Actual combat to thousands of forums to provide free plug ins get money and traffic

first of all, I am not good literary talent, the expression is not necessarily so that everyone can understand. Ha-ha。 What about junior high school culture?! It also states that it is not flaunting itself. Is a share, give everyone a way of thinking or method.


DZ7.0 plug-in included. Very fiery "X plug-in" is what I created.

[DH plug-in group] [7.0GBK] [special custom X plug-in] to allow visitors to register conversion rate increased by 20%, I rely on it. 1000 yuan +500IP/ days +SEO. Before the release, I didn’t expect such a good result, although it was within the calculation, but the effect was so good. Little does one think!

This plugin is

I spent 400 yuan to find the master to write, first I need very much, is not false, as is to promote the registration rate of 20% is of course, the exaggeration can be improved by 2%, as long as I am willing to pay.

when many friends say that I pay for it, I will be released to the DZ forum for free as soon as possible. Not really. I didn’t want to lose 400 yuan before I released it, but I was going to get more.

first of all, my forum is very new, I need traffic, I want to go to Baidu keyword, all this premise is that I have to flow.

1, this plugin is quickly released by other DZ resource station websites. That adds up to 500IP a day (until now 300IP is still being given to me every day).

2, actually, when you see my signature, you know, I mean DZ. Room for sale, yes. My 1 thousand yuan is so earned. Please don’t find me room. It’s sold out. I don’t want to be said to be AD, either. Sell two space 800 yuan, and another 200 yuan to write a plug-in single. That’s it. The money is back. (I made 200 again yesterday, hehe. Someone asked me to write the plugin. I’ll introduce it.)

3, SEO, in fact, this is my main purpose, to make money, I just try luck, did not say that must be. The reason is that I want to optimize a keyword in Baidu, but there is no traffic, how do I? I thought of DZ, although not targeted traffic. But it’s good for Baidu.

added, because it was reprinted by other websites, in addition to many people can point outside, but also to increase the chain. Because I have to add copyright links in the plug-in, want to SEO, the chain, this is a must do!

to share this, mainly to share ideas, of course, all this is not accidental, ha ha, nor is it luck.

: Source: Wen Feng Qingyang friends Wo Peng please keep this


, my QQ:164482499 is looking for local forums to do chain >

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