Webmaster career summary thinking about site building profit and success

as a member of many ordinary grassroots webmaster, from learning to do to try it now stand trial has been in the past five years, remember the first contact do stand that can be found in the new world, continuous overnight fighting passion, although the investment in the website of youth of five years, but think this way came and did not encounter major difficulties, but also did not make a performance. Too much and I like many grassroots webmaster do stand experience, experience many do stand behind the cold bitterness, does anyone really earn a lot of money, but more still like me, gain experience far more than money of individual owners.

in the five years of stationmaster career, participated in the training, the webmaster webmaster general assembly, the city of webmaster exchange, and therefore more personal experience, bring a lot of help for my growth, but more is to rely on their own do stand in the process of independent practice and exploration, in this process. There have been setbacks, discouraged, also once wanted to give up, but eventually step by step in the past, to adhere to the present. I think a lot of personal webmaster have encountered similar situation, did not give up the reasons, or from the bottom of our hearts, to do stand, have a love and dedication, the heart also hides the dream we are eager to succeed.

five years, for many real old webmaster, old Internet people, very short. But for many just contact do stand just as webmaster, very long, five years can teach us many things, especially when you really love, you can get the feeling of far more than those who do not love the people only to the station itself money. So, today I want to borrow this to my favorite platform, make a summary for your webmaster career, both on their own past experience and experience summary, is to add new or ready to join the webmaster circle of friends as a reference.

about the site – – "interest is the best teacher, passion is the key to the door to success"

no matter for what consideration, choose the site to create the value of the owners undoubtedly are optimistic about through the network to make money, the possibility and feasibility of a career, but in the webmaster is also a considerable number of people is possible only because the one or two success stories and are strongly attracted to think of themselves as successful as it can be they rush into the station to do this circle, is not considered, combined with their own interests and expertise to select the establishment of the direction, do not fully understand the situation of the development scale and competitors in the same industry website based, so must have considerable blindness. In doing so, the result is often only one, in the event of a bottleneck encountered difficulties, they chose to give up.

in the five years I was able to keep and do not give up, because from the beginning to do stand with their interest together, do the station is just a way and platform, and my interest and expertise can be fully demonstrated and is the core of play on this platform. In this way, you will not give up easily because you have encountered difficulties and setbacks

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