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do Taobao guest’s method, although varied, but many people still choose to promote through the website. In order to let customers willing to pay out of pocket, they must think from their point of view, always for the sake of Internet users. Only when the page is concise is it possible for the Internet users to fully understand your products, so that the pages have enough sales power.

in addition to the blog program, the use of single page promotion Taobao customers is also a good choice. I just do the Taobao customer is love to build large and web site, then Taobao also specializes in this type of advertising, as long as the link with the exclusive code set, show the effect is almost the same page and Taobao official website. Although such a site style and exquisite, but I found that the use of this promotion can not produce orders. The reason is that it is too rich to be targeted. Internet users are not buyers, they seek only the information they need most. After continuous testing and improvement, I finally decided to promote only 5 items per page, so that the page became much more relaxed, and also produced a gratifying order.

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nowadays, the large and small Taobao stations on the Internet are too numerous to list. Although many friends maintain many such sites, the money they earn is not satisfactory. And in the process of communication with everyone, I found that those strong sales force Taobao railway station has a common point, that is, the page is concise.

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some friends in order to maximize the use of traffic, but also in Taobao’s guest page to join some of the alliance products. For example, I have seen some Adsense in the promotion of maternal and child products page, hanging parenting website CPA advertising. Because the choice of mother and child products are necessarily customers around the baby, this type of Internet users must be very closely related to parenting problems, so that it will be more likely to produce registration behavior. Although the webmaster thinking is very good, but too much advertising will let visitors see foggy, what is unclear "to show. Once visitors are bored, they do not hesitate to turn off the browser, so unnecessary ads are better removed as soon as possible.

, not long ago, in Guangdong, China Nuclear Power Group Zhong Guanghe, such a pile of "the world’s most expensive cleaners" story. A cleaner in routine cleaning, see a part of a machine of some dust, easily "hard" to use a rag to wipe it, accidentally touch a switch, start a nuclear reactor shutdown command, resulting in 2 days of blackout. If in a general enterprise, waiting for the cleaners must be severe punishment. But just let all things clear cnpec cleaner, and then continue to work, even the wages and bonuses are not affected in any way.

fundamental purpose we can communicate from the people to do a survey to communicate: two or more persons, the language itself is a kind of information carrier, to transmit to others is the information itself, the more you say is to make others understand more information, so as to achieve mutual understanding and mutual understanding together. As an enterprise, in the process of development, the scale is more and more big, the affairs involved are getting more and more complicated, and more and more people are involved, which requires enterprises to improve communication efficiency while strengthening communication. In order to communicate effectively, the communication process is requested to convey the most authentic and accurate information in the shortest possible time and in the simplest manner. Moderate communication skills and techniques are necessary, but excessive emphasis on communication skills and techniques will inevitably result in a lot of costs in the communication process, until a lack of Frank atmosphere.

off site source are very complex, presented to the visitors to the page is brightly coloured, looked like a big classification information station. In fact, such promotion methods are difficult to generate orders, because visitors come to your site, there will be a sense of loss. In order for Internet users to make a quick purchase decision, it is necessary to make the page achieve the most concise effect. The author once communicated with a cattle man, discovered that his Taobao guest site unexpectedly is uses the open source BLOG procedure to make. And the column setting is very simple, each article is devoted to a Taobao product, ending with baby purchase links. This model allows users to know the site at first glance, understand the advantages of the product, and then generate the purchasing behavior of the probability will greatly increase.

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