Practical experience in the new site of Shanghai Longfeng rapid ranking

most people love the first line on the website, and then changed the site side side of the operating sites, search engine sites can be through a variety of channels, including: the chain, the browser, the use of the software, submitted, so long as the website, search engine is very easy to know your website, if you first line change site, easy to search engine that your site is not successful revision, extension assessment period. In addition to 3-5 before the best article, can let search engines crawl the site when the first recognition to the content, so that the search engine to determine the blank page.

chain: as long as can lead to the chain related flow can do, can promote the popularity of the site, and can make the search engine judge your web traffic demand is relatively large, at least to prove that there is a demand.

also has a lot of website content is the use of the article to do the ranking, so the title of the article is mainly based on the long tail keywords to write the content page, not suitable for the main keywords, from the advantages of URL in terms of natural competition but others use the home page optimization. Key words: website such as fast included, we can write articles: how to make the site quickly included?, from the needs of keywords, rapid method included the users are most concerned about, so this is true to the title, but the content is best according to the title, don’t stray.

1, when the user first search for a keyword, second search your brand, you will find love in Shanghai there are two key words in the search results page URL, a data record for this is the love of Shanghai, so when the user search times, nature also means that you meet the site keywords the demand is the largest, ranking will naturally come up, love Shanghai naturally from your site won flow.

Title: the title keyword description can be filled out according to love Shanghai drop-down box demand and website can meet the needs of key words and description can not fill let search engine automatic recognition. If you fill in the description and keywords, it is best with keywords demand description, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon.Ee, Shanghai dragon optimization information


2, using the nouveau riche advertising hit brand, naturally have a search engine traffic >

content: the main content update according to the keywords needs to update, for example: the website main keywords for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then the best content update related content, such as: Shanghai dragon tutorial on Shanghai dragon optimization first chapter and the second chapter title + + Title etc..

: we think back a few simple questions, first love why Shanghai will give you reason to your ranking, ranking is very simple, love Shanghai or to flow, or for money. Naturally, we do search engine optimization is not possible to give money to love Shanghai, the rest is to love the flow of Shanghai, Shanghai love will give you the ranking, so the question is, how do we give love Shanghai traffic?

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