Google search team history quietly renamed the knowledge team

for this change, Google said there is historical factors.

But the problem is that

Beijing time on May 4th morning news, Google owns 8 major product lines, respectively: advertising, trade and local, mobile communication (Android), social networking, Chrome browser, YouTube and search. The search is undoubtedly the most important product for Google. But now, Google’s search team will become history. With the April Larry · (Larry Page) as Paige CEO, Google’s search team within the company has been renamed "knowledge team (Knowledge Group)".

, according to informed sources, Paige has long believed that Google search is only the original plan – "information integration in the world, so that users can easily access and use whenever and wherever possible useful information on their own" – a small part of the. Because the ultimate goal is not only the integration of the information page. For him, the more important is how to let users understand and learn new knowledge.

Prior to

, Google search, Google’s leadership and other product lines, is the vice president of product Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) and UDI · vice president of Engineering Manbo (Udi Manber); the common management, the former is responsible for product search business, which is responsible for the search business. The second half of last year, Meijer transferred to the charge of local business. At present Alan · Eustace (Alan Eustace) responsible for the management of the search team, and now reports directly to Eustace. This shows that the personnel arrangements, the search team has been responsible for by Eustace, he reports directly to the page.

, the "search" just find what you want. With the rapid development of Google in the past few years, first in 2007 through the integration of search (Universal Search) in the search results into a vertical search engine Google. Then, the integration of Google Squared. In addition, Google has also been in other attempts, such as Google Base, Google Knol and so on.

Google has acknowledged this change to the outside world, also pointed out that this change has actually occurred in April 11 to the United States to provide the Commission report, but no one seemed to notice that there will be an executive vice president will be responsible for the management of the new baked mystery team.

these products over the past.

in fact, as early as 2007, Google in the official blog about Google Knol. Now at the time of the blog once said: "the page and Brin and Schmidt gave us a grim task, is to ask us to find ways to help others to share knowledge. This is our main goal."

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