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recently also help customers operate small shrimp Taobao stores, given the Commission reached 40%, if you are a guest of Taobao webmaster, can also contact the small shrimp, together with a win-win situation, if you want to use SEO to make money then join the small shrimp group: 107046399, to explore the fun of making money.

how to make money, every industry has money, but also do not make money. A lot of people think that the Internet is good money, all of the Internet, regardless of understanding, do this industry, but did not earn money for a few years on the other. In fact, it’s easy to make money. You must start with a line you know, and then do it. As now in excellent contest friends, everyone’s blog are writing about the excellent things, is doing fine, his ranking will be. Don’t talk about it, get to the point. Today, we’ll teach you how to shop quickly at Taobao.

1, the vast majority of webmaster support GG new payment scheme, that is, Western Union remittance service, faster speed, more provincial fees have been unanimously recognized, only a few

talk so much, turn to the question, the event is more active, first by the GG Chinese group Ma Jun sound Mr. GG explained in China years development condition and the GG launch of new products to everyone, including search alliance, WEB2.0, GG and mobile products recommended website advertising.

GG has been paid more attention to the event, before once in Nanjing had a very successful campaign, invited from the aspects of the work is very meticulous, first phone call, and then send a written invitation, and finally there is a telephone confirmation. To participate in this event, the whole free, many Wuhan webmaster and surrounding cities are invited to participate in the webmaster.

believe that many novice webmaster and I like to participate in the activities of GG do not understand, take this opportunity to explain a situation: before many see the forum invited to shlf1314 AdSense partners to promote the activities of the forum and optimization rules, and not as we said as to do 4 years, $5000 then, according to GG sources, invited the owners according to the GG Chinese group after screening, selected a number of accounts using the standard, no cheating and illegal records, the development situation of good website stationmaster to participate in, is the so-called "Pearl account GG". I like the station www.qiliba is about 1000IP, GG since the total revenue was less than $200, was also invited to, and learned from the scene there are many invited users is just getting started with GG soon, is not directly related to explain and income.

the following experience sharing person that is not ideal, most experience all can be found in various forums, is nothing more than how to do the optimization, how many hits from how much to improve, how to improve the income from many.

a few days ago in the group have a friend said he was doing Taobao, how can I ask wangzhuan. In fact, what is plainly Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, is to use the Internet to make money, and Wangzhuan not to say that you have a web site to make money, just use " " Internet ready money, Taobao is also a big market. The original intention of the construction of the group is to do SEO exchange, and to make money, SEO and money ideas combine, we will have greater opportunities for success.

himself as a small webmaster, had the honor to be invited to participate in shlf1314 AdSense 2007 partners promotion and optimization forum WuHan Railway Station activities. For a just less than a year old station, contact shlf1314 Adsense only half of the novice, is very excited, before this, the shlf1314 Adsense is full of mystery, this activity let me true understanding of a new GG.

said first foreign virtual host industry, virtual hosting provider is mainly promoted through joint marketing, but very strange is the host to the Commission may exceed the sales price. Some people think this is not losing money? Yes, they are the first year to lose money, but in the eyes of foreigners not see short-term benefits, but long-term, because the virtual host is to renew every second years, the first year will lose the money back and a small surplus next year more money, then accumulated year by year. Now Taobao launched off just to promote Taobao shop, if we are good, we can do it in this manner, the first sales of maximum profit for Taobao passenger station, there must be rewarded under Isao, so we do not stand can use the web site to make money at the same time. And the guest guest to achieve a win-win goal, so we will have to dig customer lifetime value.

followed by Mr. Sun Hailei to explain the various GG optimization program and various accounts security, security analysis, which is also the majority of users are most interested in, but also the most elusive.

‘s last live quiz was very exciting, and several questions from the meeting were shared with you:

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