the future business model is also built on the basis of the media. On the other hand, the view that the underlying protocol of Twitter, the Internet is based on IP technology, fundamentally speaking, Twitter is a communication tool, that is to say this is a tool that can be used for a wide range of.

below is the media location analysis diagram for Twitte


in fact, these two perceptions are not contradictory, but only in the form of functional manifestation. From media >

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