Several methods of stable lead spider from practical experience shows


, a sign (NEW)


spider is not a day for two days, the chain has been done, spider, but no matter in what way, stability is the key, is the long-term development of the road, in front of the dielectric.


can now add anchor text Forum is less and less, pay the news soft Wen can join the 1-2 anchor text, a good news, will bring a lot of forwarding. There are also some webmaster should read "unlimited potential" analysis of soft news from the lac case of this article, to promote the role of it with a real case about the soft news.

with the popular social networking sites, many forum to join the "check-in" section, in the sign, add a link to your website, but also a way of the chain. Not all sites can become a sign in the chain, to see the attendance record is to be included in post website.

anchor text is one of the best in the chain, but now in the forum to keep the anchor text difficult, or leave time easily, after being deleted. The insert chain is easier to be naked eye.


personalized signature high weight website is useful, and the signature will not be deleted. Many owners of this way is familiar with.

with some fault forum and love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, a series of websites is down right, cause included straight down, the attendant is outside the chain of serious loss. The stability of the chain is very important, often heard many webmaster said, outside the chain of a boom or slump, this is certainly not good, on the site once crash site is likely to be right down. How to obtain the stability of the chain has become a problem faced by the webmaster. According to the analysis of some of the past few days, found that the stability of the chain in some form, but the effect can also be.

character signature news article


website promotion more and more difficult, in addition to the original requirements on the content of the increase, lead spider crawling is not so easy to love Shanghai is in constant adjustment algorithm, spider smarter. Not to send the chain for a long time, in the promotion of soft news exchange activities. This week to promote new sites, the home page included very quickly, to push home some keywords, need to rely on the role of the chain. There are many previously sent to check the forum included, basically more than 90% be startled at, are not included in the forum. Webmaster forum always is a good place for the release of the soft Wen, after yesterday released a post, found only in Shanghai dragon why and the laggards included, the network owners are not received. But yesterday’s posts, behind also not included. A deep sense of the chain is more and more difficult to do.

three, classified information and forum posting stay bare chain

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