The guidelines of the rival Shanghai Dragon Road


image ALT tags and title tag


is now a site product on hand is the product barcode printer site keywords index is small. First we look at competitors:

breadcrumb navigation

a long time domain is equivalent to have a good foundation, but good foundation does not mean that we can build a good house, but said they had such a good foundation. Secondly, their independent IP, which avoids the waste under the same IP site and influence our site.

then look at the site structure and layout of

this is the coexistence of competing sites of dynamic URL and static URL, but no ROBOTS problems of written text. This shows that competition is not a good deal of website URL unity. Although aware of more static URL search engine optimization, but did not grasp the details of things. So this is a place where we can improve. Standard URL.

because the author is with specific examples to analyze specific issues, see a site only, but can not summarize all, so slightly inadequate, hope you will forgive me. This paper consists of a bar code printer www.fjboxin贵族宝贝 feeds, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

do not Shanghai dragon brain dead hard move routines, after all we took over the site are not the same, the products are different, so at this time we do a more practical method is the analysis of competitors.

general, the competition has a good ranking in the search engine, but we are not what ranking. How to catch up with rivals from scratch, then? The following example analysis of a site.

image ALT tags, now optimization personnel will mention this issue, so that everyone can understand. But there is a title label may many people are easy to ignore. The first title tag role is only to improve the keyword density approach, rather than the title tag. Keywords such as. This is a point we can better local optimization than competitors.

this site may be because there are side navigation, while ignoring the breadcrumb navigation. This is the place where we can do better. Breadcrumb navigation not only is good for search engine keyword density enhance what, more important is that it can enhance the user experience of the website, so it is indispensable.

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