Secret Baidu is how to judge the original

in the Baidu encourage original, Q pig cites Baidu Webmaster Platform on how to determine the original words, today Q pig to this, talk about the original judgment in several ways, please paizhuan.

webmaster platform on Baidu how to judge the original description is this:

first uses content similarity to aggregate, capture, and create original pages, and combines similar pages together as candidate sets for original recognition;

the second set of the original candidate, by author, publication time, links, user reviews, author and site history, the original forward trajectory such as hundreds of factors to identify the original web page;


determines the value of the original content through the value analysis system, and then appropriately guides the final sorting.

Baidu how to judge content similarity is based on contextual meaning, depending on the central idea expressed or the similarity of the text.

if it is based on the topic of expression, a lot of content, different people write, content is different, but the same theme, is not regarded as similar?

if the text is similar, then the legend, the original content, through their own words, and then write once, is not it become original?

if it’s context, then how to re – assemble the article and replace the key words, such as many pseudo original tools, is it unique, too?

, of course, any algorithm will consider, N possible, Q pig’s point of view, any one of the original, must have their own unique views on the inside, to have their own unique perspective, in an article, I belong to the original view, to take the most important position.

judgment of several important steps of the original

to determine the original, there are several more important factors.

, a, author, release time,

analysis: most of the copied and copied content on the web has been changed by the author, not by the original author. There are release time, hundreds of millions of web content on the Internet, search engines can not real-time monitoring of all sites, crawling all the content, accurate record of the time the article released.

so, these two factors are not very reliable, of course, many websites, especially blogs, have the time of display and release, but it can’t be taken seriously, is it?.

B, link to

analysis: in fact, for the network optimization SEO staff, do a good job of links within the site, is one of the most basic tools.

you write an article, when it comes to a content, such as network structure optimization, and then link links to the previous article: how to make a reasonable site structure. If the pomegranate algorithm is mentioned in the article, it goes directly to >

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