The site has been K for a month five strokes to restore weight

content of the construction of

love Shanghai now stand for the enterprise increasing scrutiny, following the June and October two big love Shanghai algorithm update, many sites have continued misfortune. No matter is the site for several years old station or grassroots station is right down the site, love Shanghai unified interpretation into garbage station. It seems a bit unfair for you hard to do stand webmaster friends, but as long as the right way, to get rid of search engines don’t approve of errors by K website can still short recovery time. Today, I will share a company’s own station, after the restoration of the process by K. The station is at the beginning of October was K, as can be seen from the figure, the other search engines included, have no effect on 3 consecutive days, other sites are included in the increase, I love Shanghai included no longer exist, directly pulled hair.

The content of the website is 1,

this is the site map included in November 10th, when the day included Shanghai soared to 499, quite awesome.

3, love Shanghai complaints

first analysis is the cause of the K, because the incident is before the chain algorithm, and then the construction of the chain is not too behavior, there is no reason to consider this aspect. But the most important reason is the absence of K station. Therefore, the site was K, in order to do five things.

love Shanghai algorithm for upgrading of manslaughter opened a special complaint channel, have heard of before the forum webmaster friends said complaints effect, so this method is worth a try. The total complaints 5 times, once in force, love Shanghai positive response.

incur drop right major factors K, love Shanghai June revision way, has been very concerned about the website content, and increase the proportion of the content of. This website is very lacking, by increasing the WordPress update plug-ins allow the site to automatically publish 2 articles per week. Note that the article is well in advance, although not completely original, at least each is processed through the editor.

is the site of machinery industry, love is not the focus of attention of Shanghai industry (some of the medical industry site seems miserable). By the time of K, the update site is not very frequent, every month will collect a few articles on update. The site of Shanghai Longfeng, with WordPress, using a static plug-in, with the English template, in some places is not perfect, the Chinese is not good, but there has been no change. Because the construction of the chain site causes continuous, so the ranking is stable, keyword industries are ranked in the home, but also comes with a portion of the long tail word.

is a website to replace the domain name, K is only doing the worst, immediately org registered a domain name, domain name redirection to the previous com. Only love Shanghai for this approach reflects the speed is slow, even so, at least not do strong.

2, the domain name for

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