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nonsense not say, brother here about how fast growth fans display slight skill before an expert, I have some ideas. Here to share with you, I hope you can give advice. Personally, I think there are a few key points to be quickly attracted to fans:

must first have an accurate positioning of the media itself. You can not put all eyes were over, after all, everyone has different tastes, so give yourself a accurate positioning, it is particularly important, which directly means you this public platform for which a class of people, which is a fan of the location. So you have to work on this kind of person according to your own position, and try to attract their attention. For example, you are engaged in wine advertising, then the positioning itself is flagship information about wine category push, as well as information about the relevant subsidiary industry push. So you can figure out where your fans are, mainly wine vendors, consumers of alcoholic products, and so on. If you’re in the wine category and you’re pushing some real estate related information, do you think that’s going to work? Are you interested in buying a real fan?

secondly, the media should pay attention to the interaction with fans. That’s the key to keeping fans and fast growing fans. First of all, you have to let fans have the right to participate, so that they will be active, will pay attention to you often, so as to ensure your influence. Then you have to give fans a certain advantage, so that they will be happy, they will be happy to pay attention to you. A rule will never change, that is, only cooperation with mutual benefit will last long. For example, the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, many companies in order to attract fans, have borrowed the east wind this year, to carry out a lot of awards activities. For example, Slide Show lottery, scratch card lottery, or forwarded praise award. This is actually an interaction with fans. Give free prizes to fans. Do you think these companies are idiots?. If you want to get, you must learn to give first. They use all kinds of activities to lure fans and attract everyone’s appetite, which is sure to attract a lot of people to watch. As a result, fans will certainly increase a lot, which is also a promotion of the company’s influence, which in itself is a harvest.

take an example: take Nanning nnxigg, and this time they plan to carry out two activities during the Mid-Autumn festival. A scratch card lottery, a micro community Slide Show point like activity. And they prepared for the prize is the moon cake, one pound, two pounds of weight, even five pounds of moon cake. A moon cake is worth at least tens of dollars, or even hundreds. According to their boss, they do not care about this money, they mainly care about the success rate of activities, because they have set goals, this activity should increase at least 2000 fans. This will really interact with fans, and their influence has improved. This is mutual benefit, and the fans get the moon cake, and the company deserves the reward.

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