How to do the small enterprises station in Shanghai Longfeng

but anyway, we do the Internet is to think through this way to achieve their business objectives, or promote their sales, or reduce the cost of marketing, or more concurrently, in short is to realize their own profit maximization. To achieve this goal is not simply to say a few words on the line, the more important is to make the Internet truly realize the purpose for themselves, if only to the Internet and pay attention to that for an enterprise is useless, and to achieve their own purposes a premise is to let more people know their own there is such a thing.

promotion in a variety of ways, for example, can use their circle of contacts to word of mouth, with cash to buy advertising including well-known PPC or advertising network alliance, including all common Shanghai dragon like, etc.. But you can see my title that is the premise of small enterprise station, and such enterprise is not possible to have too much of the human resources, it is impossible to have ample cash, so small business is more choice of Shanghai dragon, because this is a relatively cheap source of traffic, so some companies will ask the full-time staff in this area. Of course there are also some part-time, part-time work such as my own optimization is a small business website. The following is made by a conveyor belt of my own business as an example to talk about my thinking on this.

first, need solid foundation. This seems like a nonsense, but in fact this kind of work is often ignored by everyone; in the station market friends may know, general enterprise stand is to tens of thousands of thousands, of course to do especially high-end except, and space domain generally included in any domain name registrar the registration quality is almost the same, while the space is different, because the price of different quality varies greatly, and the site of the company in order to save the cost is often used very cheap space for customers to use, even an entry-level VPS to hundreds of enterprise website use. As a result the site regularly open, sometimes even a few days of continuous link abnormal, and this phenomenon is the search engine most dislike, even if you are in difficulty doing optimization may work not completed. In fact, since we have spent a lot of money, why care about that a few hundred dollars of money, why only a few hundred dollars, because the general enterprise station traffic and content is not very much, so.

as everyone knows, the advanced Internet within twenty years of the development process has helped countless people succeed, many even grassroots counter attack. Especially in the recent ten years and achieved rapid development of e-commerce, seems to have taken the. Therefore, in the present, no matter what the industry is engaged in the production and service of how traditional products are beginning to have or are considering to the Internet for gold. It is also the case, no matter how small businesses, even small businesses a 35 person, to a website or Internet related products have become as the articles of association of the enterprise as a part of enterprise, even more important than the other.

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