All business starts with greed and taking it for grantedYY listed on Li Xueling and Lei Jun venture


sees the exchange screen playing his own picture, and Li Xueling left and Lei Jun right take out iPhone and millet 2, record


on most probably it did not actually happen?

but the current US capital market is not a good time to go public, especially in the stock market. Since the listing of vip at the end of March, NASDAQ has not been listed in China for nearly 8 months. As a result of the cold attitude of investors, China auto rental corporation in May has suspended the IPO program with a total value of $140 million. The "crisis of confidence" has made Chinese stocks facing the most depressed situation in recent years.

entrepreneur star Li Xueling

venture seven years finally listed, successfully breaking the ice on the first day of high, YY founder and CEO Li Xueling became today’s NASDAQ protagonist, with family, children together to share the joy of success. But when it comes to the future development and market competition, Li Xueling deliberately kept calm, and the significance of the listing is not only financing, but also a major opportunity to enhance the value of YY brand. "After the listing forget the stock price," the mobile market is the biggest challenge of the future YY, but also the most important opportunities.

I actually concern on the interface from its brewing began, I also know that the interface had planned "greed", but limited to the actual investment, they finally cut a lot, that is to put in period two. When it comes to taking things for granted, friends and media boss are really right.

Two things have happened

one thing is for sure, Chinese C2C copy to China features, making the project the internet almost all models are built on this success most probably it did not actually happen: the United States of things, China will succeed. As for greed, although Ma at the time of listing the repeated monetary status is not so high, that is to his wealth more than zero zero less have no so-called level words, we still are not numerous living beings, money is not everything. Entrepreneurship is not directed toward wealth growth. I don’t believe it.

Sina Technology, Jun Jun from New York, USA,

business at the end of seven listed Li Xueling, pride right photo shows between the lines from micro-blog



black Chinese collar, wrinkled old shoes in the eyes in Western dress and leather shoes the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, YY founder and CEO Li Xueling is particularly prominent. For entrepreneurs, it’s a dream come true.

all entrepreneurship starts with greed and taking it for granted. I take it for granted that this statement is true in most cases. One of my friends said a word, and I revised it slightly to fit the context: all victories come from being able to endure and have luck. There are two ways to start a business: one is to have enough capital to support your greed, and the other is to have enough luck.

Ali, however, whether in the year is the establishment of greed and most probably it did not actually happen above? A pile of business on the us today for having heard it many times a great success story, whether based on the greedy and

because of this, the listing of YY is more interesting. "This is the China Internet Corporation’s" ice breaking trip ", we have to show China stocks courage", Li Xueling on Sina Technology said. He has a round face and wears color glasses

talked about the "interface" in a group of friends, have to think of the site there is no lack of "greed" and "the so-called greed, is most probably it did not actually happen," said it was a long line of business, including recruitment, many of these shopping guide module. To say that it is "taken for granted," presumably means that these services can be matched with financial websites, is somewhat taken for granted. Friends actually have three points. I still remember a boss in the media make their own media organizations starting entrepreneurship training this line but has been hesitant to cut investment advisers and I said: gehangrugeshan, many of the seemingly logical logical thing, do not.

Lei Jun seems to be looking forward to the day millet listing


lead: all entrepreneurship begins with greed and taking it for granted. I take it for granted that this statement is true in most cases.

YY is the first Lei investment companies listed in the U.S., his face full of excitement, but deliberately low-key not grab the limelight Li xueling. Morning Lei Jun has millet two generation of mobile phones, recording the YY listing moment, and constantly active and passive smile with a group photo. See the NASDAQ advertising screen play their photos at the moment, Lei Jun with his mobile phone silently leave this lens, perhaps he more looking forward to the future of millet listing that scene.

recently, one is the highest achievement of Ali listed Internet Co China market; one is the interface on the line, rumors pan financial website a few months hundreds of millions of dollars invested one hundred million yuan after it was finally unveiled. And I, because of walking between the Internet and the media, these two things are very attractive to my eyes.

: on the day before Thanksgiving, YY successfully landed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and raised $81 million 900 thousand at the $10.5 issue price. The first day of trading closed up 7.71%, and the market value reached $600 million. This is a lapse of nearly 8 months, China Internet Corporation once again listed in the United States, YY listed on the stock exchange is regarded as an ice breaking trip.

so I wrote in my circle of friends: "all business starts with greed and taking it for granted.". I take it for granted that this statement is true in most cases. I >

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