The interesting test attracting method of WeChat public powder adding technique

many friends are running WeChat public number, many fans do not say. Some people WeChat public number fans only a few dozen, even hundreds of, all day long also in the WeChat public number released content. They think that as long as they insist on updating the content, fans will gradually increase, but how long will this take



yesterday, I saw an article about my friend sharing in WeChat. The article looked at the introduction of the hot pot material. It’s not good. Normally, an article in the WeChat public will just publish an article and remind users of the public numbers.

but there’s also an interesting quiz below: a man came back from a business trip to take this picture for his wife and killed his wife afterwards. The police asked him why he killed his wife, he said, because from this picture he saw his wife off the rails. Can you find out what’s in the picture and let the man find his wife off the rails? See why the wife was killed? (see above)

looked at it for a long time, and I really couldn’t see what point I could see. I wanted to know what the answer was. However, if you want to see the answer, you have to click on the original text, and then read the original prompt, also have to pay attention to the WeChat public number, and then answer why three words can know the answer.


, when people look at this test, they answer the question, very curious and eager to know what the answer is. I am no exception, pay attention to it, as long as you know the answer. I clicked, replied, why three words, and then appeared to reveal the mystery of an article, as follows:


well, I looked at it for a long time. There was an eye under the bed. It felt interesting. I didn’t find such a big eye. For this test, I feel quite interesting, but do not know how to play this effect? In order to verify the test results, I made this test, WeChat in my circle of friends did not think so much, second days to reply to those who want to know what the answer is as follows:



I WeChat friends only a few hundred people, no matter what before the exchange, only a few or so, I did not expect this morning I saw so many people involved in interactive, I would like to know what the answer is. What’s more, I’ve done this test in unfamiliar streets and micro-blog, and I find this test fascinating.

Shao Lianhu’s blog also operates over a period of time the public number, but every day is to publish content, and then share to WeChat or micro-blog made a circle of friends, the public number in the article, the fans always do not rise up. I have also seen many master do WeChat public number plus Ye method, but he is not good.


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