s it really hard to write s the news critical to writing

no matter what to write, we should start from the structure, a good grasp of what and why and how do these three parts, the three part thoroughly, this review written, you are successful.

can not help but write reviews, especially in business reports. The commentary writing is a routine and an essential basic skill.

What is the secret of

writing? Think small, there are still some trick, that is, no matter what to write, we should start from the structure, a good grasp of the three – or three part, the three part thoroughly, this review written, you are successful. Which three parts,

?What’s the first part of


second part, why?.

what about the third part?.

is very simple, just these three parts. More complex and write a bad review, with three section a, almost crack shot, without exception.

, for example. The year before last autumn, I went to Shanghai Pudong cadre college to attend the training, and returned to my alma mater, Fudan University to see. The school leader knows that I am a graduate of the journalism department. He said, "old Zhan, Fudan University is going to celebrate the school 100th anniversary soon. It’s a big thing.". As Fudan graduates, work in the central media, can write a report for his alma mater 100th anniversary? I know it is very difficult, not that, I thought, economic daily Mister Fan Jingyi is not compiled once said, "if you find a good point of view, can not write the news". Because the article is not written, it is a rare opportunity to exercise it. So promise down, after the interview, a review "wrote an article about more than 6000 words: Fudan aiming at world-class university", made a full page, reflecting the good.

how do you write this review? It’s very simple. The three part.

, Part 1, title three words: why,


in China today, why are some key universities, especially famous universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, South University, etc., all of which have proposed to build world-class universities? This is by no means accidental. Because, a country’s core competitiveness, in the final analysis, is nothing more than science and technology, personnel and knowledge of these three. And science and technology, talent, knowledge and point of convergence in the university. If a country does not have a first-class university, it is impossible to build a first-class country. One of the important reasons why the United States has become a world-class power in the world is that it has a number of world-class universities. In the process of striding forward to the world power, China will naturally build a batch of world class universities. This illustrates the necessity and urgency of establishing a world class university in Fudan university.

the second part, the title is also the three word: what is it,


since China has to build a number of world class universities. It is natural to ask, what exactly is a world-class university? What are its standards? There is no doubt that it is a first-class university

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