Shanghai dragon Links exchange that something

said Links, believe that Shanghai dragon are not unfamiliar. The search engine spiders by thousands on thousands of Web links in the Internet crawl, so appropriate to do some Links, increase the exposure rate and the weight of their own website is very necessary. So Links to do? Where and what we need to pay attention to it? I have to share my last time to do Links exchange experience.

3. through a friend or acquaintance



love weight

is to rely on their own contacts, so from this point you should be aware that Shanghai dragon ER point, it is usual to pay more attention to the accumulation of their own contacts, only in this way, the key moment before someone can help you.

then talk about needing attention in the Links exchange notes in


The Shanghai

since we are love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, then certainly see love Shanghai weight. Love Shanghai weight can be through the relevant station query. A point to mention here is that when the query with several Webmaster Station query, so the data is more accurate.

1. Links exchange website

first is the way to do Links way, roughly divided into three types:

The love of Shanghai included page

A. Links the attributeThe PR value of

This type of

like QQ group is also a good place to exchange links, open the QQ group’s website to enter a link exchange, you can see a lot of link exchange group, some groups will be marked above the group for which industry links, and then select the appropriate group to join.

Link exchange QQ group

this way should be the number one of the most widely used in the link exchange register an account on the site, then your website submitted on the line. Here some tips, submit your site to remember the corresponding classification selected, or when the exchange links up more trouble. Sites like this are poly Rui net, the straw pushing platform and so on, there is a need of a friend can search on the internet.

need to see the site, for example the author is now responsible for counter purchase network, is a relatively large.

this is a vast majority of owners are concerned and valued, but also all new Adsense headache. But now Google for the role of the PR value is lower and lower, also love Shanghai love Shanghai launched its own weight, so it need not too much, can be used as a reference.

I also have such a group, need friends can join (group number: 142426278)

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