Case analysis of different key words need different page optimization

Title: find a job in Loudi – Loudi talent network


level channel layout page

is a reasonable layout to ZhengZhan keywords in a tree like structure, and optimize the key requirement of layout on the home page, and the page layout keywords not more than 3. Such as home talent website can be the layout of the key words: * * * (regional) talent network, * * * (regional) recruitment network, * * * (regional) recruitment, the competitiveness of these popular keywords, placed in the home can improve the keywords in the web site overall weight. Each page of the layout of the key words not too much, so when writing on the page in the page, highlight the theme.

keyword layout page

talent network home page for the keywords ranking record, page ranking is more the main keywords, keywords layout is only three, the other can get ranked is through the segmentation technique.

Talent network portal


different level keywords in the main keywords may be a dozen, according to the key attributes, can layout in different channel classification page, placed on the first page of channel, channel title, description page and the anchor text keywords should layout for key words, many new Adsense mistakes, channel page meta tags or call home, easily lead to all your pages are the same title, the spider grabbed easily mistaken for duplicate pages, is not conducive to the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization. As the talent website "looking for work" channel page:

the operation, is currently being Shanghai love right down, A5 team for Shanghai dragon after diagnosis in the detection of keywords engineers gave me some good advice, a reasonable layout of the keywords and long tail keywords.

The following is a

classification keywords "looking for work" in the page layout in the channel, channel element labels do not directly call home, did not appear keywords accumulation phenomenon, the reasonable layout of the main keywords, each channel distribution page two to three words, words will not be repeated in more than one page, do not cause. Unnecessary page

Description: Loudi talent network for more information, in 2013 Loudi to find a job information, recruitment, employment, job, Loudi talent network preferred.

site planning and is determined to optimize the keywords, the keywords analysis needs to be optimized, the need for these keywords in Web site layout, reasonable layout can increase the page utilization rate, improve conversion of site traffic. Novice webmaster easy mistake the keywords are placed in the home, not knowing that the optimization will only cause the weight scattered, below we talk about different keywords need in different page layout.


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