The highest sunrise 5000 yuan cargo experience sharing

The first point is

, my Taobao reputation is more than 30, if the remittance is also counted as the credibility of the words, the day I stop to shop together so far is 1568 pen, the website I sell the total order amount is 40 thousand yuan, but we do not open, also said I was to sell no, oh! Veterans do not have to read, because it may have experienced all experienced.

half mixed in Taobao, in March of this year from the shop to the end of August. During this period the gains and losses, is to make some friends to learn something lost is lost a lot of time to rest, but personally feel that it is worth. Later, probably at least half a year no longer shop, and today summed up the six months of intravenous drip, and share with you. The first time to write an article and write poorly, please forgive me.

before March of this year, I really didn’t know I could sell clothes in Taobao and sell well. Because before has not contacted the network marketing, has not been to Taobao to buy things, in my mind is to try to buy clothes, oh (laugh). Later, I met a former friend when I was chatting on the Internet. She said she opened an online shop and sold clothes in. After chatting with my friend that day, I realized that I didn’t need to try on it and sold it. Then according to her clothing sale network, and then began on the goods, and then talk to friends, the first week out of 12 pieces of clothing (all friends bought), to buy through Alipay and remittance yet. Then the first month out of the 12 pieces of it, because I see the clothes is cheap but quality is really bad, not bad, so did not dare propaganda but also don’t know how to get publicity (friends are sent to me here and they take over, so I see those goods). So after the first month I will no longer sell goods from the original network, because the price is cheap but the quality and the price does not equate (I don’t want money, after all, such a thing is not much, I just want to get a penny a cargo). 10 days before the second months are looking for sources, later found a company called "love show" website, set down what they sell, then worked together until the end of August this year, if you later, I go to work with them. New sources have been found, spent 3 days on the goods, after the end of the confusion, because I do not know how to promote publicity. Then you can only resort to the boyfriend, because he read computer graduate, then he took my online address and some popular software packaged together, forced to modify the installation of this software the computer IE, I set the default store address. In this way, in late April, online traffic had more than 2000 independent IP a day. Although this method is not moral, but it is also quite useful, as this website I sell has launched a real figure, I put up the real figure. Then the page view also went up, plus physical map, I remember in April, my highest record was received 5000 yuan a day remittance (37 people). To tell you the truth, I rarely Taobao Forums

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