What are the symptoms of K site K site is how to restore


website security alert 2, reason: server space is also very important, the server and the domain name is one of the site’s infrastructure. In the selection process of the server, try to find a big, reputable hosting provider. Do not covet a small profit, and the choice of cheap hosting provider. The server is not stable, affect the spider to crawl and grab the site. If the site is in the normal use of space, long time can access, or access speed is very slow, when good or bad. Not only affects the use access, also affect the spider grab,. This is a very friendly performance, if things go on like this website will be K. For example let us understand at a glance: imagine, if you go to the office every two or three days off sick, do you think you can stay down in the company? It is recommended that we must choose the quality assurance of the host, don’t like Raymond like the original, the pit was injured all over the body. If you have.


site is k we do not want to see, but as the saying goes, the weather is unpredictable, people have good and bad fortune, maybe because of the error of operation will lead to the site was K. This situation usually occurs in the Shanghai Dragon technology is not familiar with the person, know a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon friends don’t get so miserable. Of course, some sites do not exclude short-lived business, that is not within the scope of the discussion is not to say. Today Fung and a website is about the general what are the symptoms of K, if there is such a problem with your web site quickly corrected.

K, a station site is no longer the symptoms of K spider crawling, visit your site. The site: domain shows that there is no search box enter the URL can not find the website updated content is no longer included. Included in the amount of decline or included in the snapshot site 0. back, retreated to before, still not normal state. If the K is in the end, the snapshot may be updated every day, this phenomenon is very strange. Have the word, decreased gradually, all 100 keywords outside; vocabulary quantity, declining, or 0. The website chain number in the continuous decline of 0., or two, K is by the website website K there are a lot of reasons, in order to let more friends understand, will cause Fung site is k divided into two categories, one is internal reason, the other is standing outside the reason. The first station and we talk about the reasons: 1, the domain name, the domain name of the problem is mainly reflected in two points: the domain name has been used, there are some bad information, such as pornography content within, in some website security monitoring tools there were bad information. Used the domain name do stand, because of various reasons caused by the K domain is one of the most basic elements of the website, if you choose the above two kinds of problem domain name website, your website ranking is definitely not, included are the problem. Raymond had accidentally bought the domain name in the open web browser when using the 360, will pop up a warning of danger.


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