Love stand frequently blocked Shanghai dragon details alarm sounded

love station network anti chain anchor text is not a general "miscellaneous"

can be said to be an underground a heaven, obviously love stand dominant, is 3 times the webmaster helper nets, look at the anchor text of the chain:

Key "

love station network has been the "cap" (Figure

first and then the last about anti chain" love. Compared with the network and the webmaster helper nets as shown in figure

Here we discuss




in early September, Luo Taishuai wrote an article "Webmaster Tools ranking ultimate PK cover Qunying love station" and "cap", first published in the A5, did not think a month later, love to stand by another "dark horse" webmaster helper nets beyond love, how frequently blocked station

in addition, in the title, the webmaster helper nets is also dominant, it is only "Webmaster Tools" one of the main keywords, so ZhengZhan weight will be concentrated to the one word, love station is a little complex, titled "webmaster webmaster tools – – love Shanghai – > ranking query


now, love has standing behind Yu Qunying, two junior webmaster helper nets, as a leader of the webmaster tools, ranking frequently beyond, is indeed a very people laughable thing, this is related to the problem of face Chinese often said.

love to stand and not because the rankings continue to fall to make corresponding measures, but as in the past the continued past style, to love the station style I actually said it is understandable, its purpose is to achieve a number of targeted keywords to the first row, but do not know "the fat man is a bite out, not a stuttering out, obviously, a little tough love stand ambition.

, why?


again, why can the webmaster helper network beyond the love station:


webmaster helper network anti chain anchor text with "Webmaster Tools" a key

and heroes, Adsense helper nets also follow the unified practice of anchor text, Luo Taishuai now doubt the webmaster helper network optimization specialist is not seen "Webmaster Tools ranking ultimate PK cover Qunying love stand the" cap "", and therefore inspired (joking, like the station of Shanghai dragon Er on these as the basic knowledge should be well understood). On the contrary, it is love standing performance is very calm, do not know whether it is often said that "as ranked as dirt, for this, Luo handsome to clarify the last Luo handsome webmaster discussion and love station cooperation, love station subsidiary is contacted, handsome, but because the idea is different, no cooperation.

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