A5 marketing the main reason of low rank classification platform B2B

sites have made a common mistake? An on-line millions or even tens of millions of data, the amount of data. This is the result: directly to scare the spider, also talk about what

often have some B2B platform for people to consult with my Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, first I asked the first sentence is: "your website is an individual, or a team doing?" if it is a personal site in here, I can only choose to refuse. Why? Team station is human, and the individual stations are using tools, a simple reason, what is most concerned about the search engine.

don’t say no time to monitor, as by your membership to send, the final result is: love Shanghai also has no time for your site. The ranking of limited resources, love Shanghai limited server resources, why waste time in a no time management site

channels have several months not update, even one or two years out of date, so the channel value where? Similar sites, we encounter very much.


two: quantitative information update

is because the team did the original? Not so, this station no one is out of the original. What is the reason? People can choose to release some things, while the machine is no choice, uneven in quality replication, this is the most care about things for love in Shanghai.

four: information stale

How many ?

B2B classification ranking low? I believe that this type of Web site, see this title should be to stop. So, why the low ranking today? This article is to do an inventory.

: a team with the tool of PK

three: information filtering

as the B2B platform, we at ten sites, will find 9 do bad, important factors here: screening information, related information is not even the industry will be posted Chen gong. And repeat the same information released, no one released monitoring, product introduction, company introduction, product is completely different names, but the same information……

if you can’t meet all the channels of the update, then don’t do it because the range of channel: stop updating channel, will reduce the overall trust in the web search engine and evaluation standard. The search engine.

website ranking is never you how this site has a huge amount of information, have included the amount it is not a IP as the acme of perfection, is the waste station.


the correct approach should be: as to full website different channels of information may be in the front of the line, can involve several classification. If not complete, so these channels are hidden. So on the back with the updated sound, gradually open to different channels, it is a new growth process should be.

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