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is currently the original protection site only through love inside Shanghai invitation has not officially open beta. In a word, love Shanghai hope to solve the webmaster problem, make the site responsible for the production of high-quality content, love Shanghai search distribution for these two contents, mutual benefit, sharing search ecology.

reading: become the original site protection. Love Shanghai has given four points, mainly are: no pseudo original, like those together, plagiarized the work content obviously does not meet the original protection requirements; continuous output quality of the original content; to report non original content site, this report will provide Webmaster Platform port for the webmaster to report; in addition, the webmaster they can also submit original Webmaster Platform real-time link to get original protection faster.

original content is also designed in the search results page effects display and original reporting and proof function.

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2017MADCon China optimization Internet Conference held in Xiamen on the afternoon of April 20th, the meeting proposed to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially opened the original protection site online, after false original or acquisition station will be more walk more difficult.

data since the opening of the 20 original protection online access site can submit online minutes crawl and day level database. For those non original as the original site, love Shanghai also gives punishment mechanism, violation of the original site submit permissions, grab preferential permissions, database rights, privileges, rights preferential sort of special display permissions will all be recovered.

(2): enjoy the preferential treatment of

became the original protection site advantages can be summarized as three points:

The meeting pointed out:

site search end love Shanghai innovation in products, let the site can be repeated contact of the user, the product function diversification operation of users, with the help of a traditional site cash basis, also will expand more diversified business model and opportunities.


(1): grab preferential

original content has become the focus of


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