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B2C success: satisfaction experience plus repetitive contact plus external dynamics

4 doesn’t have enough brains. Into a few Taobao customers, usually discuss website technology promotion methods less, playing Taobao customers everywhere. If those people ‘s minds can sober up for a while from the money making frenzy, they will find out how stupid they are. Any a Taobao customer group of people, at least know Taobao off this thing, will you go to sign up for a Taobao customer, they want to buy things in Taobao, are not stupid enough to use your own links instead of.

articles like this, to tell you the truth, work for you? I don’t feel very well. Because these operations, no big use what to learn, but this is not what we need most of the webmaster content, now I think 90% is personal webmaster, you can operate this kind of stuff! The webmaster you can ask yourself, these articles are useful to you?! "the truth we need is what kind of things, money is the most important, how to make money, organize content, engage in traffic, money is the most concerned, the environment is the need to know, is the need to know, but there is no need to get so deep, there is no need to say is what the wind What are the industry analysis of it.

I believe that many webmaster in confusion, are thinking, my station how to do, how should I do, my website and how to make money?. Why do I always make ends meet, why my Wangzhuan dream is always so far away, oh ~ ~ I think 80% of all is the case of

2, for Taobao customers and Taobao passengers. If a person on the Internet every day, all the energy on the promotion of their own product code distributed to every corner of the network, group, mail, blog, forums and so on. One day, he will feel very tired, tired, but the effect is almost zero. A connection address, a picture, a few words of advertising can not hook up anyone’s desire to buy. To put it bluntly, Taobao guest is nothing more than one of the means of transforming network resources into money, and with GGAD, sh419 alliance, web game agent, there is no essential difference. If you don’t have a good Internet relationship or a combo rate blog website, that everything you do is at best in the form of online advertising click Wangzhuan have long been characterized as no money.

3, bad eyes. Visited some Taobao guest’s website, can say to be miserable, I think the owner of those websites generally don’t dare to also drop by oneself website to have a look. In this case, the website is full of advertising, and the people who go in, in addition to ridicule, it is impossible to buy anything through your website interest. Now available website does not require a lot of code, high technology, art foundation is not strong, do not even know HTML can do, but at least you use a ruler to display your text on the map to tidy.

experience summary: 12 steps to help you complete the successful optimization of commercial websites

often goes to the website and says, honestly, what I said today might really offend some of the leaders. But I think if they can see it, maybe they can provide some real useful information and methods for the webmaster.

I speak some irresponsible! See some articles earlier is good as "regional real estate network to make money and guide the operation of" guide to this article to tell the truth this is the webmaster we need most, because it is out of practice, to tell the truth the webmaster can write out these I think is really to practice write this article. Although the real estate class with my website have no relevance, but this type of essay is really useful, some of the fundamental is for others to modify their own, some of their own imagination, not to implement, which is why now the webmaster to read the article is not a harvest, two is not something for their heart. Really, there are fewer and fewer of them now.

actually, I’m the same as everyone else. I’ve been doing it for years, and honestly, I haven’t earned any money. I still can’t do my own life all day long. Like a ghost all day long,

, what do we need most of the grass roots? Make money. I don’t care about anything else. I don’t care about the fights between Taobao and sh419. I don’t care what the Internet business model is. It’s too esoteric

1 dreams of making money by Taobao. In fact, whether mom or other Taobao off Taobao customer said no matter how many people say as if it were raining flowers, how much money he earned by Taobao, Taobao customers end its characteristic determines it, but only played a role in the supply chain retail salesman. Heard the salesman every month than many wholesalers? Of course, some people earn a lot of money, but not those who already have good customer resources, is through some non normal means, such as to other Taobao guest website source agency backdoor, hackers and so on. In fact, it’s hard to be a Taobao customer than a mall salesman. You don’t even have the opportunity to sell your product face to face with your customers. So, before doing Taobao customers, we must maintain a good attitude, do not seek to earn much, just in which you can get their own, the amount of thought is enough, and perhaps inadvertently you can really make a lot of money?.

now the truth is really to our webmaster do not really use, most of the content is some very shallow articles, or making a fuss, or just like:

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5, impatient. Just know Taobao guest for a few days, do a few days to make a fortune, dream, see oneself have no income, began to complain all over the world. What? Ali’s mother is cheating!

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