Some knowledge that a successful webmaster must know

what is a successful webmaster? Can do stand at least build up the family fortunes, people living on the website.

, but this one is pretty good right now. Many webmaster still struggling in the edge of poverty, many are relying on other ways to continue to do stand. Such people are not in the minority. Behind the times, there are many such people,.

does the website, needs to understand each kind of knowledge, you can succeed. But you must have a most good at.

first. You know HTML.

at the very least

what does "title" mean? A web page is not a successful station if it doesn’t have title, or title is not written properly..

second. Your understanding, Internet.

what’s new on the Internet recently,

?For example, some people use

in the network super woman, dig a pot of gold of life (say, may have some laggards do not understand. Some people use the super hot, short-term can make a super station. In the Baidu super clever AD Post Bar, received tens of thousands of IP. due to the FANS mania. The website super girl advertising through reasonable delivery. To obtain the high short-term report. In the talk. For example some super station on the super ringtones advertising)

third. You’ll use CMS

recommends using DEDECMS., not much of it. DEDE’s first choice as a garbage collector. Someone might ask me why,


is very simple. The program is free. Powerful. In fact, this is not the best reason. The best reason is the template is reasonable. The use of SEO. I played a role in fueling. The station -QQ log network is done with DEDECMS, the internal optimization, such as the URL path, internal structure, time saving.

The use of


, this is very important. Many stations are because there is no SEO., a lot of content, the content is very good. But no traffic,.

specific not much said. Because this thing changes all the time. It depends mainly on your usual observation. Make a few more. Watch more, and you can feel the way out. Can not be ranked first. You can get a lot of profit when you go to second. How do you learn SEO? It’s easy. GG search SEO to observe GG ranking method. Baidu search SEO observe Baidu ranking law.

fifth.WED language

why do I put it last? Because it doesn’t matter to SEO.

example. Some people modify the program so that the page generates HTML, calls TITLE directly, and automatically generates pinyin or words. It plays a role in ranking. If you don’t understand the program, how do you modify it?

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