Only by taking the first step will you succeed

played in stationmaster net some day, every day to see many of the old and new Adsense webmaster and how to talk about the station I talked about the maintenance of the website in which inserted a few words of his own views.

I am a novice webmaster for several months and like most people, was also coincidental to join the ranks of the webmaster, I was typing in addition to all others not, then consider a long time not to join the circle, because I am lazy, all things are not too troublesome heart, also belong to the three day fishing nets two days of drying that was also a day to see all the webmaster forum to talk about the establishment of the fun laughing and talking, I have in mind convinced our undivided attention to learn how to build.

and I began to do the first station what type of better, think for a long time, I still feel that since do their own love, they are familiar with the content, so you know how to start, I was surfing the Internet are more love movies, domestic and foreign large and small famous film I have seen all of this movie, so I was familiar with, erhuamoyue began to contact some of the station needed goods.

I spent hundreds of dollars on A5 to buy space and domain name, and then spent a night time to bring Marx pondering again, basically out of the framework of a site, in the middle is not smooth, after all, I did not come into contact with, domain name registration and space let me tired, with a flies everywhere looking for someone to ask, how many of them are good people.

When the

frame out my heart also delighted, but his confidence is the moment to improve a lot, then I spent several hours to update the movie, as long as the recent new movie, I will be the first time to find resources and added to my station, then visits every day is not ideal, only a few IP, a good time is only about 20IP, then I went to ask A5 some older movie station how to promote it, do not know, ask a fright, you give me out seven or eight kinds of promotion methods, and then I will patiently analysis, several methods from choose to practice.

promotion after nearly 1 months of time, my movie station from the previous 20IP day to 700-800IP day, the middle of the sad and hard work have already let me forget, just remember to giggle like hundreds of IP, for many webmaster hundreds of IP a day or to do good, but for me a once only playing online games, watching movies people is a happy and happy.

is very happy today, because my station IP has exceeded 1200, the reason to write an article to share their experiences, but also to some of the station are interested to use practical actions to prove that friends are an inspiration, as long as you want, as long as you dare to take my first step you will be successful, don’t fear of failure and setbacks, only experienced to let you climb.

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