Do webmaster navigation have their own characteristics

today is the fifth day of the new year, I first to worship in the webmaster, I wish you all in the year of the ox, every webmaster bullish, the most favorable auspices, Google included Baidu included a lot more, every time PR update jiejiegao.

you know, now the Internet site navigation innumerable beyond count. Well, anything that can navigate at so many sites is coming out. It’s really a tough job. In fact, I know, everyone is trying to find a solution. But no more than what, hao123, 265, and so on site navigation. To tell the truth, we don’t have to pass them. We just do our own navigation, and do our own unique navigation.

do site navigation, first of all, with an ordinary heart to do. Of course, making profits is the best. But think about it, the website navigation profit must be very few. In fact, this site navigation really do. Probably not a day. You just buy a domain name and space, then download a navigation station on the Internet and pass it up. Just a little change. You say this website can make money so? So I might as well look at HAO123 and other websites. This shows that your website does not have any characteristics. How can you retain Internet users to visit your site second times,


put it bluntly, that is, your website navigation should have its own characteristics. Some time ago, I also do a web site navigation – Adsense navigation. I know the station navigation is also more. I think they are almost the same format, basically, you can add your own needs in the background of the site. I think Google navigation is better. First of all, he’s made of pure static pages. (I know the static navigation is more troublesome, page by page), but to consider the search engine to be included.

I add some other columns in the Google navigation, such as I added the brush website, the webmaster treasure box, as well as the Internet companies all over the country, and so on. In order to be better and faster, allowing webmasters to facilitate inquiries and use. webmaster navigation really opened, there is no 5 days, Baidu, Google, YAHOO and so on have begun to collect, especially Google included most. Adsense navigation, there is no advertising column, every web page is I do it seriously. There is no technical content, that is, time consuming. In addition to the Spring Festival to relatives New year. No matter at home, this page is not good navigation station owners.

concludes: don’t expect website navigation to make you a profit, but as long as you do it, you can be happy. This paper out of speed nets – station navigation (, reproduced please indicate the source. I wish you in the new year, bullish! Happy New Year!

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