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GE’s new battery base produces a new type of sodium ion energy storage battery, Durathon, which is one of GE’s latest innovations. After the advent of the product, GE has worked with many telecom companies in the United States and Africa, Power Grid Corp, to help them solve the headaches of power problems. Durathon sodium battery can be 9 hours of continuous power supply, the product contains more than 30 patents, can charge and discharge 3500 times 10 times the traditional battery, life for 20 years, half volume of ordinary lead-acid batteries, the most innovative place is that it is completely harmless, will not cause any damage to the environment, can also be recycled.

a lot of people around him boast that the design of the elephant is beautiful, the packaging is very novel, but no one praises the product. Because these people in front of me boast elephants, have never bought the elephant products, nor experienced the elephant products. Their brand recognition of the elephant, so that they have a favorable impression, and has a good reputation. But this reputation is very weak, because the communicator is a potential consumer, only from the goodwill of the brand reputation, and can not drive the purchase. Just imagine, these word-of-mouth people have not bought, nor experienced the elephant products, other consumers would be willing to experience it,


this shows that large companies can be combined with small companies and future consumers to build a new eco system, there is an urgent need for innovation into the market, help people solve the problem of sustainable development, and create a bigger market.

electronic products sought after men category, condom is a very special commodity, it has a relationship with the lifeblood, male relatively conservative, not easily to try new brands. According to my investigation on the male side, the vast majority of people with fixed condom brand, Durex, Jissbon and Okamoto’s other niche brands, basically not to buy, at least the elephant’s target population is basically not. In addition, men choose condoms to take care of women’s feelings, many girls are susceptible to rubber allergies, men will not easily change brands. Moreover, the loyalty of men to the brand is very high. Once it becomes a brand of iron powder, it will not be inferior to any of them


The initial purpose of Durathon is to research

elephant is an Internet consumer brand, in my eyes is the same with Huang Taiji, referring to the Internet business model products, I also do the puffer mask will begin on June, directional closed beta, so the related products are more concerned. The elephant sales are so bleak, really surprised me, but I hope they can sell, let me have more confidence on the puffer mask, although I have been full of confidence.

GE for hybrid power train, but in the development process, GE global research engineers found that more than ordinary lithium battery, battery and lead-acid battery development prospects. However, this finding is beyond the scope of business and technical ability of GE, but GE still support this project, they acquired a British battery company, with professional and technical personnel in the enterprise to do research and development. In this way, there was a start-up company within GE, which GE called "imaginative innovation."". There are many such enterprises in GE company, they teamed up to create a business environment, using GE’s strong manufacturing capacity and early financial support by entrepreneurs in the R & D capability, with the ecological environment in the future for consumers, products to create an unlimited future.

GE recently in the United States of New York in the area of Silk Neck opened a heart cell manufacturing base, at a cost of $170 million. GE CEO Himel. Geoff said: "this is the way of business GE." GE has made great innovations in clean technology by using small businesses. Under the guidance of the entrepreneurial spirit, the company has transformed the ideal into reality and created a whole new and huge market.

started production in the new battery base, South Africa Power Company Megatron Federal signed the first order for the hand off troubled Nigeria Telecom departments provide power service life. This will reduce the number of diesel generators at Megatron, minus

Compared to the

, this has a lot to do with the category. Buyers and users of condoms are male, and men are less emotionally driven than irrational, and they are more concerned with the sense of rational experience. If it is for female consumer goods, this situation is unlikely to occur, because women are relatively irrational, more attention is emotional resonance. Men are different, pay attention to the rational experience, no actual experience of word of mouth, in their view is not reliable. In a network language, there is no JB. Text does not stimulate male hormones, there are plans, there is truth is king. Women are not the same, often a qiqicancan text, they will be able to move into tears, also took out his wallet to the imperceptibly.

many big companies like GE are faced with technological innovations, such as clean energy technologies. In the new thinking and new ideas are emerging today, large companies need to "break", escort for entrepreneurs, opened up a joint development of the road.

stumbled on the sale of elephant condoms and watched for about 2000 boxes of sales for two months, or less than 1000 boxes a month. The popularity of elephants in the industry is high and has a certain impact on the mass market. Why is sales so dismal?

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