Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng tips using the anchor text to do the high quality of the chain


third, pointing to related page and the anchor text, anchor text is actually the keyword plus hyperlinks in the form of URL, it is not pure text or pure link, spider to another and the relevant page through the anchor text links. This web page and the page keyword importance has improved, so as to improve the keywords ranking. If your anchor text is connected to your shirt, pants, spiders are not people, to go around, but is not a good thing. There is correlation between keywords links don’t link to the home page, you can link page text according to the key words and quality formation in proportion to the distribution of

fourth: interaction Links, we must according to our keywords to find a strong correlation, weight and quality is relatively good industry website Links. The weight of the high site traffic, bring us more traffic, ranking will go up from the heat. Anchor text should include your main keywords, this can improve the keywords ranking. Collected the best day check the website links, see page site is still the first, whether the snapshot update etc.. Only we are in line with the requirements of the site will be able to continue to do Links. Know each other’s situation can be avoided Links site suddenly drop right, or by K, we are unaware of the situation. In fact, find the correlation industry Links is also very simple, first we can see at the bottom of the site is QQ and so on; second, competitors will leave a record in the promotion process, using the domain+ web site, easily find each other Links, most will keep contact.

: first set the anchor text link anchor text font format, the best song, black bold, do not choose those gorgeous fancy font font, also do not want to add some color out of order. The spider love simple things look very pleasant to the eye. Bold is to highlight the link anchor text, let users see at the first glance in which key.

website optimization is divided into two aspects, one is the station optimization, on the other hand is standing outside the optimization, the chain optimization plays a vital role in the website ranking. Everyone will do outside the chain, but the chain of high quality of the collected is not easy. This is the most Shanghai Longfeng beginners will often ask questions, how to make the high quality of the chain? Now Yue Huai marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) together with you to talk with the anchor text link to get some tips for the high quality of the chain:

second: the number of anchor text links do not exceed five, the paper includes the title, the number of anchor text links if too many words, then the keyword density must be large. There is the title of the article is best not to appear keywords, the title of the Shanghai dragon optimization will be excessive, spider think this is cheating. The main function of the link is to explain the role of the chain is not to say that the more the better, moderate and good. The spider also instead think we are cheating, The loss outweighs the gain.

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