How many Adsense will the nternet join in 2008

according to reports, the National Bureau of statistics, as of January 1, 2008, China has a population of 1 billion 606 million 280 thousand, of which 40.6% were involved in the Internet! What is the Internet? If there is no one page, the Internet is what it would be like that one? "Come from? Is the webmaster, is the webmaster for a pair of hands out of the on the Internet, they desperately defensive theater of war, the chief executive officer, also have infantry, they are like Chinese and Japanese in the battle, there will be winners and there will be losers, now the Internet for all the webmaster a half dead, and ultimately did not win


on the Internet every hour there will be a batch of new webmaster army, people often say that people more power, but many webmaster, we naturally have not opened, was originally a piece of Steamed Buns among two people to eat, but now it Steamed Buns half block among the 100 people to eat, as stationmaster before it is not easy even more easily, so everyone on the Internet to eat this big pot of


is not very successful, such as, take hao123. Since Baidu after the acquisition of wind wind wind carried 50 million 5 thousand million and sound. Some webmasters began to struggle, because the Internet is often what happens to the webmaster, bring a lot of power and influence, so eat this pot of mess in 2008 also increased the number of people, we must strive hard to master, to create their own piece of the sky!

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