A very classic Shanghai dragon website optimization scheme

1. team division

Optimization of site

7. station optimization

(3) chain. A website weight is the content of the website, the other is the chain, the outer chain is the most direct means to improve the value of the site, the chain high weight, the site will be isolated, wine is also afraid of deep alley! Every day in the search engine spiders crawling content on the Internet, the chain high weight can bring a lot of traffic to the site, improve the site’s activity and weight.

I think you want to be successful optimizing a website must start from the following aspects:

how to do? After


Must be done before the how to do?What are the 8. common cheating means

friends want to some websites in Shanghai Longfeng, here always want to sum up from the construction site to the detailed process of Shanghai dragon network optimization, five dragon website optimization Shanghai, included, rankings, traffic, conversion, repeat the above action. This is the Shanghai dragon process, direct Q have different views of I (ant rush 1614558876).

4. keywordsHow to analyze the website


(2) writer. We all know that the quality is very important, love Shanghai launch of the spark plan is more and more importance to support the original, so a good writer is self-evident;

on the "domain name >

(1) web programmer. This program should have the ability of designers to adjust the site layout of the overall structure of the web page. A website for the visitor’s first impression is very important, the design is reasonable, when the user opened whether can obtain needed information, he will stop and watch for a while, it can reduce the rate of jump out of the site, to provide the user experience, low bounce rate website is to gain the trust of the search engine the main work; web designers mainly from four aspects to do a good station optimization

(4) Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive analysis ability. This person needs to master all aspects of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, familiar with the search engine’s working process, to quickly make coping strategies.

first I share on team division problems. A some of the Shanghai dragon group should have such talent

6. station optimization

3. Shanghai dragon operation process should be what kind of

with this team, Shanghai dragon website optimization is absolutely no problem.

?Study on

2. to do what is the work of Shanghai dragon

to determine the Shanghai dragon team, what are the factors should be considered before deciding on Shanghai Longfeng? I summarize mainly consider three aspects: website domain name, server, web application.

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