The new concept of the chain to make the chain one click

said the invalid links said effective links, a link is the normal search engine included but also can click on to your site. What is the link activity? We all know the principle of love Shanghai clicks it, is a website click on the number of people, it is a hot love Shanghai, love is the user, then the weight will be the site of the automatic increase keyword ranking will be in front. Link active degree of this principle is that you, your home page links clicked by the user. The more you this link is useful to the user, of course, the search engine will calculate the user on this page you stay in the long time, then you go through this page other pages. Of course, this requires a good layout of the web page, if you click on a link, users stay longer, withdrawal rate is low, so that a search engine will judge you on this link is the needs of the user, the natural keywords ranking will also link front. This is our pursuit of the chain, which is what we call the link active degree, also is our pursuit of the one click, can bring the flow of the chain.

chain is one of the most important Shanghai Longfeng work, some 2/3 of the time is spent on the construction of the chain. Especially to see some friends in the chain into some errors, spent a lot of work, and did not bring good results, this is to let a person feel pity. So today to give you instill a new ideas of the chain, that is what we do in the chain should pay attention to the active link. The following is to introduce the active link.

When there is no Shanghai dragon concept

everyone in the Internet early, when people do outside the chain of motivation is very simple, is to think through the chain to bring traffic to your website. But then the Shanghai dragon, this simple motivation began to change, we have to keywords ranking and the hair of the chain, which is no longer for the flow and send the chain. In fact, under the present in this chain of flood situation took an important chain weight calculation method. That is you the chain there is no one click. Also is the chain we can bring flow, the chain we have no one click. The chain can only produce Click to call the high quality of the chain, which is what we call the link active degree. Because only the user clicks on the chain to your site, only that this link to help users through this link users find what they want.


to say clearly link activity we must first understand what is the effective link, what is invalid link. Not being included in the search engine link is invalid link, this is definitely the one hundred percent. There is a saying love Shanghai included, but not click, often see a lot of friends to publish information on B2B trading platform, basically in the top left of the link is invalid. Or a is to add the nofollow tag search engine is not to compute the weights, basically it is invalid link.

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