High traffic on the web does not necessarily mean high quality of the site

High traffic on the

web site must mean high quality of the site, whereas high quality sites do not necessarily indicate high traffic. Perhaps many webmasters do not agree with this view, I just think of a kind of thinking in the heart to show, for everyone to consider.

from this example show ads, even a single shot, in a word, the effect of high flow has been able to cause the website, here is not to say that this website is not good, or quality is not high, this is also a promotion channel, this way has gone beyond the SEO or other website promotion the way. So celebrity effect, brand effect here is an important factor.

I have seen a lot of famous website, actually the company website is very atmospheric, with a lot of flash, a lot of pictures, looks very beautiful, but from various angles, especially from the perspective of SEO and website promotion, the website is not what we say that content is king, customer friendly the degree of weight, but their foot work in many traditional channels, also cause huge traffic into traditional channels.

has also seen a phenomenon, some sites, some well-known large companies, they have a leading role in a particular industry, but a little strange, I think we have done special business, may have been found, these sites in addition to the company name, contact no and even e-mails are not, this could explain what? These sites are for specific customer groups, some even to the website encryption.

I have some friends, is to do outdoor activities, their website is plainly a forum, ordinary again, not deliberately beautification, not very strong technical support, is the weekly outdoor activities, so slowly web traffic on the way up, reputation has become the main way of the website. Of course, there are many ways, such as magazines, traditional channels and so on.

here, I mean, because the website search engine optimization for our people in the IT industry seems to have made a magic potion, SEO will always put in the first place, many websites are not perfect, just collect some information, began to optimize. You have not noticed, the general government website, hospital website, organization website, almost do not have to deliberate promotion, in accordance with the usual way to operate, even when people do not know what SEO, but the site really took the role of high flow.

CMS now see so many, so many B2B systems and so on, have very powerful SEO functions are introduced, what site static, keywords implantation, acquisition function, I think we have noticed a demo version, have launched a lot of systems, so do not stand, no technology can easily fix a website, then these sites have no formal operation, emerge in an endless stream, no legal qualifications, so to business, all of the template, all the way.

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