How can individual stationmaster write high quality soft Wen

What is the

soft? Such a definition of Baidu Encyclopedia: by planning can enhance the corporate brand image and visibility published in newspapers and magazines, DM, network, mobile phone text messages and other publicity carrier, or can promote enterprise sales of some propaganda, interpretation of articles, including news reports, articles, paying particular depth essay advertising, case analysis etc.. Personal webmaster through writing soft text personal website promotion, has become a general means. Soft Wen promotion personal website effect how, in a great deal of procedures, depending on the personal webmaster wrote the soft Wen quality. How can I write high quality soft Wen? The following on this topic, talk about the experience of using soft text promotion experience,


1, soft Wen content of practical

personal webmaster in writing soft Wen, must consider your writing this article, is not to others can help, if the content is more practical, browse people will be more. Personal webmaster do not write soft hair that was not the actual content of the advertisement, so even if the site administrator does not delete, people read is likely to have a feel cheated, may leave a bad impression on you.

2, should pay attention to soft Wen Title

article title should have generality, can represent the core of soft text content, and in the title of the article to reflect the key words. The title is also novel, attractive, and shows the desire to continue reading. Soft Wen title is the most important of soft Wen, the browser after reading the title, interested in reading later. Usually the browser decides whether to browse the soft text, and the content is determined by the title. The title is the soft point of fine pen, so personal webmaster pay great attention to soft Wen title.

3, the length of the soft text

I think personal website promotion, personal webmaster write soft text should not be too long, words to control in 3000 words or so on the line. Personal webmaster should understand that he wrote the purpose of soft Wen, personal webmaster time, energy is limited, your soft Wen is used to promote the site. Well, you’re not writing a novel. Besides, your article is usually published in a webmaster class website. People are unlikely to see a few pages of good text. If the content of soft Wen is really much, it is recommended that you distribute it several times.

4, the readability of the article

Is the readability of

here said the article can let others understand your expression in soft in meaning, the personal webmaster wrote the article although not what the United States, but also pay attention to wording accurate sentence, simple and practical. Writing soft text does not necessarily have to use some gorgeous words, but the soft text also reflects the personal quality of individual Adsense from a certain program. Soft words appropriate words can improve the readability of the article, will give visitors more profound impression.

5, pay attention to soft Wen release platform

personal webmaster write good soft, must choose efficient release platform, in some weight high, and can increase the effective link nets >

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