4 months of building experience summary

today I make this the last station is set up in Ingsearch Chinese web directory, this is my last year built a station, I took the time to learn all into the station, I hope it can have a good start to have a good ending.

I can’t remember when I started learning how to do web sites,

maybe the outdated registration date,


, but the craziest thing should be the last 4 months. I spent 5000RMB

in just 4 months

, in 4 months, I’ve made a summary of what I’ve learned,

1: please give yourself a location, and then to your site positioning.

this is a friend on QQ said to me, now I think that’s right, when I was learning to do stand, will only follow what people do see yourself heart also learn to be kept posted, copy, a few days did not have to waste no care interest.

2: Online scammers flying before the transaction please use Baidu Search


this is outdated, a friend advice, just in the previous month, I do Baidu Hi theme station was cheated 100 pieces, only then know that before me, many people have been cheated. A lot of people have posted warning us, but they didn’t watch out for them to be successful again,

here, I’d like to tell you, before the transaction, please put this person’s transaction data, such as name, QQ, fuel tanks, mobile phones and other Baidu, maybe there will be relevant records!


3: program! Free is king!


I have always felt very creative ideas and links in this piece of land, there is a new idea to the behind post looking for the development of unique programs, who know developed after the start of this type of contact site after the discovery has been all over the network! Similar source has been dissatisfied with the whole world, Mars has already eliminated the scarlet letter Baidu! A whole frequency, do not know to choose which good


4: landing site, have the same directory to submit a number of different domain name site

a lot of people know, but I was also so I learned to write, because I suffered heavy casualties of 2 stations in com, Net, CN are presented to think that there will be included results for several months without final fruit by K!

5:BA, don’t be a fool,

BA for the first time, that can be wrong, the basic data of scribbles, results more than 20 days after receiving the letter: "you stand rejected"

second times BA data truthfully fill in 10, inform the audit has passed: in this, I like you introduce a * * tips, I don’t know is not a trick,

, I have written off BA several times behind, 2 times each passing time, even my garbage station also passed, I do not know whether it is because I added this paragraph in remarks: "I site!"

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