nterpretation of 360 to entrepreneurs

was 360 search online yesterday, and 1st anniversary, 360 search launched two new features: my search and desktop quick search. Desktop shortcut search built-in 360 security guards, directly press two Ctrl key can call, operation is very convenient.

360 search on-line for a year, has won 20% of the market share, the market share is expected to increase in the future, reaching 30% should be only a matter of time.

360 security guards from the road, met with many industry giants, if this process used to describe the bloody, may not be too much, so many people feel puzzled, why the final winner is 360? Why not a giant can stop the steps of 360


as an entrepreneur, obviously we should absorb some nutrition from the 360 story, though we do not advocate the principle of free competition, but the market is like battlefield, to some extent, is still the winner of the age.

with a lot of questions, the author from his own point of view, trying to unlock the secret of success 360, I hope to help entrepreneurs.

Any company,

mentioned in this article including 360, no derogatory meaning, just a rational analysis from the perspective of entrepreneurs, to provide a learning experience for everyone.

The success of

360, I think there are 3 elements: products, competitors, marketing, the following from these 3 elements to explain.

products: good products are half the battle.

as an entrepreneur, don’t think about how much money, although the money is one of the purposes, but some energy don’t focus on making money, and always focus on the product, to provide good products to customers, so money is a natural thing.

what kind of product is a good product,


360 tells us the answer: users need products that are good products. Before the 360 security guards, is really a headache computer maintenance, remember when I work in a company, one of the things most to do, is to help colleagues inside the home computer maintenance, not the Internet, is too slow, all kinds of problems emerge in an endless stream. Have to say, 360 security guards to solve a big problem, will be a lot of computer maintenance software features a set, the computer out of the question, you can click a "fool" type of operation.

360 users of the product easy to operate, continues to this day, including yesterday has just launched the desktop shortcut search, the keyboard two, which pop up a search box, and the interface is very simple, only a search box.

opponents: aim for the opponent’s soft underbelly, one hit.

360’s opponents are heavyweight, a small number of, on the opponent’s point, the reference for entrepreneurs is not great, because >

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