Using single page to do Taobao customers earn commission ideasMarketing teach you how to use rice du

months earned third steps: channel cooperation is easy, but I do not have a website, a friend of the site can do their own channels first cooperation.

month earned fourth steps: promotion links for all friends, but more suitable for me, I know a lot of travel agencies and senior leaders of large websites. Copy promotion link to travel agency friends, a travel agency at least a month to sell 100 tickets, according to an average of 1000 yuan a ticket count, a travel agency monthly stability to bring you 1000 yuan income. I have recommended 3 travel agencies, and the travel agency has about 4000 of the income this month. Big web site top of this heavy, in my promotion link recommended a big site cooperation, they are about 500 tickets a month, a large website a month can be stable to bring me more than 6000 of income. I also recommend hotels, individuals, mobile phone recharge shops and so on. I believe a lot of people are better than me. It’s not difficult to make one hundred thousand estimates a month. It’s enough to recommend 10 big websites. You just need to use your brain and stay busy. Then you can sit at home and collect money.

now, the old duck is not universal, to seize the first floor, promotion of members is the key. Don’t talk too much. Here’s my personal experience.

meters old duck ticket distribution alliance on-line is not long, it is estimated that many friends do not know, here first introduced rice duck, and then elaborate on how I earned over 10000 months. At present, Ctrip cool fast, eLong, the same way, where to have their own ticket distribution alliance, they are a combination of B2C and distribution alliance together, with the cooperation of the website of friends should know that their distribution of profit is very low, basically is the decoration, not profit. Meters old duck air ticket distribution alliance broke the deadlock and became the nation’s most profitable airline ticket alliance. His return is a matter of personal webmaster, high, or store are high rebate! Webmaster provide free website, free channels of cooperation, and the promotion of lifelong profit model is very cattle, the first fully deserve rebate network ticket. Therefore, the meter old duck is a major innovation in the ticket distribution alliance high return products.

made the first step: million copy and open URL registration of "milaoya/" m old duck member for days after the account security, login and register remember binding mobile phone number.

month earned second steps: self-help Station is not suitable for me, I do not how to do personal Adsense, but may be suitable for you.

with Taobao’s growth, Taobao salesman like salesman is also growing, and this team also with the rookie to join more and more complex. When the first batch of Taobao API station by the people is a big profit, but with the advent of the highly repetitive pages, search engines have begun to freak out, some of the API K station is not like, is really against a large number of people’s confidence. So, in a variety of Wangzhuan forum or the forum of stationmaster everywhere abuse sound, some people call sh419 too inhumane, some people call off single, others call yourself a few months did not earn a commission. These are a normal phenomenon in this industry, so there is this Wangzhuan, people can earn, people earn, earn people found the way to make people every day will only complain, complaining about the unfairness of. In fact, those who do not earn people should reflect on their own problems, why people can earn, they can not? Others more than himself a head or nose? As a guest of Taobao, I think people are not their own did not make no effort, but did not find the exact method. That is too blindly, or lack of necessary technology. According to my experience, do Taobao customers, now it seems the most profitable or use a single page way, then how to do?

two, looking for small competition, high commission project


some people do guest selection of third party platform, such as blog, forum / post links, the total time to a big dream of what Taobao is cheap, let oneself night to earn pours. These unrealistic time stop, do guest must have its own website, which in the current view is an indisputable fact, even if you are reluctant to invest this money, then do not go to do guest, or physical and mental involvement, eventually get their desired effect, confidence will be greatly reduced. As a guest of Taobao, you may not be a little construction technology, if you will be able to develop their own, but it is the best, but I think most of the people is the same as a rookie technology and I do not have to develop their own website or proficient in PHP program code, at least they have to be able to read. However, there are a lot of open source CMS can use it, I use several open source program, Dede in this area is good, the optimization is very good, we must select the template, I said not the template can be found in the Dede forum provided by others, but should be modified after their own landscaping that must not find those template repeat, repeat the entire Internet lots of content, you are a user, you will love to see? This is the first step to the guest, it is technology related here include the related domain name server, and the knowledge of program and HTML some simple modifications.

here is my screenshot of the Commission: no other meaning, bring it out to share

open sh419, search the weight loss, breast enhancement, BB cream and other products, you will do it? If you still do not give up, you have to stick!

one, open source CMS+ template design,

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