A case analysis by K tourism website

The program

travel more, resulting in most of the tourism websites home looks a bit bloated, for this website I want to begin to think of ways to fine.

two: Links not timely clean up

problem: website program error, a column page can not open

detection of this station Links, found that many were already deleted this link station station, when the station of its own problems (such as: K, for a long time, waiting for the snapshot stagnation) must Links situation check this time, there will be a lot of the station to delete you, usually friendship links can be checked once a week, now many webmaster delete Links will inform you, so we only check it, especially in the last few months K station frequent period, because if Links hurt their own website, leading to their website is also love Shanghai ruthless K off, then too wronged. Furthermore this station for other free chain, but also very suffer.

Hello, I am the stone, early this morning to see someone with my QQ, it is actually more embarrassing, if I can walk to politely refuse, because he is very busy, no time, no way to communicate with so many things, in fact, after all is said and done it so much knowledge of what a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Original ah, what the high quality of the chain, but with potential customers or clients, we can not refuse, so sometimes we engage in the Shanghai dragon gradually evolved into a free service. So anyway, the friend to your site some past all said more clearly, is roughly this: before the tourism site is a business site, after the revision to use before the old domain name, because of the lack of management personnel in a timely manner, the website was hacked by the end of time, there were a lot of black the chain, and there are many links, they found the situation, cleaned up the chain, the stone also checked, basically there is no death. However, careful analysis, found the following problems:


table code too much, resulting in too much redundant code page

Question three: Figure two:

the site itself is certainly fatal, operating a good website is very difficult, if there is no time or effort, it was suggested not to do a website, because no matter from the optimization or operation, the need to have a professional team to operate, such as the tourism website is very competitive, the first step is the establishment of the to choose a stable server, this is the premise, then is the website program, do not covet cheap, cheap goods is not good. The money is not the province, or web application server problem will bring no small loss to your website.

page code redundancy is serious, the need to streamline the

: Links

The content of the website


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