Yang Junsheng network promotion strategy and analysis thinking

1, determine the target

No matter what is the promotion of

products, you must first determine what is the purpose of promotion in the promotion before? In order to improve the site’s traffic flow? PV? User registration number? Consultation? Volume? Brand? Reputation? With the goal of promotion has a direction, so as to analyze what way of promotion for you, not blindly make a mess. As long as you targeted promotion is redoubled, because you know what you want to do, want to achieve what purpose, through what way to achieve this goal, along the way and go on OK. Of course, we should also pay attention to the feasibility of the target.

two, who are your target users, and where are they?

after we have a clear goal, the next job is to analyze who is your target audience. Do promotion, certainly ultimately can not be separated from the user. What is the purpose of your promotion? Who should I look for? Who should understand that the promotion is to find their target users on the vast internet. Some comrades have a headache and do not know how to find them. Generally speaking, the user can divide into five kinds: 1, the most accurate, can give you the benefit of the user directly. 2, with traffic users. 3, bringing content users. 4, do word-of-mouth users. 5, do brand users. Because of the diversity of users’ needs, we often meet our own needs while meeting the needs of our users.

defines the target audience, and then looks for where the user is, how our users are looking for information, where they are communicating, and listing them. 1, through the search engines to find content, such as: which anorectal Hospital in Chongqing good? Chongqing treatment hemorrhoids which hospital is good? And so on. 2, the target user will go to which information website or forum community to look at content, communication and so on. There will be groups inside exchanges, SNS, micro-blog…. Personally feel that search this piece is very important. You have to plan and analyze what users like to search, and list them. Then to analyze what methods to promote and what strategies to promote.

three, what are the characteristics of the target user


basic features, such as: what age, education level, what occupation, geography, Internet time and so on. What’s more, there are many factors that can influence user decision making. Such as medical treatment, the reputation and reputation of the hospital will certainly have a great impact. There are curative effect, price and service…. There are many characteristics of user behavior, not only these, we can do more analysis when we do it.

four, target users translate into real customers

through the above step by step analysis, our users and requirements have been analyzed almost. Here is how to guide users to transform. How can we change our target audience into a real customer? This step is the key to success, and a lot of people will have a headache. This step is the analysis of user behavior. Remember there are many >

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