Analysis of website bounce rate impact on the entire site in general

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statistical tools, we have to own website jump out rate is more clear, in the statistical background can more accurately know the overall situation of the website, today I to my station as an example and we talk about the website of the website of the bounce rate roughly

can we see from the above graph website bounce rate in about seventy percent, the average access time in 14 minutes, we can think of the site is indeed visitors find useful information will be so long as the movie station must jump out rate is much lower, time will grow a lot! From the side of the bounce rate is that provides the content of the web site, to bring the number of useful value. Of course, each of the different types of Web site reflects the data are different.

to do a site of good and bad, see from the rankings, income can be, if we can really reduce the bounce rate not only makes the website ranking traffic increases, but also make the site overall revenue has been a qualitative leap! Love Shanghai is constantly changing as for the user, if our website is of no value to the same the contents of the user, the user can stay on the site for a long time. We want to do a good job of the content of the site itself, make useful content to attract visitors to become high-quality station valuable site! I wish you all the best work smoothly, greatly increased traffic. (this by the breeze, the horse brother original episode, copyright, conceited, please indicate the source of the first 贵族宝贝 with the form of links).



high bounce rate influence website income: source of power is to do the webmaster site can make money, a site when the real high flow of a lot of people will say that the flow will make money, you think? How much money, if a user on your site for long time, ads on your site PV shows more, then click website advertising, display, etc., with the increase of income. So to control the site experience, ways to reduce website jump out rate, we also increase the income of the website the most effective.

(pictured love Shanghai home add high quality site screenshot case)


a high bounce rate affect the ranking: many people may deny my point of view, we can look at changes in the sea for nearly 2 years, Shanghai love their products or products occupy most of cooperation in front of the rankings, what is he doing for? There is no doubt that for the user, make the user experience more high! Now high weight, large volume, high quality site access is added to the home page, website ICO icon and so on! This series of changes in the experience of the highest recommended sites for the user, so can be said from the side of your jump out rate affect the ranking.

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