WeChat public’s early stages of operation

in the era of the WeChat public platform in full swing, just in the first 1 months, I also put into this sea of fire. As I am engaged in Internet operation, but I have never touched the WeChat public platform, I have applied for a public number and tried to carry out the operation. After a month of hard work and perseverance, the number of fans has finally risen to four figures, 1000. Perhaps this number is small and insignificant, especially for the hundreds of thousands of Japanese fans. But what I learned from it, I want to sum up so that everyone can learn from it. If I can get help from my experience, it is better.

says everything is difficult at first. The first group of fans is so important that the first fans are most loyal and they give you very good tips on the public. So how do you attract the attention of the first batch of fans,


one, content preparation (ahead of preparation, push content for a rainy day)

before pushing the first graphic content, I suggest preparing the content for the next few days in advance. Because to push content is not a simple matter, of course, is that you copy and paste when I did not say. Prepare in advance for a rainy day. Content, I think the original content of the fans are attractive, an original valuable articles, often attracted a lot of fans at once, and can share and read for the two time. I have experience in the operation process of deep.

two, operation process (responsible, adhere to, multi-channel promotion)

good operating habits, the public number and fans reading habits are very important. If you specify a push frequency, then push the content in strict accordance with the push frequency, because it is very useful for users to read the habit of training. If you push the content at 7 every night, users will get used to eating and opening your public numbers to read related articles. Instead of looking at the mood, a push time point a day, completely looking at personal mood and interest, not not, but not encouraging, after all, there are users concerned about you, you have to be responsible for the user.

in addition, good content is also available. Wine is not afraid of deep alley, this sentence in the Internet is not suitable, after all, the Internet is too much information, too miscellaneous, just as the WeChat public number is also the same. Therefore, the appropriate promotion can help you attract users, after all, a good public number in front of you, users will still pay attention to you. Promotion of a lot of channels, which involves the promotion of content is not too much to say, and later have the opportunity to write an article on the promotion.

three, post maintenance (user relationship maintenance)

has a number of fans, it is necessary to maintain good fans, and strive to reduce the loss rate, so that the number of fans will continue to grow. Fans usually give you advice and questions, and I usually take a little bit of time each night to answer the user’s questions, which gives the user a sense of closeness and a boost to their affection and

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