Old webmaster share to do the experience of QQ station experience 1

one, included, in fact, very simple,

a station to make Baidu GG included is actually very simple, as long as you start to update a few articles, a few blog site to put on, add to the QQ bookmarks, Baidu collection, sina VIVI, and then to some big forum, with the signature on your website, basically will be included in Baidu of course, at the beginning of the update, best original article, original article is very simple, such as QQ, can add a column called "log space", and then put the QQ space on your QQ friends, the original came.

two, the content should be updated, less changes in the page

The best day to update the

content, what the original, pseudo original, or can be completely copied, content can be not much, but each of the best are taken seriously, garbage station also needs the user experience, also need professional spirit. Site layout, title, and so on, less changes, the best. No change is not possible, because the site is always in development, can only say that after trying to change again, each change is a price to pay, I am one of the QQ’s earlier station, the ranking is very good at the beginning, because once a month in the website title changed two times. The ranking disappeared.

three, seeking refinement,

a lot of people just started doing QQ station to screen name, signature, expression, picture, space, and so on all farms, QQ show, be like the QQ portal station, can do five years ago, and is likely to succeed, but it has been very difficult. The network is toward a more and more specialized direction development, QQ station is a huge flow market, if you subdivide a piece of market, and hold with constant, you are the boss of this market. Like me, a lovely screen name station: it is more targeted to do cute screen name this.

four, link skills,

if you are a new word, Never mind basically no one is willing to link, and you do several blogs, such as Sina’s Baidu blog quickly included, updated some articles in the blog can be placed on the link. Of course, it’s best to update him every once in a while. In addition, you can find bloggers who regularly update their blogs and use various ways to get them to fill your link. Furthermore, you can find some of the 5d6d forum webmaster, 5d6d has a lot of some people is interested in the site, they do not value PR and snapshot update, general links can be successful, a link to one of two weeks is enough, slowly add. If you can buy Baidu high weight links, Baidu’s love of two or three year old station, even I have seen some of the old station, did not update the article for more than a year, but still in the Baidu snapshot update, so ranking front. So, a friend of mine’s funny station bought a few old station links, the effect is very good,


at the beginning of March five, effective, two years to earn wages, five years into the brand.

if you are a SEO expert, if you have a lot of resources (such as a few old stations, etc.), then you >

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