Baidu Shanghai dragon guide a pure static site standing

: a web page

to enter the website, we can clearly see that the site consists of the very simple, plus the index home page, only nine pages, form a simple and practical experience of the excellent website.



website ranking


two: the chain > characteristics

our common website, is generally so in three forms: dynamic, pseudo static and pure static. Dynamic and pseudo static web site is not within the scope of our discussion today, regardless, today we mainly talk about the pure static site.

is one of the reasons: excellent Shanghai Longfeng creative

Zac the teacher talked about in the blog, Shanghai dragon are 5% things by learning is not learning, including the creative things, and Liu Huanbin (Robin) of the baidu guide case of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere embodies this Shanghai dragon aspects of creative, the first of its content, except a few part of the original, the rest of the content is from the love of Shanghai "search engine optimization guide" to just slightly change the format, from a PPT model into a web form.

but if a content on your site for construction is not much, but the content of the connection between careful, you do not need to do too much what content expansion, then make a pure static site is definitely a good choice here, a pure static site of the case have to mention is Liu Huanbin (Robin) Baidu Shanghai dragon guide.

this site is a model of pure static site, but also from the rankings, the site’s ranking is very good, but are very directional flow, a multi page, create a simple website can reach that level, it is not easy, to sum up the reasons:

the so-called pure static website refers to the web page all static URL exists in the web site space, compared with the pseudo static and dynamic website, pure static site loading speed advantage is very good, do not call from the database file, so the website server space, the pressure is very small. In general also believes that the spider crawling, included, crawl, static pages than the pseudo static and pseudo static website, website and dynamic website.

but weilibiweibi, static website shortcomings is also prominent, for example, once the problem is the content of the website is not easy to expand, static website is not the background, add Web pages can be uploaded via FTP, but if you want to set up the links on this page you must manually modify the corresponding web page. Therefore, the static site is not suitable for the establishment of a much content site.

Figure two:

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