Discussion on determining factors ranking

3, the impact on the ranking of

criticism! keyword density

1, update effect on keyword ranking

for a web site, there are many determinants of keyword ranking, you may see a lot of this article, has said that the link space, form, also said the chain. The study site was more than a year, although it is a rookie, but also do not want to go to the others, so I don’t understand the profound knowledge, nor to personally tested. Today I speak a few decisions ranking several factors that are combined with his personal experience, I hope useful for beginners Shanghai Longfeng wrong, also want to be

as the example above cannot judge the chain of keyword ranking will have no effect, if any, how much. So I took another station for example. This is a building more than a month before the station. Although just on the line soon, but a few words have also been ranked. The day before yesterday when a word ranking is 16 (the level is too poor, ha ha) a few days ago to send the chain, of course, here I don’t have the chain respectively to test the anchor text, text, and bare chain have what effect, I have several chain together. Including the forum, information classification and link exchange platform. Only stopped 6 a day, see today, down from 16 to 40 ranking, so do the Shanghai dragon, the chain stability is very important, once the keyword ranking, not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

when the station first started, the author is a dish can be dish webmaster, so did not dare to choose the keyword index is too high to do, just take an index of more than 800 words, the density remained at around 0.5%. It has also seen a good ranking, are ranked forty or fifty. Sometimes they even can not find the shadow. The day before yesterday suddenly want this keyword to do it, so in the two days of the update to increase the word density, the density has been added to 3.2%, Shanghai did not begin to love what reaction, night watching, pleasantly surprised to find that, once the original ranking from 50 up to 23, >

combined with my own experience, for the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence I still quite convincing. I stop in July when her very good, updated every day, basically is the original or false original, is a pure manual, and every day the hair of the chain, in August, there are several key words are ranked number one in the home. The 2 was the love of Shanghai weight, can be said to have been very good. Later because of busy for a long time not to update the weight and ranking are slowly starting to fall down, the weight and ranking all dropped out. The example shows: the website must adhere to regular updates, the keywords ranking effect is very large. Of course, this is not updated affect the ranking, because the update stop at the same time the chain also stopped, just to be noticed all the

2, the chain of influence ranking

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