To build the three principles of marketing website essential introduction

Secondly, the authority of the

is currently Shanghai dragon form, want to do a good job in Shanghai dragon is more than just before we think of the chain on the line, that do website optimization is to send the chain, the more the chain, the website ranking on the former, before making a fully optimized by everybody as a toil to do now, along with the gradual upgrading of love Shanghai algorithm, Shanghai dragon has become a technology live, want to do a website is not just doing it is more important to the brain, as a Shanghai dragon Er want to get more space for development also need to continue to study, to learn. The following ADO, the author introduce the three principles to build a successful website

!First, the correlation between

in the Links chain and I believe we all know that some time ago love Shanghai on the hyperlink of cheating punishment, many owners in order to improve the site keywords ranking, willing to do a lot of some platforms not related to the chain, exchange friendship links and some related websites, such a serious violation of the law of love Shanghai algorithm, resulting in a large number of Web site is K.

today, with the rise of network marketing, network marketing to do more and more friends, every kind of website emerge in an endless stream called the big woods, what are birds, there are a lot of fake sites on the Internet, we take the most intense competition in the medical industry, not a standard small clinic to do a website, then the ranking of the love of Shanghai home, and website design and what the hospital is very similar, so virtually will attract a lot of users to their clinic, achieve the effect of real ones, but the clinic medical level is not guaranteed, certainly compared to those of the hospital authority is different, in this case of course, love Shanghai would not ignore.

website and I think we are very clear, we do website optimization have emphasized on the importance of the relationship, first is the site of internal correlation, website keywords and topics to be relevant, the second is the site of the chain and the theme to be relevant, the website will Links and highly related site exchange, why website the relationship is so important! In fact, and this is the user experience of the website, you can imagine that my website theme is Shanghai dragon aspect, but also the relevant keywords Shanghai dragon, but the content of the website is like some beauty methods, for this website if our keywords row up. It will attract a lot of people want to know Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to our website to see the beauty of knowledge network. Station of the theme and content is completely two aspects that are not relevant to the user after this website basically will leave at once, this site is no meaning of existence, in order to avoid this situation, combat search engine of this kind of website is relatively large, the correlation is ridiculously poor the website basically is the direct K station.

The correlation between

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